2.5 Gallon Top Fin Retreat Aquarium Unboxing And Set Up

hey y’all Mandy from my hectic life
pets where we talk about all things pet and pet related and today we’re
doing an unboxing of my new top fin underwater world’s retreat 2.5 gallon
tank also I must apologize for any crunching noise you might be hearing in
the background throughout the video it has been raining so Buster is chewing on
a bone over here and in the kitchen hanging out with me
usually I put him outside when I’m filming but it’s raining so here he is
so last night at some point I don’t know what time it was exactly about my cat
Tyrion managed to like break my tank so I was trying to find another 3 gallon
tank but I was not successful I went ahead and picked up this for now and
then I might upgrade him again later on or if he seems to do fine in a little
bit smaller tank I mean it’s only a half a gallon and it will have plenty of
plants in it when I’m done setting it up hopefully he’ll be fine but I do have to
hurry and get this set up because my tank is not functioning right now I
don’t want to do a water change every five minutes on that tank because right
now I have no filtration Thank You cats all right so let’s open this sucker up
and check it out well that let’s get right to it so it is
glass it is almost a cube got your filtration you got all your filtration
back here so this little thing just comes off I’ve got my filter cartridge and my little water pump back in here so
that way you don’t have to see all that ugly filtration it’s all gonna be hidden
back here love that pretty nice little little tank
I really like square tanks I don’t really know what it is about me but it’s
worth tanks so we’ve got our little lid and all the plastic so I’ve got my
little lid right here is my sure the lid is yeah the boss the lid is boss’s ball
got our lights which I’m hoping that this light will be good enough for my
plants that I have in the tank most of my plants are not like in need
of high-level lighting I’ve got all my little clips for the lid and my plug I kind of like that this
looks like it’s just gonna be a single plug that’ll make my life so much easier
now the question is where does filter plug in where’s my little Paris looks
like it’s gonna be all just one thing so that’s kind of awesome because I don’t
I’m running out of places to plug things in and so that is gonna make my life so
much easier and with the way this lid is I don’t think that my cats will be able
to mess up my filter system this is similar to one of my other tanks so that
is gonna help me out a lot I’m gonna just put this together and see what it
looks like so the only bad thing about this is gonna be once like I have to
have my water and everything in this before I plug anything in because it’s
gonna automatically turn on the filter so I can’t test out the light so I can’t test out the light until I
actually fill this up with water and get her started and then I need to do well
something with all this ugly wiring okay so I’m going to grab my Kelly fish’s
tank or what’s left of his tank and I am going to move all of his stuff his rocks
and everything over into this tank and hopefully I won’t have any issues and
hopefully with me moving all of his gravel from his current tank over to
this tank will help keep me from having to restart the whole cycling process
over again so I’m gonna get my Kelly fishes tank or rather what’s left of it
and I am going to transfer everything that is in his tank currently into this
tank and then transfer him from a bowl into the tank and we’ll be right back
okay so that is one heck of a bright light it’s hard to capture on film but
yeah I’m gonna have to do something about that because it’s gonna be way too
bright for my garden Airy you’re gonna add some of another plant to the top I
think I’ll probably just throw some inaccurate up there for right now but at
least he’s in a tank with a filter again and so he should hopefully be okay I’ve
had him for a long time now so it’s my happy little fish okay so I did go ahead
and grab some in a Kuras to throw in here for him
and he seems like a lot happier not quite so overwhelmingly bright in his
tank I will say for such a small tank lake
that is a strong light that is my cameras like automatically dimming it
but that is how bright it is okay so that’s all for today’s video if you
liked it please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel where I post new
videos every week thanks for watching guys bye

44 thoughts on “2.5 Gallon Top Fin Retreat Aquarium Unboxing And Set Up

  1. Feline filter disaster oh my. Amazing how cats can always find mischief. The Top Fin tanks are nice. I have the 5 gallon version. LED is super bright and good for plant growth but a little algae prone if leave lights on too long. Floating plants or even using some indian almond leaves floating will help. The filters are very good and cat proof 😉 If you find flow too fast, mine had a valve to adjust. Otherwise easy fix with some filter floss and rubberband. Glad you were able to get fish in new tank! Dog was hilarious chomping bone.

  2. I love the look of the tank.. its very elegant.. sad to say that kind of brands are not available here.. great unboxing! 🙂

  3. your lid id on backwards the part of the lid that has the corner cut off is so you can feed you fish and if you turn your lid around that corner thats missing on the lid goes in the front of the tank so you can feed your fish without taking the lid off 🙂

  4. Single plug is always nice, but that plug is not grounded and I find that a little concerning with it working with water. I can't say anything for sure, but just a thought.

  5. I just got this tank. I stuffed a piece of filter in the output. I want to slow the current of the water. Will this burn up my filter pump? Also will my betta get sucked into the filter? He has really long fins. I have only had a fish in a bowl and wanted to upgrade his home but don't want to kill him.

  6. I have this tank, and in it, my elderly male betta.  It has made his life so much better.  I know it's a small tank but it has some purposes.  I think it's easy to maintain, I like the light, and it grows his anubias really well. He's happy, I'm happy.

  7. Oh, as for how bright the light is — I lay a piece of blue plastic canvas (you can get it at Hobby Lobby, it's the stuff that kids use for crafts, sold in yarn/needlecraft area) on top of the lid.  It absorbs some of the light.  That way I don't scare the shit out of him with that instant bright light.

  8. If you still need to look for a 3 gallon tank I have a top fin tank that is 3.5 gallons which is amazing. I don’t know if the light is fit to have plants because I have fake ones.

  9. Hi my name is Tim and I have a question for you about the tank could I make it into a nano reef tank and how many live rock could I do? Tim

  10. I just recently went into petsmart for a new tank to host tropicals in… I went in for a 15-25 gallon tank and came out with a 56 gallon tank+stand? loved the video btw!!!

  11. I just bought this tank… I love it … but can I fill the Water to the top ? Or does it have to be underneath water flow? My tank got cloudy already as well ? new be here … please help ?#bettafish

  12. Do they sell replacement filter pumps… the filter on mine brok, and I need to fix it before my betta dies.

  13. Hi! Thank you for the great videos. I have a question I have had such a hard time finding an answer to.

    Decor smells like chemicals!

    The search for good aquarium decor that is safe for my Betta has been hard. I recently ordered the blue spotted sinking log after seeing pretty good reviews it seemed perfect, however after cleaning it and letting it soak separate from the tank I notice a strong plastic/resin smell?? I can’t imagine this being good for my Betta so I have tried several cleaning methods even the vinegar method. The smell has improved but I’m still wary of this product. Is this normal or did I perhaps get a defective product?
    If anyone has experience with this issue please let me know. I love my Betta and can’t bear the thought of him living in contaminated water.
    I also have a 2.5 gallon so I don’t have a whole of options for hides.

  14. I have the same tank. My pump does not have an adjustable flow. I put a fluval pre-filter sponge over the outflow valve and put a zip tie around it to keep it in place. That way the flow is diffused…not blocked.

  15. That was probably way overpriced for the size, at Walmart you can get a 5 gallon tank with a filter light and hood for 30$

  16. 2 separate connectors should let you test light without filter running. I do love this tank and the bright light should not be a problem other than if it's really bright like it seems to be, it will promote algae growth much faster than with a dimmer light. I would probably try to limit the light to 6 hours or so per day. I do love the cube and the internal power filtration system. It's looks like a very nice high quality tank!

  17. They were selling a .5 gallon tank with a betta on the box ??? let’s stick them in a tiny shed where they have to live their whole lives and see how they like it??

  18. i was looking to get a tank i could put on my desk. but i don't think this is for me, i don't like cartridge systems, it's just a means of sucking you into buying more refillable cartridges.

  19. You talk way to fast are you trying to be like JoJo Siwa or something. Your dog is tooooo skinney and the filter is to strong

  20. I also tried out this tank thanks to your video and many others! I absolutely love it!! And it’s at a great price point!!


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