1991 Fleer Basketball cards. Micheal Jordan, all stars, Larry Bird and more

Hi everybody and welcome to atoms penny auctions Here we are doing something a little bit different This first page is not what we are going to be discussing today. Actually, this first page is Kind of just to distract you from what’s underneath. However, quick note about it all the cards on this page our up for auction right now not about 20 or so hours left Probably a lot less now then I last looked Got some senator senators card up the top we got some Rangers And like I said, those are all up for penny auction right now, but why don’t we jump right into the more exciting thing? And what we have here is from our own personal collection before I get started. I just want to quickly say It’s not complete we have 216 of the cards unfortunately, the rest of them went missing but you know, this is what we have left and we are going to show them to you guys and also willing to put them up as a collection as they stand for Sale, we are also willing to sell any cards individually, but that would be under Special circumstances, I would recommend you sending us a comment or message if you are either interested in the holes in the whole collection or if it’s just one card, so why don’t we jump right in here and Let’s get started. I will be going fairly fast Because this is a very thick bunch of cards. It is a whole collection I hope you can see that it’s about as thick as my thumb so We will be going fairly quickly, but I will stop at a at a few of the major cards Okay, so let’s get started move that off to the side because that is no longer needed. And what do we find underneath? Let’s see here the zoom up for you guys we have a fleurs 91 collection of basketball cards so we have John Connick Neil Robson Dominic Wilson Spud Webb and some of these cars have a little bit of a cool Thing to them we have this treated to Sacramento Yellow blurb not all the cards as you can see have that only a select few I don’t know if that makes them more valuable or not to be quite honest. This is Not sure if that makes the difference in the card Go to the bottom and we have a very nice Larry Bird card now all the cards are in mint condition they came out of the Wax packaging because not sure if anybody knows but when these cards originally came out they were in the original wax packagings and they went straight from that right into our sleeves and Not been taken out cents So here’s our Larry Bird and I’m gonna flip this over just to show you guys the care Have you taken our cards? Our cards are not Two cards per up her sleeve we take very good care in making sure that the cards don’t get bent or anything like that and the same level of care that we take for these cards is what we would take for the ones that we put Up for auction just to show you here. This is the back of What I showed you guys earlier So just to see we don’t there’s the front just to show We don’t double card and we do that the same type of quality for the ones that we put up on penny auction as well Just so you guys are aware And actually before I forget we’ll do a close-up here of the Larry Bird card Just to kind of give you guys an idea of what they look like on the back kind of what to look out for You see the 1991? Fleur Corp printed in USA underneath the 8 which is the card number not his jersey number In case anybody needs to know that On the top right hand corner. You have the official NBA product licensing logo we have his born height College draft some stats and a little bit of information about him the bottom all the Cards run in the same manner. I’m showing you that one just because it’s a ladybird card So let’s continue on to our next set here. We have Reggie Lewis Kevin gamble Robert Parish add pinky Brian Shaw Tyrone and Rex Chapman Let’s see what else we got here Flip it over We have Dell curry Kendall Gill Eric Lechner, I’ll re Johnny Newman we do the coaches are included in this pack as well So there are a bunch of Coach cards. We have obviously all the player cards Down here. We have a nice trio of Chicago Bulls BJ Armstrong Bill Cartwright Horace Grant I know people specifically search out the Chicago Bulls, especially from around the Late 80s Early 90s videos. I mean I’m card collections and that would just be for one reason cuz everybody is looking for the Next card I’m going to show you and that is our lovely Michael Jordan FLIR 91 card now we have this is our one of our prides in This collection you actually want all of our collections. It’s the fact that we’ve managed to snag a Michael Jordan card so we have Phil Jackson up there and I will Just you know, I will flip this card when I flip over the asleep. I will Take special interest and show you guys the back of that card and all the specs and everything like that Like I did with the Larry Bird So going down we have John Paxson will Perdue Scottie Pippen? Craig I can’t say his last name Brad Daughtry Danny Ferry Let’s flip this over and give you guys that nice close-up shot of our Michael Jordan card So let’s start at the bottom and we will work our way up here we have his little bit of a kind of a bubble on his history we have his Stats here His height weight College Go up to the top You can clearly see It was really nice about this card cuz not many other ones kind of do this where you can see his jersey number actually On him as in the picture We have in the number 29, which is the card number obviously not his jersey as his jersey numbers 23 We have in this corner here the ninety one FLIR corp printed in USA and then at the top the NBA logo And let’s continue down. I Don’t think there was anything else on the back here that I want to particularly show you guys But as you can see, we’re still sticking to that one card per sleeve rule that we have Can’t see what else we got here. We have a mark Prince card a Larry Nance we have John Williams Lenny Wilkens Richey I’m not gonna say his last name because I do not want to dishonor him. Alright messing it up Derek Harper James Donaldson Reynaldo Blackman, okay those over Rodney McCray Randy white herb Williams Chris Jackson Marcus Liberty Todd Lee cheese Blair Rasmussen, and once again, we have got traded to Atlanta Logo that is different than on the other ones Reggie Williams C Joe wolf And I’m just going to take a quick moment I’m gonna keep skimming these cards and I’m just gonna kind of talk to you guys for a second So in case anybody’s looking for a specific card or anything like that don’t hesitate to Give us a show. Here’s our Dennis Rodman card Which is very very nice. Once again, perfect commission condition Dennis Dennis Rodman. Um Sorry, like I was saying, you know, don’t be afraid to comment or ask us If we have any particular card that you’re looking for because if we don’t have it while we’re out searching we might Try and keep it in the back of our minds and be able to pick it out for you so yeah, don’t be afraid to give us kind of a a show I myself and scouring looking to get my hands on the Golden State cards and the Toronto Raptor cards from the NBA championships last year anybody watched those Comment down below because I’d love to talk about the Championships. They were absolutely phenomenal. I had such a blast watching them It was a complete nail-biter didn’t matter who you were cheering for. It was very very exciting We have a Katie Smith card Hakeem forum on Maxwell it was an extremely Limiting Championship I was on the edge of my seat along with everybody else. I think watching Trying to figure out because kept going back and forth back and forth. But anyway, so we have a Reggie Miller Chuck Pearson Rik Smits Michael Williams Gary grant Ron Harper, so we don’t have unfortunately obviously any of the Raptors or Golden State cards at the moment. However, I am on the hunt for those So I will let you know when I find them. We have a cat Norman a Danny Manning Bo Kimble Mike Schuler Charles Smith my gun levy Vlad Dybbuk AC green Keep going down here For now Kohl’s Kevin Edwards And just let you guys know maybe an interesting fact about Basketball cards for you is one of the things that kind of catapulted the collecting of them was actually due to Michael Jordan in his 19 believe it’s 80 89 Maybe it’s 88. I love the double check rookie card Everybody goes nuts over it is worth an absolute fortune If you find one you are very very lucky and I’m jealous, but be very careful there are lots of fakes if you see one of those cards and they’re only selling that for even a couple hundred dollars It’s a fake if they’re even selling it for You know, I’ve seen a couple that were listed for you know Three four thousand dollars and I wasn’t too sure and did a little bit more research and found that somebody said the last card His last rookie card, that was sold from that time went for around a hundred thousand dollars So if you’re finding if you’re finding one of those on the cheap I would definitely steer away and is not worth the risk at all Unless you are in a store and can get it completely 100% verified before you purchase Something Spencer we have Mickey Baylock Sam Bowie bill Fitch, Chris, Dudley Derrick Coleman Chris Morris Drogyn Drazen Petrovic. I hope I said that right Maurice Cheeks And here we have Patrick Ewing Mark Jackson Charles Oakley and one of my personal favorites in this whole collection just purely because I Find it so much more fun. I find it a lot funnier the way he’s standing compared to any of your other Basketball he’s coach basketball start cards it is an Extremely wide stance it’s odd. I think it’s quite comical so, I don’t know if that means anything for the card, but I definitely think it adds a little bit of Kind of funniness to your cards when you’re flipping them through and then you just see this wide lunge By Trent Tucker on one you’re in the middle of your section there Here we have Gerald Wilkins, Nick Anderson Flip it over. We’re reaching or reaching the end guys. Thanks for sticking with me. I know it’s long Jerry Reynolds Oh to Smith Johnny Dawkins now, I’m just gonna kind of quickly run through these and just a couple the names and Rick Rick Mahorn Jim Lynam see Brian Oliver Tom Chambers Kevin Johnson Jeff Hornak It Xavier McDaniel mark West Clyde Drechsel or Drexler? Sorry Rex Adelman Kevin Duckworth Jerome Kersey Terry Porter Buck Williams Anton Sorry Antoine Carr Travis knees and let’s begin we see that Interesting yellow logo there Jim les Lionel Simmons Rory sparrow cool name sparrow okay, really Anderson, Wayman, Tisdale Larry Brown Paul Presley Sean Elliott Terry Cummings David Robinson rod Strickland. Oh I cannot say his first name and last name. Mr. Benjamin is what we will call him Eddie Johnson Casey Jones Shawn Kemp Ricky Pierce and Gary Payton, Derek Mackay siddell Tourette ferret Thurl Bailey Mark Eaton And I promise over time I will get better at saying these memes I feel so bad if I butchered any of them The last thing I want to do is disrespect some he likes missing their name. So I’m really trying hard here guys. Bear with me Theodore Edwards, Jeff Malone Karl Malone Another coach Jerry Sloan John Stockton Wendel Echols Harvey Grant AJ English and Paribus Ellison So this was this is our second last I’m sleeping I’m gonna stop here for just a quick second and Our next sleeve is mainly all Allstars Which are a little bit different so I’m gonna flip that over and start with our top two which or not all sides we have Wes on unload a coach and Bernard King Aethelred player, but here we have our all-star team cards and you don’t have all of them unfortunately This is kind of where our collection ends And So yeah, we don’t have all the roster ones, but that doesn’t matter we have what we have So here we have all-star team Kevin Johnson Phoenix Suns a very nice car. These are all in mint condition I will flip them over and show you the backs cuz they do look different than our other player cards So on this one, we have all-star team Charles Barkley, Philadelphia all-star team Dominic Wilkins, Atlanta Hawks and Look at that we have another Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls all-star team card in 1991 very very nice card highly sought-after See down here we have Hakeem. I’m not going to say his last name Houston Rockets all-star Patrick Ewing, New York I’ll starve and then we have Tim Hardaway Golden State Warriors Who were just in the championships? last year with Through frontmen they’re Stefan curry Let’s see and these are what the backs look like So as you can see on a regular on the regular playing cards that I was showing you guys before we have Kind of like a little blurb here we have Some of them like our years and our stats we have born height weight full name Up at the top. We have the card number and here is the same as in the other cards we have the 1991 flee or stamp all that good stuff. So down here in our All-star cards this is what the back looks like. So it’s more of a paragraph style We have kind of a very long blurb about Michael Jordan. It’s about each individual player. So you’d see they’re all the same here they all take time to kind of go through and At the bottom is where you’re gonna find your marks on these cards. So on these ones you have the official NBA licensed product 1991 Fleer philadelphia 91 41 printed in USA, so Those were your specs are gonna be found on this card as opposed to on This card sorry on this card here Where your specs are found on this side your mb8 logo and that type of stuff and unfortunately on these ones compared to this one there is not that I can tell a number like This once you see how it says 19141 I do not see and that one says the same thing and so on and so forth I do not say that on on these cards So, I’m not entirely sure why I know what that means if anybody knows now below me tell me that would be really cool to More than welcome. I’m more than welcome And Pricer critique or anything like that We also just want to let you guys know that you can comment down below if you’re looking for any cards We can’t we we do not Authenticate cards. That is not what we specialize in All we can do is kind of give you guys some tips and tricks that the most asked at what we find works but in the end we are not going to Validate any cards the local card shop or collector might be able to do that for you. So yeah if you guys are There we go. So if you guys liked the video you guys want to see more from us? This is only our second video. This is my first so Very nervous and I hope you guys liked it like comment and subscribe down below If you guys have any questions, you guys are looking for any cards by all means and have a great day. Bye guys

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