18 Unusual Jungle Discoveries

these are 18 unusual jungle discoveries welcome to wonders of nature Wednesday's number 18 Tanny discovered in a remote area of northern madagascar is a new species of frog that thrives on the forest floor they have a distinct reddish color and black marks between their eyes and on its back spines are also located over the eye sockets it's name is tani which in the local language means ground and that's what these animals spend a lot of time number 17 hidden away british researchers using google earth noticed a patch of forest around Mount mabu in Mozambique turns out this patch of forest was actually the largest rainforest in southern Africa and had somehow gone undiscovered by science number 16 decoy spider recently discovered in the Peruvian forest this small spider can construct a biggest scarier version of itself out of dead insect parts the decoy helps confuse predators and increase its chances of survival so far it's the only animal known to construct a larger version of itself spider-man pay attention number 15 the Amazon are mises between 2010 and 2013 researchers exploring a remote part of the Amazon discovered at least 441 new species of plants and animals in the region that list includes a vegetarian piranha and a monkey that herds like a cat but only when it's happy number 14 lost Mayan city found maybe in 2016 William gallery a 15 year old student from Quebec may have found something that's eluded archaeologists for centuries a lost Mayan city in Mexico's Yucatan jungle the young fella used a system that is rather complex suffice it to say he compared the positions of known Mayan cities with maps of the stars above he found one star did not align with any particular location and theorized this could be a possible lost city satellite imagery of the area revealed what could be a series of manmade structures including a pyramid however the find is being disputed and nothing can be confirmed at the point number 13 the Yoda bat or should that be the batty Oda anyway in 2010 a tube nosed fruit bat was discovered that bore an uncanny resemblance to the Jedi Master Yoda the creature was among more than 200 plants and animals found in a remote region of Papua New Guinea may the force be with him number 12 in Australia scientists discovered three reptile species including a golden coloured skank a tail lift gecko and a boulder dwelling frog these species had been isolated for millions of years from the closest cousins they were discovered in Gondwana an area that is only accessible by helicopter number 11 in the tropical forests of Cambodia a new species of wolf snake was discovered found in the cardamon Mountains this snake is believed to thrive both in trees and on the ground this species is known for its long teeth and hunts frogs and small lizards number 10 a presidential candidate found in the peruvian amazon jungle the odd-looking puss caterpillar is actually a flannel moth in larval form the soft looking hair is a decoy though the spiny hairs can be poisonous speaking of hair some people think the creature resembles the hair do have a certain Donald Trump poison spines and all number 9 giant stone spheres this phenomenon was first noticed by workers clearing out South American jungles in the 1930s since then they have been discovered all the way from Costa Rica to Bosnia and Herzegovina no one can say what purpose these giant spheres actually served some legends say gold was hidden inside and many of the spheres were destroyed by fortune hunters who found nothing whatever their purpose that is a serious set of stones number 8 in the Amazon a group of engineers discovered a snake with a unique appearance better known as a Sicilian it's also known as a limbless amphibian but many people have discovered more colorful phrases for the creature none of which can be repeated here number seven rings around the Amazon scattered through the Bolivian and Brazilian Amazon can be found a series of straight square and ring like ditches experts theorize they may have been used for a defense or religious reasons whatever their purpose the rings were there before the rainforest even existed number six bahama boa on a remote island that is part of the Bahamas researchers from Harvard University stumbled upon a silver boa the snake is believed to be in new species because it was completely separated from the boa family for millions of years the first specimen that caught the researchers eyes was over a metre long number five Vietnamese stick deep in the tum down National Park in Vietnam lives a newly discovered species of stick insect and it is considered giant these insects were discovered in 2010 and it took them four years to claim the title of new species the eggs that the female drops albeit small are also a marvel to look at number four seriously tiny Papua New Guinea is the birthplace of this miniscule frog it is no larger than a dime measuring in at a staggering seven point seven millimeters or just a quarter of an inch the species is considered to be the smallest known vertebrate on the planet I wonder if any animal will take that record anytime soon number three located in the Cambodian jungle Angkor Wat is the largest religious monument in the world found by missionaries in 1960 the so called lost city is estimated to be twice as big as Manhattan recently researchers used a surveying technology called lidar that's an acronym for light detection and ranging to learn more about the ancient complex and new details emerged including confirmation that the temple grounds are much larger than previously thought and wooden fortification structures were found surrounding the complex number two a real long fellow the original news story that accompanied this photo claimed that the snake was over fifty feet long and weighed in at over 600 pounds the article further claimed that the snake was a hundred and forty years old now at first glance the photo does seem to match the story that is until you take a closer look if the snake was really 55 feet long that would make the two people in the background about ten feet tall a general size for attractive buckets is about four feet in width if we extrapolate that size to the snake it would make the animal about sixteen feet long in other news in April of 2016 a work crew in Malaysia did find a giant reticulated python that reportedly measured 26 feet in length it sadly died shortly after its capture number one new peacock spiders scientists discovered seven new species of the habla named peacock spider family hidden away in Australia's rainforests these tiny creatures have some of the most interesting and complex mating displays around filmed by dr. Jurgen Otto the mating dance is truly a sight to behold on a sidenote these spiders are known to jump around to escape from danger on the jungle floor see you next week on wonder of nature Wednesdays

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  4. As a soldier in Vietnam I saw a huge walking stick.  It was 16 to 18 inches long and 1/2 to 3/4 inches in diameter.  This was in 1968.

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  9. meh! snakes, spiders and fruit bats are pretty much what I WOULD expect to find in the jungle, so a slightly misleading title. I was expecting more "strange" things.

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