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he look like a table with likes stuffed way under it even the pictures don't do justice of how overwhelmingly large he truly was I come to our van and he just said it's that fat-ass dog he never seen and body should lose roughly a hundred pounds the previous owners had taken him into actually put it down because he was having a hard time getting up and fab to dispel that he still had a lot of life in him when he got to the house it took us probably 20 minutes to get him up the three stairs into the house I remember saying to the bed like I I literally don't know what to do and the mat was like anything you do is going to help he literally couldn't do anything he could walk a few steps and then he'd pant and lay down he would just bring me to tears I remember going to the dog park at first he just sits there like he'd watch everyone play and he just kind of look at me and I'd be like buddy I don't know if I'll ever get there but who are gonna try I'm a nerd and I used to wear cardiac rehab and we'll just start with the simplest thing which is walking so I walked him three times today no treats his food was monitor and every day we went out and at first he could just walk maybe five or ten steps and then he'd stop and lay down then I thought maybe if I could get him in water it would be way better just for the buoyancy and for him to be able to have full range of motion there was little things every day that you would just think wow he couldn't do that before one day he liked his back legs and then sure enough he started you know prancing along and his speed got faster and faster and then we'd run or he'd jump something or he'd climb up he clawed his way up onto the bed they would overwhelm me we kind of started gathering a little fan club at our local dog park of people you know cheering him on and telling him to do it he's showing me how to remain positive and happy and take really big goals and just break them down into little tiny steps Kai worked harder than any person animal I have ever known right to get to where he could enjoy life again what we wanted was to have fun and be part of a family he just never gave up people might have given up on him but he never gave up on himself by the time we were done I just couldn't give him up there was no way I'm so proud of him like comment and subscribe

46 thoughts on “173-Pound Golden Retriever Loses Over 100 Pounds | The Dodo

  1. How my dad describes my dog when I give her velveta and chicken nuggets because she's a very very good girl.

  2. No, THIS IS FAT SHAMING! do not bully dogs. if a dog wants to be 200 pounds why are you getting in its way?

  3. There is no excuse for anyone anymore. If this dog can do it that means anyone can do it. People just love coming up with excuses

  4. How's an owner going to cause this and then take him into the vet to be put down? But not take steps to minimize calorie intake??

  5. my dog is fat too. shes a 98 pound lab shes suppoded to be 50-70 she needs this diet but my family likes feeding her scraps

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