17 Dogs Rescued from Squalor

Sherriff's department! alright I'm going to go secure the front I'm not sure I've seen conditions worse than this I mean they've just been living in their own feces and urine and filth and trash debris in a dilapidated building The plan is to get every one of these dogs out of here as safely and as quickly as possible It's pretty bad around here y'all coming in is a real big help because we could not have taken in this many dogs I've not seen anything like this yet in all
the scenes I've been to There's feces everywhere we are slipping and sliding
in these poor dog's excrement they've been living in for who knows how long alright this house is clear we just unloaded 17 dogs from a hoarding situation now they're on the road to recovery they got a long road ahead of them I feel in the next few days they'll start to turn around a little bit once they feel the tender touch of a human hand

21 thoughts on “17 Dogs Rescued from Squalor

  1. Who would do such a thing to such beautiful dogs ?❤️???❤️???❤️???❤️???❤️???❤️??????????????????

  2. Poor,Poor, inocente doggies i'm glad they were finaly rescued . Did people live in that nasty filthy hous?Then why would they keep doggies living in those horrible conditions ?

  3. Make the people in charge of this to live in that house, exactly the way it is, for a week, a month. Only fair.

  4. People who abuse dogs like this are vermin and should go to jail thank you for getting the out of this hell hole i hope they all recover and find loving homes totaly heartbreaking

  5. PLEASE don't euthanize these poor babies!!!!!! TY ALL for getting these babies out of that MESS! They deserve all the LOVE, FOOD, and TLC they can get! And the most loving home the deserve………BLESS YOU ALL!!!!!!!

  6. Que coisa terrível que estes cachorros estava vivendo!Total abandono,sujeiras,não vi comida nem água!Poderia todos ter morrido por infecção.Obrigada por vcs terem resgatados.Parabéns,bravo ??????????

  7. Dear Lord! Happy for the rescue, devastated for the inhuman humans and the filth and misery these crazies choose to live in and force innocent animals into the abuse, too.

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