16 Things You Didn't Know about Great Wolf Lodge Indoor Waterpark

hey guys welcome back to sick sister stuff today I'm gonna tell you 16 things you didn't know about so we are here in Grapevine Texas at the amazing Great Wolf Lodge there are so many things you can do here that I'm just going to share with you some of the things you might not have known you can now find a great wolf lodge pretty close to you because there are 18 locations you can check out this list to see if there's one close to you number two Walt figures every time you go to Great Wolf Lodge and you stay there every kid gets a pair of wolf ears now you probably already know this but every time you stay the Great Wolf Lodge you get to go to the water park for free the best part is the day that you check in you can go to the water park at 1:00 o'clock that day even before you get your room and then the second day that you're there you actually get the water park all day long until it closes even when you check out of your room you get to stay and play at the water park now this is one of the biggest indoor water parks I've ever seen and I love it because you don't have to put sunscreen on your kids when you're here they have huge water slides for teenagers and for kids too it really is perfect for all ages number four Great Wolf Lodge comes with life jackets and puddle jumpers so it's just one less thing to pack for you number five get there early to the water park so I stood in line about 20 minutes before the doors opened and this is my favorite place to go it's up on top kind of by the ropes course but you can overlook everything so my kids can go play my baby can sleep it's just kind of a little secluded area number six this is one of my most favorite things about Great Wolf Lodge is the wristband key so in order to get the waterpark you have to have a wristband it's also the key to your room number seven now if you have little kids going with you to Great Wolf Lodge it's worth a little bit of extra money for the KITT cabin it is so fun because it's both bunk beds and there's a little TV in there and my kids and their cousins had a blast number eight you can bring food into the park that is the best thing about this so I pack my lunches sometimes I'll pack my dinner if we're staying for multiple days because you can bring food from the outside in they also have refrigerator so if you see she has a little bottle of milk this is our second day there now with four kids who get hungry very often it works out well for us so I can bring healthy snacks into the park we usually eat at Great Wolf Lodge for breakfast and dinner so this is our pizza from hungry wolf pizza that we bring back to our room to eat then at night we love to sneak off to the Bear Paw Suites and eats because they have tons of desserts to pick from number nine now I know this might sound funny but the gray Hulk Lodge kind of has like an underground city full of tons of stuff to do right inside of their hotel they have things for all ages even for teenagers and they have fun shops for the parents too number ten a pop pass now you can get different passes that will save you money and you can do lots of different activities if you get one of these pop passes so when we went we got the pop pass for our kids and let me show you what's on it so number 11 it's called Magi quest now first you get to pick your magic wand from the Little Shop then they'll activate it for you and you get to go on a treasure hunt it literally is the biggest treasure hunt because it covers all eight floors of Great Wolf Lodge my kids love it number twelve the clubhouse crew now if you have some smaller children they have like a build-a-bear setup where you get to pick your animal you get to stuff it but you get to take these animals on an adventure you just need to find these screens throughout the hotel and it's so fun the little kids will this now if you have teenagers I think this is the biggest arcade I have ever seen and it's not too difficult to win a lot of tickets that's one thing the girls love about it it doesn't have to be just for teenagers my husband and I also had a marvelous time playing a lot of these games it's for all ages number 14 the candy so the Great Wolf candy company has a wall of candies that the kids can fill up their very own cup full I think my kids were in complete heaven and then they also got to bring this Cup as we went swimming it was kind of like their own little snack they absolutely loved it number 15 every time you go to Great Wolf Lodge you get a free Shutterfly book you'll get a little coupon will you get a free 8×8 photo book so you can record all your memories from Great Wolf Lodge number 16 breakfast now every time we come we usually do the buffet the loose moose cottage kids breakfast because they have everything you can possibly imagine this is actually the kid area they have fruit they have mini pancakes they have mini waffles they have donut holes if you're lucky your kids might even pick one of the donuts or the cupcakes because really sometimes you just need a cupcake on vacation now this buffet breakfast is actually a character breakfast and my kids love it it now I'm throwing in a bonus because there are so many free activities you can do it great wolf launch almost every hour they have something planned that your kids can be involved in from bingo to storytime there's so many different things all right you guys those are my tips for great wolf lodge if you ever want to go to one go check out my location and see where the closest one is to you now because my husband is finishing up a residency this was actually our big vacation for the year it worked perfect for us because we didn't have to fly anywhere and my husband could get back to work why we could still play alright guys see you later

21 thoughts on “16 Things You Didn't Know about Great Wolf Lodge Indoor Waterpark

  1. I have been to great wolf 9 times, but a lot of these things they do not have at the one I go to, they have some different things that I enjoy! Also these things are classic about great wolf. The people who know nothing about it, this would be good for them!

  2. 16 things I didn't know about great Wolf Lodge? The title should be "16 obvious things about things about great Wolf Lodge "

  3. We love Great Wolf! Have stayed during the week so prices were very affordable. Going back in July. Their eggs benedict are the BEST

  4. And I did that candy thing last time I went and I’m doing the breakfast and dinner wen I go we do it every time we go on school day like we’re going from wensday to Friday so it’s cheeper I’m homeschooled so we’re not rich trust me if there were less kids we would be thel

  5. I did magi quest once I’ve never finished it thel and I did the build a bare before but it’s like 30 bucks for one stuffed anamel

  6. I just got back from my first time and knew pretty much all of these I only stayed for like a day and a half

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