15 Reasons Ball Pythons are Awesome Pets

I'm Alex and today I'm going to be giving you 15 reasons why ball pythons make great pets so ball pythons are a super common animal in the pet trade and I think for good reason because they make such great pets whether you're a beginner or more experienced with reptiles or any pets in general so the first reason I think that they are great animals to get is they're actually cheap to buy you can get ball pythons as cheap as like $20 I think Sonny was like 60 because he's a yellow-bellied ball python which is a different type of more but they're cheap animals just in general their setups are also really cheap right behind this is Sonny's tank right here it's a 20 gallon it's like twenty to sixty dollars depend on where you get it from and actually have a video on setting up their enclosure and the whole thing is pretty cheap you can also use a rack system if you're going to breed them or something but I like giving them tanks that they have more space they're also just easy animals whether it's carrying four it's easy to keep their tanks set up is he's pretty easy to keep them healthy so yeah just all-around an easy animal they don't get too big so Sonny isn't full size yet where you can see he's at size that's pretty easy to handle you never need to worry about like it really being too big for you to handle by yourself they're definitely easy for that at the same time they're not too small they're still fun to hold it's nice to just kind of hang out with them handle them and because they're not very big animals they also don't take up very much space you can easily just fit this tank kind of anywhere in your room or in your house if you even move it's not very hard to move around it's just a small setup with a small animal so you don't need to worry about having a ton of space for them like you do with some reptiles and when you're picking out one of your ball pythons it's probably going to be pretty difficult because there are so many morphs so you can see he looks a bit normal but he's actually yellow-bellied ball python and it makes his colors just a bit bolder and his belly a little yellow tinted but there's like hundreds possibly a couple thousand different morphs but there's just tons of colors tons of designs and patterns pattern list all sorts of things that make your animal real cool so there's definitely a lot to choose from in ball pythons you could probably tell ball pythons are really common slow there's some snakes even like corn snakes ought to be for recommend corn snakes as the first animal I don't really because they're a lot faster ball pythons are just super slow and calm animals you really don't have to worry about them feel like you won't have to worry about them like if you accidentally let go of it it's not going to just take off and you're not gonna be able to find it they're super calm super slow and relating to that that makes them really easy to handle like I said before they're just fun to handle they're easy to control you don't have to worry about them like getting away from you or being too heavy or too big this is with all snakes but I'm going to add this in you only have to feed them about once a week you might want to do it like every five days depend on how big the food is sometimes every like nine days if it's bigger food but you don't have to worry about like feeding them every day because you don't have to do with that often because you only feed them about once a week it means they're only going to poop about once a week so it's not very much cleaned up because just like one day you feed it and then a couple days later you clean off the poop and then you feed it it's a really simple cycle this is also with leuh snakes he doesn't make noise so it's not going to be some noisy animal you're not going to hear a barking or just really irritate you in any way like if you're sleeping even frogs that can be really loud just makes you have to worry about any noise same with smell as long as you clean the poop out like the same day that they do it you're really not going to smell anything the actual animal doesn't smell like anything it just unlike some other animals they just get along with you me and Sonny have gotten pretty used to each other so he like he used to be more nervous around me but as you can see he doesn't even mind me touching his head at this point because he's just gotten used to me he used to really freak out when I would um like I might scare him accident when I was just super calm around me he's really used to people now and he adapted pretty quickly and because you don't have to feed or clean that often they can actually go a couple days without care so you're only concerned like you water if you like fill the water bowl up really well then you can go away for a couple of days as long as you have a timer set up with a heat lamp just to make sure that they have the adequate lighting and heat at the right time but you don't have to worry about anyone like coming to your house and feeding them every day or cleaning their poop out every day like you would with a cat or dog and even some other reptiles and amphibians and finally this is just a personal one for me but I think they are the most adorable snakes just their little faces they're this big like round eyes and I don't know what it is about them and just when you see their face I just can't see how you can't see that is cute so that's the 15 reasons I think that ball pythons are awesome pets to get whether you're beginner or more advanced and they're just always great animals throughout their lives you can't go wrong with them I can't only think of any negative things about them but if you have more questions about them you can ask me or email me at a station easy GMO calm I will just write a comment I will reply to the comments yeah that's all for the studio I'm Alex and thanks for watching

38 thoughts on “15 Reasons Ball Pythons are Awesome Pets

  1. I use to think snakes were kinda creepy until i saw them in fancy tophats so they just seem cute to me now ??‍♀️ plus you're SO adorable lol

  2. hi great video, I'm concern when getting one do you have to wash your hands all the time after handling them bc of salmonella??/

  3. Royals do in fact make some noise now and then, including moving around the enclosure and from their own bodies.

  4. I just wanted to say, I saw this video last year and I instantly was intrigued with getting a BP. I’ve always wanted a pet but dogs seemed too needy so I ended up convincing my mom to get me a BP. I’ve been watching a lot of your videos and they are amazing and they have tons of useful information! Thank you!
    Ps. I’m getting my own BP in 2 months! XD

  5. "their setups are really cheap" rip my $300 snake starter kit the old man talked my dad into getting at petsmart

  6. Now i find that Ball Pythons are really awesome, Ball Pythons are now my favorite snakes! My brother has 3 Ball Pythons, 2 babies and 1 Adult! ??

  7. I can wait to get one. I own a bearded dragon and its a pain in the ass. I just love that ball pythons dont require uvb. That's just a complete game changer for me

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