$15 Haircut Vs. $500 Haircut

yo kwazy let me go shoot a worthless video no leave it leave it on leave it on this is what people gotta go through with this guy anyway I'm looking for the fresh guy at buzz do you wanna come along I would love to join you on this road trip today I'm working lifestyle we're gonna try three haircuts at three drastically different price points to find out which one is though it's worth it at its price if that's the truth you say oh we're crazy what's up buddy you're looking fresh as usual thank you see you were saying about me no you look good that's what I was thinking for you I got six here and on the bottom here are the dollar amounts right whatever you choose you get all right this one you ready you got the cheap one the idea of the show cheap medium expensive these are the best at the price point okay so it's not like a cheap one was gonna be about Erica it's just that some other playful didn't feel like a luxury like your boy our first pot they called n spot barber here on Crenshaw in Los Angeles so most staple black business everyone knows is the spot where you get your hip oh really barber shop is like you're halfway through piss halfway the guy who makes you look fresh that's their rate you get a haircut and you get therapy yeah like 20 bucks and sometimes she massages my head and pops Pinnacle's my name is Chieko I work at the inspire on Crenshaw on 48th and I will be cutting Alex here today how long you been cutting I've been doing this as I was 15 my mom's best friend gave me a boat cut so that was it right before school MA I started practicing on my friend it became something where I was comfortable dealing with different personalities different people he talks about the end spot is being here as 1999 was up about Nikita but ended this is a woman we're talking about running the barber shop she's got history behind this was it exciting this sort of business here it was scary part as far as getting people to work in building a clientele you have to really hustle what's unique about like this area in this neighborhood yeah it really we're down the street from Crenshaw ha some of my customers I've been cutting them since I was in high school watching them grow up to be decent grown man that's the best part about it Houston getting the hairs out today what do you think we'll pick up around the top of the head needs to light halfway at leave yeah and this of golf we give them a clean fatal yeah only get a little cohesive with the cut y'all get like a good shadow face I'm going to start with the bottom face didn't work my way up to the medium Faye and when we get to the top cut the top down so I'll know how to fade the sides into the top and blend it all in who's your top three rappers that oh Allah I sleeve it now you go first I don't have enough street credit on this McCoy see what's your talk to me I got hundreds of thousand black thought okay you know I'm going with pot all day that's number one number two it's gotta be smooth knives would have to be three all right Casey who you got J number one Kendrick number two number three handy front man Drake there's Matt thing I don't say he been in the game long enough all right but he all my three I had time to think about it one biggie to Drake every chance sorry there's no judgment in it yes the hell it is you on the west coast you gonna say biggie come on bro you don't with the scissor in the top hit that's when you go with the lineup once we're done with that pressure mall I put the alcohol on it what is the importance of a good airtight sobayed and the crispy lineman you can have a good lineup but if you have a bowl cut man that's kind of like throwing it off that's 15 for the cut with the saber to be 20 what do you think hopefully he's not just saying that for the camera you just saying that Roux thank you you kick off your headphones for a second we're gonna admire Chico's work nice you got to appreciate that detail and like the vibes all right – those all love in there oh my god I'm part of the facts part of the show what's the facts in the Middle Ages barbers yeah we're just barbers they also were professionals in bloodletting bone setting and teeth pulling all one person yeah Chico I would trust him to pull my teeth she goes a good guy oh I don't think Chico has any experience of pulling teeth I'm a little bit stale so we're gonna go freshen me up go to a private salon you get your hair recolored oh yeah we're gonna do this we're gonna do it right I'm gonna get all out stay fresh it's not subway Stevens hair let me fly let that joke die Shh still not dead yet hold on hi I'm Tiffany and we're at Studio Ty Lee and I'm gonna give you a haircut we're also gonna bleach your hair and do it a really cool color we were just at a barber shop okay now we're here at a salon what does the experience like for a customer I'm walking in the door hi hello make sure that they're comfortable it's really that first initial minute is building that trust I'm sitting with them and I'm touching areas that nobody touches I typically don't ask like the superficial things of their lives it's more like how do you want to feel at the end of it really so you ready to get your hair styled and die you help me out here I want length and I want layers I just wanted to look natural you're like you want to be low maintenance but you also want to have style yeah I want to burst a little haircut what's your biggest struggle with your hair making it that volume so when you're here is what if you want that volume you know how you work down blow-dry it the opposite direction and then you can control it with wax and other products watch I do for color I want to do something where you have a gradient and they're like a storm your hair your leap fun there you go we're gonna bleach your hair I'm just gonna start out your route and then blending it up top three rappers of all time go of course to pod I did like too busy as well I mean there's a lot jay-z I don't like jay-z a lot if it's looking promising ready to get rinse out yeah okay 100% relax so what's next the process is again rarely it's one time all right let's wash your hair oh man whoa it's like not even blonde anymore it's almost white I wanna get my hair wash so bad sometimes the shampoo was like the best place to be in this line can I just go to Holly cool honey not ever never very much okay I'm really happy right now well even this feels good thank you you're welcome we're gonna start with your color we can do here dimensional silver Gray's lilac let's see how I feel it's like a recipe I like that here we go so purple now until you wash it off there's some lavender in there but it'll be silver actually why does it come out lavender he told naturally a lot of yellow you want purple to make it the softest white tone of silver they can lots of the purple castles exactly color correction look at him go get used to this man ready to see oh wow it's like as if Bram boxes passed out exploded on my hair you have a graceless insane we haven't even gone to the cut part are used to they're cutting everything yes I'm cutting length but I'm also creating shorter pieces within that length so that you have texture you have volume how do I not lose hair massage your scalp versus rubbing those area that maybe you were losing here it will least simulate it rushing into the easiest way to do it actually I don't even recognize myself to be honest you know how take it like this people it's the combination of everything the color the cut watching you watch me watch you watch me let's be silver but once we dry it'll be different too oh my god nice this is great Wow I don't touch it oh sorry you look great man thanks I see oh my goodness you're right feels so fresh right now it's shaped so well back here you ready go San Antonio I'm ready to get rid of this all of this you're up next man we've made it to San Antonio and it is hot yes very hot I can't believe we're in San Antonio right now just to get a haircut that's right that's how the show works man haircut fact the average men's haircut cause in the United States is $20 that seems right I pay about 30 bucks on my haircut oh you live in Los Angeles guests the average cost of a haircut in LA probably for 45 bucks Wow you're on point yeah boy we're gonna rob the original barber he's done for primarily hair school sounds expensive what do you get carved in your head though that's the thing you guys figure out should be a privilege that I have robbed the barber cut a portrait of your smiley face my face yep no so everyone knows that you're my pal no no I cannot live with my face in your head what do you tell your mom mom look I'm a pal look at my friends I'm Rob Pharoah better known as Rob the original and today we're gonna be doing a crazy hair design and clay sees hair what makes your job you know different we mainly target clients that get detailed haircuts we do know from beers to eyebrows to hair designs no matter what it is what project you to like start doing designs on people Ted I wanted to kind of set myself apart and I started trying out portraits and now it's become a until we're barbers do portraits people get people's faces on their hair yes live like portraits so it's like a temporary tattoo that'll grow back in exactly so if you're gonna get your girlfriend's portrait done I will recommend you cut first and what was the most intricate it could be over gave some wood the last supper on a haircut on my Instagram I got almost 3 million views I obviously need a haircut first of all you have like listened to centimeter repair what do you mean you need a haircut I know this looks good but it could get better after the haircut is done you'll see the difference any recommendations or what I should get what is it that you like together inspired you the only thing I can feel that it's me is like I'm very New York ticking thing but I'm transplant of Los Angeles you got that California love but your New York by heart we could do something day my hair is in your hands before we start top three rappers dead or alive to pot bones Eminem jay-z at least hope makes it into the top to me as you could go whenever I do hair designs use image off my phone we're gonna not use the phone and we're just in a freestyle this may feel about that I feel fun I think I'm in good hands we're gonna start by prepping my canvas cuz your hair is my canvas today when I do designs I like to listen to music that helps me a lot but me people isn't some muse let's do it I'm definitely gonna jam out then I'm gonna be using my trimmers to freehand and start carving and why then a CA and do some detailed designs in there by the way I carve these rough i carve images on this yeah you got a lifetime of work ahead of you we're gonna straight razor I'm gonna go ahead and shave all the detail inside the letters and the EDS up and the beard clean it up nice at first when I was cutting hair I thought it wasn't looked at as in a good career but obviously now there's people that don't even speak my language that literally have to type in translator on the phone and Tommy I became a barber because of you it's crazy how somebody just totally created so many jobs or people yes I agree on that I'm gonna go ahead and apply body paint color onto his hair to bring out some of the contrast areas to give a more precise image let's check it out go looking at Rob best of both worlds in the sense damn man it's like normally the front but from the back looks like do the right thing and it's boys in the hood on his side hi my G so that's it man it looks sick crazy Thank You Man this is the most extreme haircut I've ever had hope you enjoy your haircut now you can wrap your York cheers to the tone chance for San Antonio Oh which hair thought was the most worth it and it's priceless to you wow this is pretty hard we all have really great hair Club and Spa it feels like you're at a family Thanksgiving dinner feel super comfortable but my worth it winner has to be robbed delicious detail a Rob you gotta at mind that washing him slowly chip away at each hair you had was insane Tiffany highly studios see not only gives you an amazing haircut amazing car which teaches you how to maintain it put me my with a winner Callie's videos definitely just because this call it actually achieved my hair I've never been able to get this support hold up Alex who's your that winner what we all chose our own spot what we did good trip it's a good trip man thank you coming back on the show I will see what happens swim you'll see what happens an invitation to the next episode and you think it would happy boy a hat we'll see you're out good night you know books oh we should delete the weapon me and you know back to back see them please see them please do it you'll leave the weapon with me please dude lethal weapon me my path and this Alex – it's gone – bye

44 thoughts on “$15 Haircut Vs. $500 Haircut

  1. Huge shoutout to Chico (& Nakia), Tiffany, and Rob for having us! Thanks for opening up your doors to us and helping us look fresh ?

    That being said… What other Worth It Lifestyle episodes do y'all wanna see next?

  2. The expensive one was a gimmick. The middle one got me upset though lol. No fade? No taper? Just scissors? Bro nah. I’ll stick to Chico.

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  4. Top 3 rappers Eminem slim shady and marshal mathers btw I know these are the same people but em is king he is the goat ?

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