39 thoughts on “140+ animals rescued from North Carolina puppy mill

  1. Believe it or not but after doing some research I found out this happened on the same street I live on and it’s so devastating to me ?

  2. I can't even imagine the emotional toll this takes on a person who volunteers to do this sort of thing. Every single one of these 'rescuers' is an angel. On my evil side; anyone who can do this to an animal isn't even an animal, they are devils in human disguise! A pox on their reproductive systems so they can't taint the earth with any more of their stink!. Is that too much to ask?

  3. My dog, Sadie, who died in January from unknown events was rescued from this horrible horrible place. She lived in the yard area where dead animals were everywhere and we have pictures of her living there…. we never even found out how old she was because her teeth were ground down from biting at the fence and eating rocks. We gave her a great, loving family for the last year and 8 months of her life. She was my snuggle bug and would sit on my lap haha, but I miss her. My family goes by a new motto when it comes to animals; Adopt not shop.

  4. I cried… how could you live with yourself?? I think, 'how would you like to be treated like that?' ???

  5. Hey I'm a person from Florida there's this guy who has starved his dogs for years and I this dog might pass if he's not helped we leave him food and water out to catch him but we can't we've called shelters but they might put him down are only hope is you can you help me before he dies

  6. help animals in Ireland! Ireland is the country that most people can't afford dogs or already have 1! also ireland slaughters most dogs in Europe!

  7. En jaulas y amontonados, deben estar edos parasitos mal paridos. Aun asi no pagan tanta crueldad, vale mad la plata q la vida de esos indefensos.. x suerte los sacaron de la mugre y el infierno, ojala quiened adopten, los quieran, no sea q pasen x mas martirio..

  8. if so many people like me(that hate humans who did this to animals)then i think some humans can close this places

  9. You don't need super powers to be a super hero. I just wanted to say I want to be one of you. KEEP UP THE AMAZiNG WORK!!!!!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️???????

  10. I honestly don't understand why ppl want to do this to these beautiful creatures. they don't deserve that life. I can't have a dog but I know that no animal deserves this. Please volunteer at ur local shelter to help animals like these have a better life. Stupid puppy Mills.

  11. Imagine.

    The life of a small, helpless animal. Trapped in a small cage. The only thing you ever felt was the metal webs under your sensitive pads and tasteless, dry texture of brown pellets on your tongue. Every breath was the polluting, decaying air of boxes and rusty cages and from in-between the metal webs you could only see the dull, dim light, and hundreds of helpless animals trapped in a prison similar, sometimes worse, than yours. You've never seen the beauty of vast, rolling hills and the blinding sunlight in your life. Never felt the soft, green grass beneath them, or even seen it.

    It's amazing… sad… how the only things a dog ever wanted was a family who loved them and the gentle touch of a soft hand on their back. And this is what we give these animals. And they forgive. o matter what horrible thing you do to them… they forgive. It's no wonder that "Dog" backwards is "God"

  12. Thank you guys so much you are truly angels! I will be make sure to tell my relatives to only get animals from animal shelters! I wish I can donate but sadly I can't I'm only 11. But when I grow up
    I hope to be like all of you! And I will make sure to donate as much as I can. Thank you!

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