14 MORE of the Worlds Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

Elite facts presents 14 more of the world's most dangerous dog breeds before we start this list we need to mention something that we stressed in our previous video showcasing the most dangerous dogs on the planet and that's the fact that a dog's behavior and how dangerous it truly is all depends on how the dog is raised by its owners if raised properly all the dogs were going to list here are ideal family pets and guard dogs however if they're not raised correctly you're going to be in for a really bad time with that being said here are another 10 most dangerous dogs in the world the Milazzo prescient may Oh keep in mind that this is currently a concept dog now we don't agree with the idea of crossbreeding as that it's proven to lead to newer dog breeds suffering from various issues such as them being more prone to diseases and suffering from breathing trouble and a whole range of other ailments but you've got to admit the meloso prisum mayo looks like a beast originally thought to be a dream the milazzo press a male was successfully created because of crossbreeding much like most of the dogs on this list the Mayo is known for being loyal to its owners but being very standoffish towards any intruders and strangers thus making them the perfect guard dog the population of these dogs is extremely low however expect them to make a huge resurgence on the world in years to come bully kutta the bully kutta otherwise known as the Pakistani Mastiff is a dog breed that originates from well you guessed it Pakistan this breed of dog has recently become more available in countries such as China Central Asia the United States and the United Kingdom this breed was bred to enable a stable cooperative nature in a pack however in areas where dog fighting is legal the breed has been used for fighting due to its great stamina fighting skills fearless nature and power their original purpose was to guard sheep flocks other livestock and just generally be used as a guard dog sometimes this breed was used in dog fighting in Pakistan which is now a banned sport wolf hybrid yeah this one is a no-brainer if it has wolf in its name you pretty much know what you're getting as you may have already understood these dogs are a cross between grey wolves and dogs because of this mix this makes them quite unpredictable sure one minute they can be loyal and loving but wolf hybrids are more often than not known for their instant change in mentality as they can snap at any second they have a head of their own wild and demanding many states have already banned the possibility of owning a wolf hybrid as a house pet in all honesty that's probably for the best you definitely wouldn't want one of these things attacking you as it had easily overpower its owner due to its size weight and overall power boxers here we have one of the more commonly owned dogs to be featured on this list the boxer is one of the dog breeds that is most commonly associated with violence and danger right alongside pit bulls and Rottweilers it's unfortunate because like we've said in the introduction of this video if raised right these creatures are the most lovable things on the planet and will never leave your side however if they aren't raised correctly then you'll be in for a whole heap of trouble boxers originated from Germany where they were bred for hunting with short hair a large frame and strong jaws it was all the more obvious why these creatures were such a success at their job as hunters despite being considered a dangerous breed boxers are still one of the top 10 most popular breeds of dogs in America 10 Tibetan Mastiff yeah at first glance you'd be crazy to agitate this giant now we think it's safe to say that if you're looking for a guard dog you should look no further than the Tibetan Mastiff as it may just be the greatest guard dog ever on account of its incredibly large size nothing gets past this intimidating large and powerful dog the Tibetan Mastiff actually has a fair deal of history behind it as these dogs were the Guardian dogs of Tibet meaning that the urge to protect runs through its veins but in a relaxed setting the Tibetan Mastiff is very much a gentle giant as it is known to be very docile and affectionate towards its owners only lashing out if it feels threatened by strangers nine American band Auggie this dog is the equivalent of walking into a bar on the rough side of town and seeing the biggest baddest guy there sporting his favorite football team's gear just looking at him you know you better not get on his bad side the same can be said about the American band Auggie this incredibly strong dog is a crossbreed between an American Pitbull Terrier and a Neapolitan Mastiff in spite of its muscular look the dog was not originally bred for fighting nevertheless some have used it as a fighting dog and as far as we're concerned those people should go to prison simple as that eight perro de presa canario so originally the perro de presa canario was a large dog that was bred for working livestock the name of the breed is Spanish for canary and catch dog presses require early socialization and obedience training if you're planning on owning one as a pet in some situations it can be aggressive toward other dogs and very suspicious of strangers thus making them ideal guard dogs 7-1 Rhodesian Ridgeback originating from southern parts of Africa the Rhodesian Ridgeback is well known for its ability to fend off lions and keep them away from prey while its master makes the kill this semi domesticated ridged hunting dog is loyal and intelligent but is very weary of strangers as like most guard dogs it can see them as a potential threat to their masters they also require positive reward training avoidance of rough treatment and good socialization skills since they can be oversensitive and may develop an aggressive side six Giant Schnauzer look at that mustache so majestic in all seriousness though the Giant Schnauzer is a creature that definitely lives up to its name as it measures up to a massive 66 to 71 centimeters in height and up to a staggering 48 kilograms in weight their immense size along with their permanently scowling faces makes them daunting and in some cases terrifying to a stranger what we're saying is they look like they mean business not only do they bark at their offenders but they've been known to bite if the threat persists they're known for remaining calm in dangerous situations knowing when to bite and when to just bark to alert their owners to a threat but what do you expect when it has a moustache that could rival paym eyes from Kill Bill five bull mastiff definitely a contender for one of the best guard dogs to own the bull mastiff is a breed known for being extremely loyal and brave traits that you want when you're looking for a good guard dog the bull mastiff was originally bred by gamekeepers to protect their game from poachers because of their large stature this breed of dog is very intimidating to intruders but they remain very affectionate towards their family and owners making them excellent companions not only is the bull mastiff a good guard dog but it's very active and good at tracking carting and even therapy work definitely an ideal pet to own for American bulldog if you're going to put american at the front of something it better be big or jacked like Hulk Hogan who was in fact actually Canadian that is exactly what the American Bulldog is as this breed of dog is incredibly muscular though they are known for their pleasant and friendly demeanor they can also exhibit a degree of stubbornness as they are extremely confident initially the American Bulldog was bred as a working farm utility dog that could catch and hold wild boar and cattle kill vermin and garden owners property now they're widely owned across the country three Great Dane scooby-doo where are you Oh fighting the crap out of old man Jenkins okay carry on yes as it turns out old scooby-doo is quite a vicious creature now it must be said that Great Danes are one of the most loyal dog breeds out there but they're also known for being great guard dogs also known as the German Mastiff or Danish hound this breed of domestic dog is famous for its massive size this breed holds the record for the world's tallest dog at 44 inches and was originally bred to hunt wild boar and deer in Germany shaggy would go broke having to feed a dog of Scooby Doo's actual size the amount of Scooby Snacks it would take to make him full to Saint Bernard the Saint Bernard is a very large breed of working dogs that originated from both the Italian and Swiss Alps these beautiful creatures were originally bred as a rescue dog as you can probably tell their most standout feature is their gargantuan size which makes them ideal when it comes to Alps rescue missions but just like with other very large dogs they must be trained to be sociable with strangers and other dogs during their infancy in order to prevent aggressive territorial behavior one ciao ciao now although at first glance the ciao ciao looks like a very independent breed of dog this breed actually requires staunch attention from their owners if they don't want them to grow up to be aggressive and ill-bred originating from China the 50 to 70 pound cha-cha can also be referred to as song shi quan or puffy lion dog you can probably see why it has that name this dog has discernment skills against strangers and can be fiercely protective of their owners and it should be noted that they're even more protective than the previous breeds we've mentioned on this list Chow Chows are known as high-risk dogs they're considered as quote unacceptable and may require insurance due to the 238 dog bite fatalities attributed to them from 1979 to 1998 though they can be housed in apartments they much like most dogs need daily physical activities and exercises however unlike most dogs who need physical activities for health the ciaochao needs this daily so as not to become dangerous as pets and that's our list did we leave out any that you know about let us know in the comment section below please remember to subscribe and tap that Bell button to be notified when new videos are uploaded thanks for watching don't forget to Like us and subscribe for more elite facts

50 thoughts on “14 MORE of the Worlds Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

  1. I LOVE that you said, "If they're raised properly…" A lot of people assume that these dogs are all bad. No matter what. Thank you for educating people who don't understand the difference. 🙂

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  4. my boxer would lick someone to death… an he was adopted from a military base . i just dont see boxers being dangerous. my cat is more temperamental

  5. Just came across this old post, very interesting. I guess I have one of the most Dangerous dog breeds in the US. Half Chow Chow and half Boxer. Strange, we have never had a minutes trouble from it.

  6. I've got to say, while I've owned Rotties, German Shepherds and other large devoted dogs, my hybrid was hands down the smartest-even beyond my shepherd or Aussie shepherd and easiest to train. Show her once, maybe twice, and she had whatever it was down pat. She had ONE accident in the house as a puppy-ONE-and never again. Least destructive, you name it. And she was hands DOWN the most beautiful dog I've ever seen (Siberian colors with predator eyes and a dove blaze on her chest that looked like it was hand painted or tatooed-got lots of attention from women when we hit the parks or hiking trails LOL!. I WILL say that she was also hyper vigilant & protective of me and considered our pack of two complete LOL! But she never bit anyone or even tried to. But she was quick to get between myself and strangers, or even friends who approached me too quickly. I can see where in the wrong hands she could've turned out completely different, but she was a dream dog whose first choice of activity was cuddling with me, true story. My Rottie (female, my big male was a teddy bear LOL!) & German Shepherd were for more…"actively protective", though my hybrid was seriously assertive & feared nothing. I know wolves have an unlimited supply of detractors, but thought I'd share my own experience.

  7. Not all Crossbreeding lead to disease its the select crossbreeding mixed with its inbreeding that does. Over the decades of people in breading designer dogs has vastly shorten there life span, especially the bigger dogs.

  8. Boxers were bred as a close protection Dog for German Debt collecters. Hunting down bad debts, and
    bringing them to bay, so their masters could get their money.

  9. So much truth to your statement, “if they’re raised properly.” I’ve owned a total of 4 boxers (2 have passed) and they’re the best dogs anyone can ask for. I’ve not had any issues with my dogs whatsoever. If a stranger comes to the door, or if we’re approached outdoors by a stranger our dogs will sit on our feet facing the stranger, but never once show any signs of aggression. Unfortunately I’ve seen the exact opposite within the boxer breed as well. A dog is only as good as his/her owner.

  10. Boxers are amazing! I have a 7 month old boxer, and I have a one year old little boy,they they ar the best!!!and

  11. I had a chow chow a very loving dog if you let her get to know you I had a drunk girl my room mate brought home we were sitting ont the couch outside me and Maiden drinking a cold beer when this drunk bimbo came up and wrapped her arms arouind Maiden without giving her a chance to even sniff her It was the first time I had ever seen Maiden bare her teeth and growl She actually scared me.It was all I could do to stop Maiden from fixing this pretty girls face into a horror movie face She would not let go of Maiden and the more it made Maiden want to get lose and tear her up. My big roommate finally got her off my dog. That was a very bad situation but Maiden was a very loving dog. But also very protective if you tried to harm a family kid she liked you had a forty five pound fire cracker on your hands. People who abuse dogs for fighting or attack dogs should be put in a room with a few dogs like they create and let the dogs have fun with them.

  12. Dog's bite force (in pounds of pressure):
    1. Turkish Kangal – 743
    2. Mastiff – 556
    3. Bullmastiff Presa Canario – 552
    4. Dogo Argentino – 537
    5. hybrid of wild wolf and dog – 406
    6. Japanese fighting dog Akita – 350
    7. German Rottweiler – 328
    8. Husky – 320
    9. Pit Bull Mix – 320
    10. African Wild Dog – 317
    11. Bull Dog – 305
    12. German Sheppherd – 238
    13. Pitbull Terrier (Pit Bull) – 235
    14. Dutch Sheppherd – 224
    15. Malinois – 195

    Other animals:
    wild wolf – 406-1200
    tiger  950-1050,
    spotted hyena – 1100,
    polar bear – 1235,
    grizzly bear – 1250,
    Nile crocodile – 5000 (!)

  13. Where did these come from? They weren't around when I was a young girl? we had collies, Alsatian, sausage, etc… not these cross breeds ?

  14. None of these dogs are dangerous as a breed, there will be some dangerous individual dogs within these breeds but there will be within every other breed. It's like saying "Mexican people are dangerous" it's nonsense there may be some bad Mexicans but how were they raised at home and is there mental illness or substance abuse and all the other factors that go into someone becoming dangerous. The breeds that statistically are involve in more dog attacks than any other are poodle, jack Russell, dachshund, collie, beagle. None of which are on this list. The public perception of pit bulls being dangerous always makes me laugh as they've consistently ranked in the top ten safest and have been named as the best family dog there is. We need to educate the public badly.

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