13 Animals With the Strongest Bite

They’re big… They’re menacing… And they have lots of teeth! Your average two-year-old? Nah, in the ring today are animals that have
the mightiest bite force in history of Earth! What is the toothiest critter that ever lived
on our planet? Let’s find out! And the first to check the strength of its
jaws is the apex predator… the human! Yes, humans have strong bites, didn’t you
know? Alright, in fact, we’ve invited this guy
just for reference, so you might understand how powerful the bites of other creatures
are. Okay, pal, sink your teeth into this device
and it’ll show us the numbers. Aaaand… it’s 160 pounds per square inch! It’s good to break some tough cookie or
a pistachio shell, which is enough for survival in our harsh modern world. Here, have a cookie. Okay, now we have the idea of what to expect,
and the serious contenders enter the stage. The first one to take a hefty bite out of
our measuring device is a human’s best friend —a dog! But not just any dog: a mastiff enters the
stage and walks with dignity to show its strength. It opens its jaws and clenches them over the
device… 550 psi! Now that’s some force! This dog is among the mightiest friends humans
have, and it can easily snap a thick branch in two. The next contestant is the king of the jungle
himself — meet the mighty lion! Look how eager it is — it rushes across
the ring and crunches its teeth around the thing! Ooooh, it shows 650 psi — it’s four times
stronger than the human’s bite! No wonder this predator can catch a firm hold
of a wildebeest! Thank you, Mr. Mane, please take your seat
now. Our third competitor (we don’t count our
human guest, remember?) is another big cat. The fierce, the mighty, the striped Bengal
tigerrrrr! It leaps forward and sinks its huge fangs
into the measuring device, which shows… 1,050 psi! Woah! This ferocious beast has just beaten the lion
— a fearsome opponent to meet indeed! I take off my hat to you, Shere Khan. Wait, can you hear that hysterical laughter? It’s our next contender, eagerly awaiting
its turn! Meet the hyena! It seems like it’s laughing at our mighty
tiger, but why? It lightly jumps onto the ring and takes a
tasty bite… 1,100 psi! What?! So the hyena’s jaw force is higher than
that of both lion’s and tiger’s? Well, if it wasn’t for the cowardice of
these pack carnivores, they would probably be among the most feared animals of the savannah! But when it comes to forest predators, no
creature can compete with the grizzly bear. This furry titan approaches at a slow and
seemingly clumsy pace, but don’t let that fool you: if needed, it can reach the mind-blowing
speed of 35 mph! But what is its bite force, then? Let’s see… The meter shows 1,200 psi! Such a bite could take a good chunk of a steak
with no effort at all! The grizzly roars victoriously and goes off
the ring to free the stage for its rival. And the next participant of today’s power
show is impatiently pawing the ground. It’s the first one to wear a cape and a
cowl, so we can’t see its shape or face, but it’s huge! This hulking beast approaches the ring and
finally takes off its attire — and it’s a gorilla! The sharp-looking canines tear into the device,
showing 1,300 psi. Although these giants are gentle, making one
of them angry certainly shouldn’t be on your agenda. But now it covers itself back in its cozy
outfit and stalks off. You hear the rumble? The ground is shaking under the feet of the
next contestant. It rushes onto the ring at a speed you totally
wouldn’t expect from such a stocky form — 19 miles per hour! It abruptly stops before the measuring device
and we see the staggering figures: 1,800 psi! Here’s what a hippopotamus is capable of! This unpredictable animal may look sweet,
but it’s considered one of the most dangerous species of Africa. Better stay out of its way! Hmm, where’s our contender? I can’t see or hear it… Is it late, then? Oh, whoa! It pounced from the shadows and bit right
into the measuring device! The meter shows 2,000 psi, and it’s the
jaguar we meet! A round of applause for the mighty cat! Jaguars easily crush bones with their long,
sharp teeth, so it’s no wonder that they outbite all the rest of the feline family. And as suddenly as it came in, the jaguar
disappears back into the shadows! Now be prepared: the following two competitors
are long and scaly. The first one slithers its way onto the ring
and snaps its long jaws on the device, which shows impressive figures: 2,125 psi! Let’s applaud the American alligator that
has just beaten every creature that came before it! But that’s not nearly all, because the real
heavy duty is approaching… Just as the alligator creeps away from the
ring, its relative, a great and scary reptile is making its way into the limelight. It’s a guest all the way from India: the
saltwater croc! It lazily opens its mouth and abruptly closes
it over the measuring device. Will you look at that! 3,700 psi! That’s enough to grab hold of an Indian
elephant — if it were somewhere near, that is. Saltwater crocodiles patiently wait for the
prey in the waters of the river and are very quick to attack. No wonder it’s the biggest land predator
and reptile in the world! The croc slithers away, and the stage is suddenly
being filled with water! What’s that all about? Ah, I see: our next contestant can’t live
on the surface. It’s the legendary great white shark! It ferociously sinks its many crooked teeth
into the device, showing 4,000 psi! Its bite force has never been directly measured,
but the estimates show these astounding figures. This fish is capable of hunting even the biggest
prey and has no natural enemies. The water starts flowing away, and the shark
is being taken along with it! And now behind the scenes we can see that
the engineers have installed a time machine. What’s it for, I wonder? The door opens, and from the billowing smoke
here comes… the T-Rex! Wow! Wait, is it a cup of tea in one of its claws? Then it’s a Tea-Rex, I guess? Ahem, alright, never mind, the king of the
dinosaurs approaches the ring and bows its giant head to take a huge bite. And it shows 8,000 psi — twice that of the
great white! But the dino has been apparently not serious
enough: scientists have estimated that the maximum force of its bite could reach the
astonishing 12,000 psi! That’s enough to chomp through a moderately
thick tree! Who could ever hope to beat such a massive
force? Well, I’ve got a surprise for you… From the same time machine, a huge snout shows
first. Then, unbelievably long, the body of the biggest
crocodile that ever lived on the planet — the frightful Deinosuchus. Reaching the length of 40 feet, these giant
reptiles dwelled the oceans millions of years ago and hunted dinosaurs that were careless
enough to wander into the crocs’ territory. Just look at it — its body covers almost
the whole distance from the entrance to the measuring device! The enormous jaws open and close with mind-blowing
force… and it’s indeed simply incredible! I think we’ve got the absolute champion
of the bite force contest: at 23,000 psi, nothing could ever beat this monster! Mr. Deinosuchus, if you will please step up
onto the pedestal — here is your champion’s belt, you clearly deserved it! And now I declare this competition over! Give a round of hearty applause to our mighty
contestants — they were all brave and ferocious! And watch your fingers. And if you learned something new today, then
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100 thoughts on “13 Animals With the Strongest Bite

  1. T rex dose not have the dention for such a bite force,its teeth are for biting chunks of flesh ,not crushing large bones,

  2. My top strongest bites

    Deinosuchus – 23,000 PSI

    Megalodon – 30,000 PSI

    Godzilla – 37,500 PSI

    Me – 99,999 PSI

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