12 Unexpected Uses for Vicks VapoRub

twelve unexpected uses for vicks vapor rub we all know vicks vapor rub as our good friend and Ally and fighting colds its main ingredients camphor menthol and eucalyptus help relieve a cold and nasal congestion however these are not the only benefits of the product it also has some super powers like relieving headaches and back pains disciplining your pet and even reducing belly fat we put together a list of 12 alternative but amazing uses for vicks vapor rub we're pretty sure you've never heard any of them 12 works as an insect repellent imagine it's a perfect day and you decide to spend some quality time outside with your family a few hours later you come back covered in little red stinking dots and your kids are crying does it sound familiar to you we all run out of repellents from time to time or leave them at home but it does not mean we should let insects ruin our day try using an open vicks vapor rub jar to repel mosquitoes flies and other insects say adios to mosquitoes 11 relieves headaches just like mosquitos headaches come when you want them least of all and ruin your day in fact none of us hardly ever wants to have a headache good news is vicks vapor rub can help you to relieve it menthol one of its main ingredients helps lower blood pressure in your head and as a result relieves pain just rub a little on your forehead and enjoy the result you can thank us later ten takes good care of your feet your feet can take you far in life if you treat them properly if you don't believe in all those overpriced foot care products try your good old friend vicks vapor rub before going to bed apply some of it to your heels especially to the cracked and dry areas and put your socks on make sure you're using old socks because the next day they will have a super strong menthol smell in the morning wash your feet with cold water use a pumice stone to scrub away dead skin and then apply your regular foot care product keep doing so every night and you'll soon see noticeable results 9 prevents pet incidents we all love our cute furry friends but we find them much less cute when they pee inside our house if it happens in your home and it makes you unhappy we're glad to tell you there is a way out leave some Vicks in those places where the incidents happen more often veterinarians say both dogs and cats can't stand the smell of dicks so this method will definitely work eight stops your cat from ruining your furniture while you are watching this video your cat might be busy ruining that new expensive fancy couch you just got if you immediately felt the urge to check on it the next use of Vicks is what you need just leave some vapor rub there on your furniture doors or curtains your furry little friend will learn their lesson then stop ruining your furniture from now on you no longer have to worry about your stuff getting ruined 7 reduces stretch marks stretch marks maybe you got them after you had your baby or lost weight good job in either case unless you want to keep your stretch marks as battle scars we have something to share with you rub some vicks vapor rub on your stretch marks and in just two weeks you will see that they gradually become less visible six treats toenail fungus when was the last time you wore flip-flops or open toe heels you prefer not to we get it you have your reasons if you suffer from toenail fungus try applying some Vicks to the affected nail every night and then put your socks on the next day wash your feet and flip off as much infected nail as possible repeat every night until your nails recover completely you will rock those open shoes we promise five helps you get rid of bruises bruises are either a sign you have an active lifestyle or you have trouble getting around your house and get attacked by furniture if it happens to you gently rub some dicks bait will rub on your bruise and observe the healing process the ointment will reduce all the swelling and the bruise itself will disappear faster for relieves earache the next use of Vicks is quite something to relieve an earache put a small cotton ball with vicks vapor rub in your ear and leave it there for a few hours until you see your doctor remember although this method does help relieve ear pain it doesn't cure the infection itself so you need to consult your health professional as soon as possible 3 brings noticeable results on your face you probably think what else can Vicks possibly do to surprise me even more well it can take your acne and pimples away apply a thin layer of vicks vapor rub to the problem areas leave it overnight and clean your face in the morning be persistent and you will see positive changes very soon to relieves muscle and back pain we have some great news for you sports stars if your back and muscles are killing you after intensive training VIX is there for you thanks to its natural ingredients vicks vapor rub helps relax stressed muscles if you're suffering from tennis elbow try massaging some Vicks on the affected area until the pain is gone finally the moment you've all been waiting for prepare to be amazed for this is truly mind-blowing one helps get rid of belly fat NYX can help you get rid of belly fat mix one tablespoon of crushed tablet camphor 1 tablespoon of alcohol one tablespoon of baking soda and a half jar of vicks vapor rub until you get a paste before doing their physical exercises apply this paste to your abdomen or to the area that you plan to work on and wrap yourself with plastic wrap when you finish your workout rinse with plenty of water having the same effect as those expensive slimming creams such homemade applications perform two to three times a week can make a real difference to keep it safe and effective follow some general recommendations before you use vicks vapor rubs just like any other product that is used on the skin vicks vapor rub must be tested on your skin before you use it to see if you have an allergic reaction put some Dix on the back of your hand and watch it for a while if you notice burning redness or any other symptoms don't use it at all the product shouldn't be used on children under two as it can adversely affect the respiratory tract if you have doubts always consult your doctor before using stay healthy and creative and give us thumbs up if you enjoyed watching this video subscribe to our channel to always stay on the bright side of life

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    Works as an insect repellent 0:35
    Relieves headaches 1:15
    Takes good care of your feet 1:41
    Prevents pet incidents 2:19
    Stops your cat from ruining your furniture 2:49
    Reduces stretch marks 3:18
    Treats toenail fungus 3:45
    Helps you get rid of bruises 4:13
    Relieves earache 4:35
    Brings noticeable results on your face 5:01
    Relieves muscle and back pain 5:25
    Helps get rid of belly fat 5:56
    Recommendations before you use Vicks VapoRubs 6:35

  2. Man I come from a Puerto Rican/Italian household????? Vicks was a Must ALWAYS except if you were going to Street. The Smell is super strong. Vicks is the cure all.

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