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did you study yet? yeah I’ve been doing SAT prep okay
-I started oh okay, because after everyone gets here around 5, i don’t think you’ll have a lot of time. cus my friends are gonna bring games, so just do it until 5. -okay -talk to tyler? time to set the table for dinner. I like your mustache a lot! it suits you! hi! i missed you! -missed you too toby!! you lost so much weight! missed you! pumkin, suki!! come here! here comes pumkin, and here comes suki, shortly come here! hi!! hi! how are you! nice to see you! oh you look so cute haha merry christmas! merry christmas! how are you! good! good to see you yeah good to see you too *POP* woah! *laughter* atta girl! it’s non alcoholic! here, pass this is that apple wine? no, apple juice we’re out! cheers! merry christmas! merry christmas! merry christmas! *reading instructions* I won! she was first to die. good game. ugh my brain… im just beginning the vlog because i thought i would wake up real early today, i went to bed at ten, so i ended up sleeping for 10 and a half hours, and i got ready in a rush, sort of so my hair is a mess. i tried to style it.. but, im currently driving to get brunch with a friend. i’ve met up with my chris one time, because he reached out and he’s been a viewer for a while, and I’ve always seen his comments and we had a lot of fun chatting over coffee last summer, we’re gonna get brunch and hang out, and… i forgot what i was gonna say, honestly haha hi! how are you! im good! i just parallel parked right over there did you find parking? it’s my turn! okay, “I’m not good” it was an accident! accident! oh my god! the force, you’re like- is that bad the sheer force- no good! that was pretty good! i was actually thinking this time good game. oh my goodness. i definitely overslept, i just felt so tired. I’ve been yawning the last 2 hours. UGH I’m definitely setting an alarm tomorrow morning. going to have some coffee. we’re having wontons for lunch and im cooking up my vegan ones im curious to see how they taste i dropped my sister off to the doctors she should have another hour or two in there and meanwhile, I’ve parked in Target, i had to fight to get in here the holiday traffic! yeah, I was pretty pissed..like… half an hour ago, cus with the wontons, I told my grandma like, can i cook it myself? she said, no it’s fine, I will do it she wanted to do it, so I said, I want mine on its own. and then she basically implied that she would cook it separately, but she didn’t. so when i went downstairs, she cooked everybody’s in one pot. because we did fold ours differently, so maybe, I thought like okay but.. you couldn’t really tell them apart. when we were looking, so she was like no it’s fine I can tell them apart, and she was giving them to me and it turns out, she gave me like 8, and only 2 of them were mine so i just ate the two. i didn’t even wanna go through the trouble and talk to her, i was just so mad so i just ate the 2, i gave the rest to my cousin, and i just i just rinsed the bowl and everything and if im hungry later, i will figure something out. but im not even that hungry right now maybe it’s cus my breakfast was huge. i think that she doesn’t take me seriously because especially in China, this whole trend and veganism and vegetarianism is not a norm at all. so to her, she doesn’t actually think it’s that serious, whereas my mom, and my dad are actually very supportive, and also very conscious of it, and to start, when i came downstairs, and she had everybody’s bowls, she was prepping it with some soup, some spices, and salt, my dad doesn’t like seafood at all, so she knows not to put any shrimp in his, but then she left it in mine, she’s like, oh- you’re okay with this, right? cus it’s already in there and im like, no. I’m gonna get a new bowl. she’s like, oh, okay… so she won’t really force me, but then like those tiny little passive things, which annoy me because I don’t wanna always seem so stubborn, so it’s like, if you let me to do my thing to begin with, then i don’t always have to tell you no. i got a call from William, just now but it’s nice to be able to chat withyou. *indistinct chats on the phone* and i chatted with him for 15 minutes, and it was good timing. always good timing, because he always calls me, so i really value my friendship with him. i don’t wanna be so dramatic, or like even by including this- cus i don’t wanna look back and remember some crazy family drama, but that’s not what it is. but.. i guess im just trying really hard to- not be in a downer mood, but yeah, I don’t really wanna talk about it with anybody, so im just talking about it to the camera. haha basically perfect timing, i finshed up at target, and my sister needs picking up! i just got these two things, i am SUPER practical, when it comes to stationery right now at least, because i find myself to be very chaotic when it comes to notebooks and planning, and im just not good. i can never stick to a good structure, and i’ve been asked my thoughts on bullet journaling, and that’s really cool. i just don’t think im actually capable of doing that right now, so what do i do? i always get the cheapest thing possible, so i don’t actually feel guilty when i make it go to waste or anything it’s been years since ive had a proper planner, but i got one for my birthday, that im planning to use. and amandarachlee gifted me her planner, so im totally going to use both of them, for different purposes, because i like having different categories. BUT, i need notebooks for regular brainstorming, whether it’s writing my poems, or all that kind of stuff so how do i…. i never know how to honk nicely *rolls down window* HEY that’s easier. so i was gonna go down to savers, so maybe somewhere near there? -okay what do you think? i think it looks nice just make sure it’s something you’ll want for years right? -yeah i think the quality is really nice this one’s not terrible when it’s paired with other stuff… like this? -mmhmm for the last hour, my sis and i have been livestreaming on Pyperbleu. i’ve never really done that on youtube, but she has a couple times, -just once oh okay- one time -it was so much fun, so i dragged her into it and she was so nervous she’s like- this is gonna stay online! -i know! I guess because.. you know, i joined youtube because i love video editing, so it’s like… less of what i’m used to, or what i intend to do, so that’s why i was nervous but if you’re interested, we still left it up, and it is- why does everyone say yogurt? can somebody explain somebody probably has explained it at this point, but this is what it looks like as of now, so thank you so much for all of the comments. and it was really a lot of fun, so thank you for suggesting it,
-yeah but now we ought to join our family downstairs for dinner.

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  1. Thank you for this gift that your video always is to me ??⛄️? I wish you all a very merry and chill Christmas with your loved ones ?

  2. I literally squealed when I got this video notification. Such a wonderful start to my Christmas morning ✨
    P.S. I’m soooo gonna rewatch all these vlogs on 31st

  3. I’ve been binging all your vlogs the past week and I’m glad I caught up in time to watch this one! I hope you and your family are having a wonderful holiday! Merry Christmas!

  4. Your family are such great human beings. I loved watching this ❤️ Thank you for making these December Daily videos. They have made my holiday season less lonely and more grateful for the things in life, which are family and friends.

  5. omg i could totally relate on the vegan thing my grandparents are the same way lol everything you said i could relate too , your not the only one on this !

  6. Merry Christmas to you and your family! Thank you again for taking the time to film, edit, and share your memories. You’ve really been such an inspiration this year ❤️?

  7. When the beautiful music started at 16:10 and there were clips of the tea pouring, your family … I just kind of felt like , this is what is life about, you feel me ? I felt so much content at that moment.I am crying. Thank you.

  8. so nice to see your dad looking healthier! he was so happy to see lilith! and grandma looking straight to the camera during the cup clinking scene haha, totally something my grangran would do! happy holidays to you and your beautiful family! good luck to cousin for his SAT tests!

  9. I’m super messy with taking notes and journaling too! I tend to get the 5.5×8.5 mixed media strathmore sketchbooks (I work at a Michaels so I save money) so I can sketch, make lists, paint, take notes, and jot down thoughts on the go with no format. Super helpful, and I recommend it! ?

  10. Your grandmother being a bit insensitive to veganism reminds me of when I first started too! It might take a while for her to get adjusted, but I'm sure that with time, she'll end up understanding and respecting your diet 🙂

  11. Beautiful video! And I feel you on that whole veganism thing. My older relatives really do not respect it, and have a hard time accepting me for it.

  12. When I went vegetarian/vegan at 16ish, my (Arab) parents were super against it.They stopped cooking for me so I had to prepare my own meals, then they'd be passive aggressive and slip some meat in my dishes. It was quite hurtful but I understood how it was just a shock to our traditions and family lifestyle. Any who, a few months passed until I noticed they were more understanding, to the point of my mom making fully veggie meals for the whole family. At the end, my family drastically reduced their meat consumption. I mean, I'm not vegan anymore but the values and lessons from living that lifestyle even within our rooted family traditions are still felt and carried to this day (4 years later)! Just keep sticking with it if you believe in what you're doing, and your family will understand soon enough. xx

  13. omg same, im pescatarian and i hate when my food got mix with other poultry… even tho it just broth. like yeah it's nothing for them but i care! :"(

  14. your relationship with your grandma reminds me a lot of the relationship with my grandma. think being raised in different countries and different generations can cause some trouble compromising. it is hard, but its definitely worth any misunderstandings to have relationships with our family.

  15. i've always wanted a family like this.a peaceful family who can cry and laugh with. i hope you all be happy in your lifes. thank you annabelle for making me happy

  16. I thought you left your East Coast cats with Lilith. When I saw you together in the livestream, I made a mental note to ask about this, but quickly forgot. It's great to see how close your family is, and you and Lilith seem to be great friends, which doesn't always happen with siblings. Merry Christmas Annabelle!! 🙂

  17. I get the vegetarianism thing as well, my grandma would make food like a whole chicken for the entire family, but would tell me to eat it or at least taste. When I keep explaining that I'm vegetarian and my reasoning behind it, she says that i'm too young to be vegetarian which absolutely makes no sense. But i guess it's classic chinese traditional views that we have to deal with.

  18. Oh I wish I had caught the pyperbleu livestream! I had a similar reaction from older family members about vegetarianism (including passive attempts to sabotage), and it can feel super invalidating and frustrating. Love that you did a family vlog viewing, showing the bonding and laughter. Happy holidays!

  19. I totally understand the veganism family issue. If I don't eat meat, I don't eat at all because my mom doesn't want to cook a vegetarian meal for me and I get yelled at if I try to cook my own meal. Helps losing weight tho

  20. Thank you for sharing, Annabelle! I hope you get to enjoy the holidays, I can imagine it can be a bit annyoing to capture every moment in your day, take care and dont forget give yourself some time for just enjoying, too <3

  21. Hi I just watched it, and I’m Chinese. I understand your grandma issue, but to be honest vegan is practiced so many many years in China, especially with religion. I think you should talk to to your grandma about the reason why you wanna be one, looks like she just doesn’t understand, and try to make you back to non-vegan in her way. She might just doesn’t like you don’t eat meat, for elders sometimes they think its bad for your health if you only eat vegetables and you also light weight (I mean in a good way, but she might think you are already too skinny). I face the same problem with my grandma, she try to mix meat in my food here and there, but I did talk to her the reason and she gets better…good luck lol

  22. hi annabelle, thank you once again for blessing us with a december daily <3 this year i spent it alone as my family has slowly stopped celebrating it- but i was still able to give out small gifts to my family. i hope your holiday went well and i look forward to seeing more xx

  23. When your dad got emotional when Lilith came home I started crying awe. My dad and are very close and that was very special to me <3

  24. oh my god you put the issue with veganism SO nicely. i remember when i first went vegan my parents kept dropping hints that they thought it was super extreme (even tho i had been vegetarian before that for 2 years) and my mum every now and then would buy me cheese pizzas and i remember i would just cry and eat them anyway lmao because i didn’t want to be a pain but you saying about how they should have just let you do your thing in the first place is so so true like…..this is why as nice as it is to be home for christmas and stuff sometimes cooking for yourself and only yourself is so much easier. but yeah lol i felt so understood so thank you for that! love your videos and hope you had an amazing christmas ?

  25. Annabelle, I have been feeling sad tonight but watching your videos always brings me peace. Thank you for that and I also appreciate reading the letters in the description box that make me think. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  26. I started to cry at the part where you all were watching last year’s portion and laughing :’)
    That really is the beauty of these kind of videos!

  27. This was so sweet Annabelle, especially where you and your family all sat down together to watch your vlogs (may have teared up a little)!! I hope your Christmas was lovely and that your New Years will be too x

  28. I get the veganism struggles. I have been vegetarian for almost 6 years and still to this very day my mother doesn't seem to get it. My dad and grandma are really supportive and sweet, they even look out to buy vegetarian cheese since I told them that not every cheese is vegetarian. But my mum keeps asking if I eat fish or eggs or this or that and even throws tantrums if I ask her to cook my own meals to make it easier for her. It's a challenge, isn't it…

  29. I hope u had a wonderful Christmas Annabelle!! I’m always so happy to see u home and see all the cats again …im about to go off and travel to edinburgh soon and ur vlogs help me get excited for it!!

  30. !! happy holidays annabelle! your vlogs are a delight, and i feel like it's christmas every time you upload <3 always love to hear about your life updates, no matter how trivial, positive or negative. the little tea ceremony at the end was so serene, my mom hasn't done that in awhile so we just might have to dig up our tea set and have some tea as well!!

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