12 Mistakes You Make While Charging Your Phone

hey it's for you 12 mistakes you make while charging your phone you know gadgets these days have so many different functions that they've become everything a person might need all stuffed into a palm-sized device but one big drawback of this technological advancement is that batteries can't keep up with the workload and die too quickly and while mobile producers continue to improve on batteries to make them charge faster and last longer people still keep doing all kinds of crazy stuff because they'll think it'll extend their battery life like throwing their phone in the freezer well we're gonna get into this plus more common mistakes people make when it comes to charging their devices and what you can do instead to prolong your phone's battery we've got lots of helpful videos like this one on the bright side of life so go ahead and hit that subscribe button and turn on post notifications so that you'll always be in the know on all our new updates here we go mistake number one charging your phone to the max before using it for the first time Wow we've all heard of this one right you bring your phone home from the store plug it in and wait until your new baby is full to the brim in fact some mobile sales people even recommend doing this it is however nothing but a myth cell phone batteries work best when they're charged only up to 40 to 80 percent and that's exactly how much charge any smartphone in a store has that's why you'll be perfectly fine if you just buy a phone take it out of the box and start using it right away but there's one important thing to remember if you fire up your new cell phone and notice that the battery indicator shows less than 40 percent charge you should probably take it back to the store such a low percentage usually means that the battery is all mistake number two not using your phone while it's charging tons of people are convinced that if they use their cell phone while it's charging this will harm the battery's lifespan others believe that in this case the battery won't charge as well as it can when it's not in use you'll probably be happy to know that this too is a misconception it doesn't matter whether you're using your phone or not it'll still charge the same exact way consider this even when you aren't working with your gadget it's still completing some mysterious tasks of its own like synchronizing data this means that you can easily add several more tasks to this workload mistake number three being afraid that Chargers from a different brand will kill your battery now it is true that some off-brand chargers may not be the best choice for your phone and they do typically take longer to charge the battery but if the charger works well enough it won't harm your mobile device so if you need to urgently charge your phone in an emergency or the factory charger it came with doesn't work anymore you can get any cheap version that's compatible with your smart phone unfortunately this doesn't apply to the Droid turbo it requires a charger designed specifically for this device mistake number four thinking that turning your phone off will damage the battery yes if you leave your phone off for an extended amount of time its battery is going to die that's a totally normal thing all batteries do but if you simply shut your device off from time to time nothing dramatic will happen in fact some devices may actually start working more effectively after you reboot them doing this also helps restore the functionality of their batteries mistake number five trying to train your battery re boy fetch some people think that they can train their battery so that it'll be able to hold more charge they let the battery drain completely before recharging it again and never ever charge their phone if it's only at fifty or sixty percent their reasoning is that batteries have memory and if you don't wait to charge your phone before it's almost hit 0% the battery won't work as well as it used to but this idea has no ground to stand on so feel free to charge your phone even if the battery is as full as 90% charging our phone frequently doesn't hurt the battery mistake number six not charging your phone overnight for fear of damaging the battery don't you think that smartphones were dud smart for a reason da I don't know these devices know for sure when to stop charging because the battery is full on the other hand while overnight charging doesn't harm your phone in any way it's still not the most effective way to do it if you want to extend your battery's lifespan keep it charged between 40 and 80 percent believe it or not this actually helps the battery live the longest mistake number seven putting the battery in the freezer to make it last longer woohoo just like a Milky Way candy bar well this misconception goes way back to the 80s when people would put batteries in the freezer for short periods of time to make them work longer but freezing your phone does nothing more than kill the battery the thing is that lithium ion batteries react badly to both cold and heat the best temperature for this sort of battery is room temperature mistake number eight using task managers to prolong battery life forget everything you've ever been told about task managers they do not prolong your battery life the built-in system on your phone is already dealing with everything that should be done to keep your device's performance in tip-top shape as for third party task managers they're actually more likely to decrease your phone's performance yes they can control the apps you use but they really hurt the battery life mistake number nine fearing to leave your phone charger plugged in you've probably heard that after you finished charging your mobile device you should unplug the charger from the wall for safety reasons and fire prevention well leaving your charger dangling from the wall is ill-advised only in the following situations you have pets your charger makes weird noises or leaks your house or apartment complex doesn't have any lightning protection there's a chance that your neighbors may have a water leak in all other cases it's perfectly safe to leave your charger plugged in it's up to you to decide whether or not to do this mistake number 10 not charging laptops all the time to prevent damage just like with cell phones laptop battery stopped charging as soon as their fall experts recommend discharging your laptop to 0% no more than once a month as for any damage that can ruin the device in most cases it happens because of overheating not from keeping the laptop plugged in overheating in turn is often due to operator error that's right it's your fault bub mistake number 11 believing that the Internet runs your battery down the fastest now first of all let's specify what you're using the internet for if you're doing different graphic intensive activities such as online gaming or watching bright side videos on YouTube then your battery will unfortunately die much faster these sorts of activities simply need impressive amounts of energy to display those awesome graphics but if you're just surfing the net or reading articles it doesn't influence your battery life any more than listening to music does and if you just can't live without playing another round of your favorite online mobile game dim the screen as much as possible to prolong the battery life at least a little bit mistake number 12 turning off Bluetooth GPS and Wi-Fi to prolong the battery life now you should know that the only time when any of these services may drain your battery is when you're actively using them the rest of the time they might pull some amount of energy from the battery but it's not really a lot and doesn't drain it completely in fact Wi-Fi consumes even less energy than your smart phone needs to maintain the cellular data connection Apple even encourages its users to leave Wi-Fi turned on to save battery all right now you're all caught up on what not to do when charging your phone and what you can do instead how about some more tips that'll help you prolong your battery life keep batteries cool as we've already mentioned when the temperature is too hot or too cool batteries throw a hissy fit and tap out quickly that's why you should avoid leaving your smart phone tablet or laptop in direct sunlight or in a hot car and definitely don't take your gadgets to a hot place like the beach or sauna if it's possible avoid wireless charging as the heat it generates can bake your battery and if you need to store your gadget or its battery place them in a cool dry place store batteries with a bit of charge while we're on the topic of storing batteries in a cool dry place also make sure you give them at least half a charge first the problem with storing batteries is that they lose their charge over time and when this charge drops to zero your battery will automatically kill itself so it doesn't become unstable hardcore I don't so if your battery has ever let you down at the worst moment possible hit that like button and let us know what happened down in the comments we'd love to hear your story if you have any other tips on prolonging battery life share your wisdom and leave your advice down below – thanks a million and we'll see you next time

39 thoughts on “12 Mistakes You Make While Charging Your Phone

    Charging your phone to the max before using it for the first time. 1:14
    Not using your phone while it's charging. 2:15
    Being afraid that chargers from a different brand will kill your battery. 3:00
    Thinking that turning your phone off will damage the battery. 3:40
    Trying to “train” your battery. 4:13
    Not charging your phone overnight for fear of damaging the battery. 4:58
    Putting the battery in the freezer to make it last longer. 5:36
    Using task managers to prolong battery life. 6:09
    Fearing to leave your phone charger plugged in. 6:40
    Not charging laptops all the time to prevent damage. 7:21
    Believing that the Internet runs your battery down the fastest. 7:55
    Turning off Bluetooth, GPS, and Wi-Fi to prolong the battery life. 8:42
    Tips to prolong the life of your battery:
    Keep batteries cool. 9:28
    Store batteries with a bit of charge. 10:01

  2. One time I was outside and I was riding my bike to the store and my phone was really cold and it turned completely dead and shut it self off and I fully charge my phone to hundred Percent the phone went down to 50%

  3. Training your battery "Has no ground to stand on" ? It's based on older copper batteries, that DID have memory. Yes smart phones don't, but it's not some crazy theory. It has an origin

  4. All true! My MediaPad t1 7.0 is super cool when I shut off my MediaPad at 100% and three months later, I tried to turn on and bamm!! Is 100% still!!!!!

  5. The only reason, this channel has so many views is the voice. They say many lies, but do it confidently, and people believe all these opinions.

    Literally 70% of their information is false.

  6. Everything the bright side of life has to say is B.S.

    Seriously, i can't believe they get so many views just to express their opinions, which are more often than not, false information.

  7. Thanks, Brightside. This video reaffirmed some things I knew and enlightened me with many things. I love what you do. I wish my fellow YouTubers would stop making useless comments. If you're not adding to the conversation just be still – PLEASE

  8. I think a safer way to charge your phone is to leave it while it's charging and not to play on it with the charger, I heard a boy's phone exploded from that and… You know what happened to the boy. Well I think it was his phone that was bad but just telling you. My comment wont stop u from playing on ur phone with the charger but yeah Do what you want.. Or… Go to my channel! Just kidding

  9. Sometimes I really don't understand why there are millions of subscribers to this channel. It's a conspiracy. No other possibility. I mean, bet this was made on Microsoft PowerPoint. This transition is a dead give away on account of it being available on power point.. pretty sure he stole a highschool kid's PowerPoint presentation.

  10. Don’t use any cheep charger on your phone like brands not made by your phones manufacturer are okay as long as they are well known and respected companies.

  11. I use the fast charger but
    my phone is slow charging
    so thats why im going
    to put my phone in the box
    and put it where it belongs

  12. Disable WIFI and GPS before worrying about bluetooth, unless you have a bluetooth watch or something. Get an app like Network Connections that shows which apps are using data and how much data they are using in the background, so you can see which apps you should uninstall that might be using up your battery. Usually it's the apps you have installed and not just disabling WIFI, GPS, or bluetooth that matters. Disabling them does stop apps from using them and draining the battery though. Many apps keep checking GPS and hitting the internet on a regular basis.

  13. When you're charging it on a laptop or something and you want to be on it, just turn your brightness down and it'll charge. Worked for me all the time.

  14. The title says "phone" not laptop so number 10 was confusing. But regardless, this is all completely wrong. For starters, my phone charges way faster when I'm not using it than when I am.

  15. Go to Battery Usage in Device Maint/settings on your Droids. It will tell you what is using battery and by what percentage. Change these and you will see longer battery life. GPS and screen brightness are usually number one. Some phones target apps only and provide options to put these to sleep.

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