12 Fat Pets Compete in 'Biggest Loser' Competition in the U.K.

it's the ultimate weight-loss competition their success is going to depend upon whether or not they followed instructions meant for only the strongest of the strong get your ass on the treadmill now and the cutest of the queue I want fire-breathing dragons I want attack dogs I want kid bulls on my team all vying for the title of the biggest loser furball edition this rat Shih Tzu beagle and cat will undergo dramatic transformation every day do not stop please be the man that you should be they're just four of the 12 Roebuck pets taking part in a pet swimming competition you can win the whole show you've got your together they'll go head to head and paw paw to fight the epidemic of animal Oh much like The Biggest Loser and want these guys to earn it show up every day but with the help of an animal charity in the UK they'll undergo a strict six-month diet and exercise program tailored to their individual needs together they'll go through the program but in the end only one can be named a champion I'm Kelly Yulin for Inside Edition calm you

41 thoughts on “12 Fat Pets Compete in 'Biggest Loser' Competition in the U.K.

  1. So sad I feel bad there pets they should not be on something like this they’re like humans they should have freedom and they DO have feelings. Also the name of the show is just rude twofold to the pets it’s not there fault its about how much the owner feeds them and if they don’t get the food therefore they couldn’t have have eaten it. I am disappointed and it who created this show in general?

  2. Horrible owners . they shouldnt own anything.
    Try the food brand FRESH PET. its comes in roles in a small refrigerator in pet food isle.

  3. This is animal abuse you can’t force the cat to go on the treadmill the cat should just go on a diet and I feel so bad for the rat

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