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Jake the dog is totes awesome when it comes to saving the day alongside his brother Finn the human But when Jake’s at home. He’s just your average musician slash chef slash party animal making bacon pancakes what’s up guys? This is Jacob or jake I guess with channel frederator and today. We’re counting down 107 Mathematical facts about Jake the dog what time is it time to get started. what? were you expecting me to say something else? Jake the dog is the son of Joshua and Margaret, two crime fighting detectives as seen in the episode Joshua and Margaret Investigations jake was conceived when a shape-shifting monster bit his father on the head during an investigation Jake was later born out of the bump that formed as a result of the creatures attack. A natural-born performer Jake’s first words were a song and dance number where he’s saying hello Daddy. Hello mommy. it’s so nice to be here get out Jake’s Birth is very similar to that of athena the Greek goddess of wisdom and war according to the Greek mythology Athena was born out of the head of her father zeus Seems similar right? jake was never told the truth about his past in the episode the witch’s garden Jake tells Finn that he thinks He received his magical powers from rolling in a mud puddle as a puppy. We, the viewers learn the truth in Joshua and Margaret Investigations, by the end of this episode shows their parents agreeing to never tell jake the truth for those of you who have never seen the show if you even exist Jake’s can shape-shift to a remarkable degree that means he can stretch shrink and contort every part of his body by means of rearranging organs and bones or even by adding and Subtracting body parts, this is most likely due to being born from a shapeshifter’s bite Jake has a half-brother named Jermaine the two have a weird brotherly connection that allows them to communicate Via their dreams It’s usually how they catch up on each other’s lives like the rest of the characters on the show jake actually Ages during the series during the first season he was 28 in magical dog years But he recently stated that he’s now probably almost 40 though he lost count and is uncertain Yes, that clears everything up very specific. It’s unclear exactly how jake ages in Correlation to humans except that it’s faster He’s seen as a baby both before Finn and then Alongside Finn But then later he’s far older than Finn however He must age slower than real dogs since after finn’s 16 years of being alive Jake has only reached the dog equivalent of around 40 a real dogs human age equivalent of 16 would likely be somewhere between 80 and 120 continuing the age conundrum, Jake states that he is likely to live for about another hundred years perhaps It’s due to the magical genes no one knows for sure we mentioned in our 107 adventure time facts video that Jake’s personality was inspired by Bill Murray’s character Tripper in the 1979 film meatballs But his simplistic visual design resembles that of dog burt from Scott Adams dilbert comics Jake’s not only Finn’s best bud But he also serves as a bit of a mentor often giving Finn advice Sometimes even in song some of Jake’s Advice makes total sense while some is pure nonsense you never know what to expect from him Jake once even gave spent a whole explanation about how dating works he said it has 15 Tiers tier 1 being hugging to your 8 being touching her horn and tier 15 being well finn’s not allowed to go to tier 15 so jake didn’t say he just yelled at him to stay away from that tier “do not do tier 15” “dude I got no idea what you’re talking about” Jake’s a big believer in space and the Glob World Probably because cosmic junk always intervenes with Jake’s life like when Grob Gob glob grod Prophesized that they would meet jake on mars in the episode sons of Mars Jake was a career criminal Before he became a hero the episode entitled one last job revealed that he used to be in a gang of thieves that included Tiffany Gareth and the flying lettuce brothers, it’s pretty clear that jake left his life of crime to become a hero slash adventurer But his dark side still comes out every now and then that’s because jake easily goes mad with power in certain situations We see this in the episode furniture And meat where he begins bribing people just to see how far they’ll go for money turns out people will go pretty far for money It’s um Well, it’s weird It’s really weird it gets really weird sometimes though Jake’s Mischievous side comes out because he’s just lazy and prefers to do whatever is easier like just smashing all of the cutie people instead Of helping them in conquest and cuteness Although he’s often depicted as easily distracted and absent-minded Jake actually has his own newspaper column called begs the question in case you missed our 800 other [107’s] that mentioned it Jake is voiced by Veteran Voice actor John Dimaggio Who’s also known for voicing bender in futurama the Scotsman and Samurai Jack four arms in ben 10 Gonza and Princess mononoke and many many others John has voiced Jake since the pilot episode But he admits the show confused him when he first started However. He now gets it after having watched a bunch of episodes and he said “I love doing the show it’s fun as hell” as a reference to John Dimaggio both Finn and Jake Cameoed on an episode of futurama called Leela, and the genestalk in which Bender and Jake meet face to face “what time is it” “time for you to shut up” a masterfully skilled musician Jake is seen playing the Viola the acoustic guitar the ukulele the drums and has even Beatbox on Occasion it frustrates him to hear anyone play music horribly as seen in the episode gut grinder when Finn does a Terrible job playing the Viola Shelby the worm actually lives Inside of Jake’s Viola we also see that jake or someone scratched the word toots on the back of it It was revealed during the episode What was missing. the way jake plays as viola is inconsistent in some episodes he holds it in his right hand and in others he holds it with his left however in the episodes shh! and Video makers Jake is seen writing with his right hand which must mean that that’s his dominant hand Jake Lacks formal training when it comes to battling monsters and instead relies heavily on the use of his magical ability to overpower his opponents Seems like it’s been working for him so far even though Jake isn’t crazy about fighting Monsters like Finn He has a fascination with becoming a ninja he’s read all the manuals he can get his hands on both finn and Jake temporarily had ninja ice power similar to the ice King’s powers in the episode the chamber of Frozen blades Unfortunately, they didn’t keep these abilities past the episode clearly Jake’s magical enough that he doesn’t really need weapons during combat But he still owns a sword that we see on occasion It has a skull for a pommel, an eye on the guard and half of the blade is serrated on one edge Without his powers Jake can barely run for 10 seconds He also develops a weird man baby bod(y) in place of the usual form which we see in the episode the witch’s garden when a witch steals his powers Why does the witch steal his powers because jake stole her donut real talk if I had Magic powers? I’d probably be super petty with them, too Regardless of his relationship with Finn jake admits that he really likes the taste of human flavored soy products It’s not really discussed in depth, but apparently rainicorns used to humans Maybe that’s why there are so few human left oh right and probably because of the vampires oh also There’s that great mushroom war yeah, that’ll do it Jake’s relationship with lady rainicorn is supposedly taboo in their world because of the wars that took place between the dog and rainicorn species over a series of land disputes in the crystal dimension of course the relationship between lady and Jake is a special case because Lady parents Bob and ethel love dogs a dog saved Bob’s life during the war So they couldn’t be more accepting of Jake apparently Jake has a type We all know he’s dating lady rainicorn But he once had a relationship with a pony by the name of Moniker deluise as seen in the great birdman Jake was taught how to read Braille by an ex-girlfriend who according to him wasn’t blind she was just really cool It’s never stated which ex-girlfriend taught Jake how to read Braille, but many fans speculate it was moniker deluise since well She’s the only ex-girlfriend We’ve seen in the series. Then I don’t know she seems pretty cool. Jake is actually a pretty jealous boyfriend He gets jealous when lady and finn get closer in my two favorite people And then gets really jealous when cupcake man flirts with her in Video makers Obviously Jake can understand Korean which is how he’s able to understand his girlfriend lady But it’s undetermined if he knew the language before they met her or not since he fetches his old Universal translator device in the episode my two favorite people when the conversations between lady and Jake are translated They’re said to be a little Racy specifically a joke that lady told in my two favorite people which translates into a story of her and jake running naked through an orchard together and Eating apples from it. “thats the end of my story” He may be in a committed relationship now, but Jake was quite the ladies man before lady rainicorn came along He’s even seen giving pick-up advice to a giant snail in the episode slow love there’s a very popular theory that Jake is also Jay T. Doggzone the famous author of the book mind games which focuses on how to get women this stems from two factors one the fact that We know that Jake is a ladies man, and two we know that He’s a writer because of his newspaper Column begs the question also three of the initials J T D are pretty coincidental match especially since both of the last names include the word dog Oh, and did we mention that jake almost introduced himself as Jay T. Doggzone in the episode the pit when he meets a pretty girl named Samantha. He says “I’m Jay T. D- the dog I- I’m jake” seems to add up. Do we have a cartoon conspiracy here? Maybe but the entire episode might just consist of the word Yes He also gives advice to finn in all the little people that sounds similar to some words in Jay T.’s book he tells finn it’s all About the bu-bumps in your heart later when Finn is playing with all the little people oh wait That’s the title of the episode Jake is seen sitting by himself in front of a book written by Jay T. Doggzone and part of the passage that shows reads “now to be clear Jay T. Doggzone does not condone random Flirtation with Wanton babes But rather careful consideration of which lovely honey gives your heart the bu-bumps because it’s all about the Bu-bumps” jake loves to take naps This is known from the many many times he sleeps on the show or wants to sleep But it’s especially evident in the episode What is life finn threatens to prank him so hard out of revenge and Jake’s response is “Whatever, I’m going to take a day long nap” and he does and then I was super jealous Jake also loves ice cream But ironically jake also had very sensitive teeth this was pointed out by the ice King Explaining that it’s why jake doesn’t put ice in his drink But it has been contradicted on occasion like in the episode princess Potluck where jake is seen drinking iced tea . Pickles are crazy nostalgic for Jake because his dad used to make them the two would bond over his homemade recipe when Jake was just a pup that’s Why prismo likes to send Jake jars of his own homemade pickles? He’s a pretty cool dude that prismo another thing he loves hot tea We see jake drink tea several times throughout the series he even stays behind after finn and flame princess Go off to a dungeon adventure just to enjoy his cup of tea if you watched our original 107 Adventure Time facts video Then you’ll already know that jake was officially dead at one point in the episode sons of Mars the King of Mars offers his immortality and presumably his life in order to save jake from the 37th Dead world the best part about this fact though is that the king of mars was abraham Lincoln Jake has been through three different spirit realms the low level realm in ghost fly, the underworld in death in bloom and of course the 37th Dead world that time he you know Actually died jake often morphs into a suit of armor known as the jake suit in which he is able to encase finn Inside his own body for protection must be nice because as previously stated in our original adventure time 107 Jake’s inside smell like vanilla Jake is a fan of Batman or he’s at least familiar with the character during the episode I remember you jake uses his best Batman impression to talk down to the ice king when he “says your constant harassment to the female gender makes me sick” that Batman voice was specifically an impression of Diedrich bader as Batman from the brave and the bold series the inside Joke here Is that John Dimaggio voice Aquaman Gorilla grodd and other characters in the show alongside Bader though Jake is afraid of spiders as seen in Marceline’s closet He also admits to wearing transparent pants made of spider webs though. They were spun by the hands of pixies So maybe that makes him feel better about it the ice king once accused jake of never crying because he’s afraid of real emotions And he was right jake tearing up at his comment is prove enough for us poor Jake I’m afraid of emotions too Jake Fathered Five rainicorn/dog hybrids with lady rainicorn Since rainicorns age several times faster than dogs, even magical dogs his pups all became similar in age to him shortly after their birth Jake named his pups TV, Jake Jr. Charlie, Viola and Kim Kil whan there are three girls and two boys and don’t be fooled the girls are actually Charlie, Jake Jr. and Viola While TV and Kim Kil whan are male It’s a dirty little secret of his but the pups were conceived in an old abandoned theme park in the swan seat of the tunnel of love no Less which he groggily blurts out after crashing into it and knocking it over it was revealed in a later episode by his ex-girlfriend Moniker that jake always wanted kids this might explain his overly protective behavior towards them after their birth once the pups matured jake seemed to ease up on his fathering duties Almost completely the pups have mixed feelings Toward him because of it some accept him for his faults while others harbor a little more resentment though They all still loved him because how can you not jake Jr. Can shape-shift her hair which seems like it could be a result of the genes of the same Shape-Shifter that bit Joshua which in turn gave jake his shape-shifting abilities. Nothing is confirmed though What do you think while the extent of her shape-shifting ability remains undetermined We do know that Jake Jr. Has rebellious side inspired by her father’s criminal past she’s seen reuniting his old crime ring in the episode one last job His daughter Viola seems to share his passion for the arts. She’s an aspiring actress and a good one too Jake likely named his daughter viola after his and lady’s love for playing the Viola Another popular theory states that her name as well as Charlie and TV’s names are References to the classic story of Charlie and the chocolate Factory in which three of the main characters are named Charlie Violet and Mike Teavee all the pups possess a combination of certain powers from each parent these include things like flight, changes in size, teleporting, coloring objects and various Shape-shifting abilities jake forever remains a child at heart we see this in comparison to his pups when they grow up and Act more mature than Jake well most of them do anyway, we’re looking at you TV Jake starred alongside lady rainicorn in their very own adventure time promo way back in 2010 the video was a parody of a popular viral video that was Circulating on YouTube earlier that year entitled double rainbow in which a man is amazed by seeing two rainbows and questions What it means even getting emotional in the Adventure time promo titled double rainicorn We see two lady rainicorn standing side-by-side while jake comments on them and cries “What does it mean?” the simpsons and futurama weren’t the only two television shows to reference jake the dog he also made several appearances on mad Jake also had a popular appearance alongside his buddy Finn during the Macy’s Thanksgiving day Parade three years in a row from 2013 through 2015 However the floats were since retired after the 2015 parade Jake’s Bacon pancake song in the episode burning low got so famous among fans that a mash-up was made by one fan using Alicia Keys Chorus from the Jay-Z song Empire state of mind it has over seven million views on YouTube During the series Jake is portrayed as a great chef He’s always seen preparing delicious looking food like burrito sandwiches and soups and he’s constantly experimenting with new dishes like making oh I don’t know bacon pancakes makin bacon pancakes at one point jake used his cooking skills to craft the greatest sandwich ever made which contained a variety of ingredients from Prismo’s pickles to Lobster soul to the bird from the window It was so good that magic man appeared and took it from Jake before he could even have a bite though that More out of a desire to torture finn and jake because you know Magic man is kind of the worst Jake’s love for sandwiches is Unfathomable he’s even wasted wishes on sandwiches once in lieu of saving himself once in lieu of saving Finn. “I wish for a sandwich” “dude I’ll just make you a sandwich” And once from a powerful wizard’s wand that he just so happened to touch called the thought Cannon Yeah You thought it was going to be just once didn’t you know it was three times where Jake wasted a wish on a sandwich Jake is such a good cook that even insects want to steal his food. He once made a soup That was so tasty a fly tried to eat it But jake killed it before he could then the fly’s ghost Literally haunted their house until he could have a taste of the soup some ghosts have unfinished business like bringing their killer to justice some just want some soup. It’s no secret Jake would totally eat cinnamon bun if he could he proudly suggested he and Finn do this during season two “let’s go eat cinnamon bun” jake loves apple pies too He loved them so much that he really gets cranky when he can’t get one from tree Trunks as seen in dream of love despite his magical abilities and his unstoppable love for junk food, Jake won’t eat chocolate because well He is still a dog even he knows it would probably kill him jake was once a brick for an entire episode or at least Brick-shaped He joined a brick wall to Fulfill his lifelong dream of knowing what it’s like to be a brick in an old shack when it falls over though Jake didn’t get to experience the shack falling in the end, he did learn a whole lot from a little bunny jake is easily persuaded He claims that he’ll do anything if he’s asked three times as shown in the episode the limit the episode the limit is a reference to Greek Mythology Specifically the myth of theseus and the minotaur when in the labyrinth jake uses the same technique as the warrior theseus who had the idea to use string to avoid getting lost of course in this case Jake just used his own stretchiness nurse poundcake confessed to PB that she has a secret crush on Jake I mean, we all know that Jake has a love for food But that would just be weird and let’s be real – a very short relationship as seen in the episode storytelling Jake occasionally writes certain letters backwards It’s unclear if this means he’s dyslexic or if this is common throughout the land of ooo, did you know Jake once wore makeup He wore what looks like Mascara eyeliner and lipstick Drawn all over his face looking oddly like a Target to Princess bubblegum’s Potluck when finn tells jake that he looks like a target jake says that he looks pretty see you can be Whoever you want to be own it jake Jake loves the game card Wars but BMO refuses to play with him Why? well he gets major rage upon losing which finn soon learns and so lets him win don’t mess with Angry Card Wars Jake it is just the ugliest side of him Apparently Jake’s love of the game card Wars stems back to his 20s He was once undefeated until he lost to a guy named grand Prix which resulted in an embarrassing tantrum Jake’s ex-girlfriend Moniker is now in a happy relationship with Grand Prix It’s unclear whether or not she left jake for Grand Prix after the embarrassing incident But jake clearly maintains some hard feelings about it during his 20s Jake used to rock a luxurious ponytail and a ratty denim vest good to see that a late 80s- Early 90s metalhead look has its place in the land of ooo in the episode princess Potluck, jake reveals that he hates cats I mean sure he is a dog and all but we wonder if this has anything to do with the fact that Grand Prix appears to be a giant cat Despite his current happy relationship with lady Jake is unable to forget about his breakup with Moniker and let go of the embarrassing card wars incident until he gets the help of His wise daughter Charlie to face the root of his problem and officially bury his 20s most of the friends that jake Introduces Charlie to in the episode Daddy-daughter card wars were listed in the contacts of his old phone How do we know they’re in his phone contacts? you can hear jake read their names aloud way back in the episode my two favorite people as part of his magical abilities Jake is able to interpret poems just by Physically feeling them we see this in the episode titled blood under the skin in which he Exercises this ability to help finn on his quest to find the armor of Zeldron “You don’t just read the poetry to understand it you gotta feel it” Jake can sense whenever finn is about to cry. This is described as a sort of mother-daughter type of connection between the two brothers He can also calm finn down with his saliva, and that is gross as seen in Rainy day daydream Jake has a crazy powerful imagination it got so strong at one point that anything he imagined became reality But it was only visible to him alone It’s in this same episode that we see exactly how much influence Jake’s imagination has over his personality He’s not even close to the same person without it once he shuts down the imagination machine and actually loses his imagination He’s portrayed as bland and more robotic and dialog than even BMO, who I’m sure I don’t need to remind you is a robot in The adventure time comic-book series. It’s said that Jake is colorblind but in the cartoon Finn is actually the one who’s a bit colorblind “sometimes red Things are gray” Jake has a love for Mozart and beethoven as he’s been seen playing their music on his viola three popular pieces He’s played are Mozart’s eine Kleine nachtmusik and both Beethoven’s fifth symphony and moonlight sonata on occasion Jake Struggles with restless leg syndrome Apparently not even magical dogs are safe from the jitters Initially jake refused to accept the fact that marceline was harmless because of his fear of vampires Their relationship got off to a bit of a bumpy start in season 1 what with him almost killing her with sunlight But since season two they seem to be on good terms Jake’s no murderer of innocence But he did once kill Bmo’s husband bubble popped him with no notice. How dare he poor Bmo. But spoiler alert It’s okay bubble was actually just air trapped inside of a bubble. He’s free Thanks, Jake unintentional heroism saves the day jake can remove his own bones from his body with ease and no pain That’s a nice trick though. I don’t know how useful that is other than making oddly specific trades with his daughter Jake has a granddaughter named Bronwyn her father Kim Kil Whan enlists jake’s helps to talk to Bronwyn about her failing grades But Jake and Bronwyn end up just facing off in a skateboarding Competition instead because Jake wants to prove that he’s still cool as if that’s a thing he even has to prove Jake has an eyepatch collection That was in mint condition but Definitely not after helping this little fella seen in the episode of the jiggler they also used to have a glass eye collection that apparently Belonged to finn rest in peace, oddly specific eye collections. There’s a lot about this show that is just oddly specific Barking doesn’t always seem to come naturally for jake this is inconsistent through the series however because while he does bark in episodes like gut Grinder and Goliad we see his failed attempts to do so in episodes like up a tree We do see jake barking as a normal dog in the episode Jake the dog alongside finn who’s also changed in appearance This is due to an alternate timeline referred to as the farm world Reality that formed when Finn wished so that the lich had never existed Jake is a genius prankster And he loves to prank finn. finn does however get him back at the end of what his life? when neptr his new Pie-throwing machine come to life throws pies at jake as he wakes up looks like Jake has gotten better at it though and is now always one step ahead as seen in the creeps when he turns finn’s own prank against him at their dinner event This time he goes real far to make finn think that all their friends are dead Ha! Gotcha just gave you a reparable trauma for the rest of your life good goofs with friends That is a knee-slapper At the end of the adventure time elements miniseries LSP restores all of ooo to its original form Including jake whose true form is revealed to be almost identical to the blue shape-shifting monster that bit his father the shape-shifting ability makes jake an excellent face for adventure time merchandising literally you can get Jake’s face on everything from underwear to the Full-bodied Halloween costume speaking of Jake suits the Simpsons dog Santa’s little helper Briefly appears having taken the form of Jake in the episode Treehouse of Horror 25 Thanks for watching 107 facts about Jake the dog. What’s your favorite thing about Jake? What’s your favorite line or song of his? Comment below and let us know we have new videos dropping every day So make sure to subscribe to channel frederator and don’t forget to click the little bell icon to become part of our Notification squad because remember frederator loves you

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