101 Facts About Barack Obama

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  1. One thing i don't get about same sex marriage other then the desecration of our lord is how two men can have a baby together. Can't put a dick in a dick, so how do they fall pregnent?? same with womens if you think about it…

  2. Dreams from my father?? How would he know what his father's dreams consisted of if he never spent time in his life? Hmm that's weird.

  3. Fact: Obama originally campaigned AGAINST an individual insurance mandate and then switched his stance while trying to push through Obamacare, his signature piece of legislation. He also blatantly lied about Americans being able to keep their doctors, their healthcare plans and was wrong about how much rates would decrease.

    Obama also said that his legacy and his agenda were on the ballot while campaigning for Hillary Clinton in 2016. Hillary Clinton, and by extent Obama's legacy, did not receive even 49% of all votes that were cast. Over 50% of America voted against Obama's legacy because of his ruthless nature and his lies, most of which the media ignores because of his progressive ideals and his race. Trump is a much better president, despite facing more opposition than Obama, and has with Republican support helped give Americans back their freedom to choose their healthcare options, more of their money from taxes and is working to make America safer. This is why I, as a registered Democrat, voted for Trump and the Republicans. Together with Trump, we're Making America Great Again and undoing Obama's legacy!

  4. They left out the fact that he didn't do anything for black people but more welfare off the backs of poor middle-class blacks and others.

  5. 101 facts about the French Revolution, 101 facts about the Russian revolution or 101 facts about the American Revolution

  6. Wow!!
    101 lies about Obama !
    Barack ..was the flying horse who carried Muhammad to Jerusalem !
    It is a Muslim name..just like Hussein !!
    What does Hussein mean in Swahili..you fucking simpleton ???

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