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smile for the camera you clicked this
video to see someone take 100 dogs selfies here we go
enjoy the smiles let’s get Dog to business this dog has spots this dog
licks this dog wheelchairs this dog is fluffy every dog is unique but they all
have one thing in common feelings happiness curiosity fear just like you
and me and each one needs a family all of the dogs you see were rescued and the
majority of them are up for adoption they need hugs and they need cuddles and they
need a loving home like yours to adopt them the link in description they can fly
anywhere in the world anywhere ahh my nose to you link in the description thank you
description below if you could just really lick inside my ear no no you’re missing
the ear there you go so why are dogs so awesome they’re full of unconditional
love they actually make your heart stronger by lowering your blood pressure
keep you fit and active help you lose weight improve your social life and
reduce stress people with dogs are often perceived to be more approachable
happier and more empathetic a perfect icebreaker you’re way more likely to
score date by having a dog ladies if you’re watching DM me but honestly while
walking your dog he’ll meet other dog owners and make new friends however yes
having a dog can be hard work can be hard work it takes time and energy to
train them feed them and scoop their poo in fact it requires a lifetime of
commitment but the love in return is priceless priceless
absolutely priceless who’s the cutest but unfortunately in this day and age
millions of dogs millions of dogs are euthanized around the world each year
life for dogs stuck in crowded shelters in crowded shelters can be rough
shelters taken hundreds stray abused and lost animals every day by adopting a dog
you make space to help another dog where did you get even from I adopted him from
the shelter adopting one dog won’t change the world
but it will change the world for that one dog adopt don’t shop oh did you like that guys what did you
think if you did hit that like button come on that gets a like bang the amount
of dogs and selfies but I know the number one question you’re asking is
Allan daxon daxon where where is a hundred and one where is that extra
selfie hmm where have you been you’re just cute
have you not been adopted yet well fine let’s find you a family now a
lot of people are gonna be saying oh you didn’t get attacked in the face that’s
why I click the video but also the 101 dog selfies that was quite a surprise
but where is the attack guys I got attacked I got attacked it was in the
video like look at that you can see clearly the dog’s teeth is attacking my
face and for me to put my face to so many animals that’s quite a risk and the
fact that I wasn’t viciously attacked is quite amazing because it shows how much
loved dogs their dog on ah I need to wash my mouth out with
disinfectant this is disgusting I’m done so technically you could say I was
attacked but really it was just attacked with love see I forgot to add the word
love to the title huh it takes time 100 dog selfies 100 dogs we did it guys thank you so thank you so
much to the dog volunteers thank you to EMP all the people to put in their time
hard work and effort taking care of all these dogs here there’s over 400 dogs
and they are all up for adoption you’re having a great time my chit yeah all
right stop there’s been too many selfies so if you like any of the dogs in this
video take that number and their name and in the link below
it’s the link to their Elephant Nature Park the dog rescue Facebook page click
it send them a I just saw this amazing dog
hey I just saw this amazing dog and I’d love to see more videos – the photos
oh yeah sure we can send you them oh my god I live in Brazil oh that’s good we
can fly in there yes and they can fly anywhere in the world
at the park they have flight volunteers so they put up on the notice board
saying hey does anyone live in LA Chicago or Patagonia we need someone to
fly the dog to the new owner and they’ve flown dogs all over the world what
they’re doing is amazing so I really hope this video helps dogs get adopted
if you like some of the dogs you saw in this video get that name and number and
go contact the Elephant Nature Park Dog Rescue I’m dirty sweaty licked in the
face we can roll some bloopers and some behind-the-scenes stuff no come on it’s
pretty difficult to get dog selfies I can tell you that this is my first
attempt first run it’s proving very difficult hmm this time is so Crazy’s like human I
love you forever and ever how much do you love me I will never
stop kissing you you’re the best thing in my life honey
let’s get you a doctor you are the cutest thing how long have you been here
these runs firt pretty cute though any takers what are you doing that’s my
t-shirt no hey hey oh the old steel the dog’s life get in and lie on it I see
what she’s stealing a home you bring it into you here I’ll help her good duck
there you go you’re welcome oh that’s gonna leave a mark in crowded
shelters oh this is a hug and a half what are you doing that’s my t-shirt oh
yes you like a good head scratch oh all
right so I’m but I’m about 80 dog selfies in I’m in one of the runs and
this one’s come in quite different like it’s as if all these dogs that are here
like they don’t care that I’m here they’ve probably spent the majority of
their life inside this run they’re not even moving like oh great another human
well that’s not gonna change anything they’re just they’ve had it with life
you know there’s so many dogs in the world that are just now lost feeling
neglected like what’s the point every day is the same we live here we sleep
here we’re probably gonna die here it’s just a really weird feeling but this is
it this is all they have and this is happening all over the world but it’s
good to make this video because then literally puts a face to that
personality raises awareness and maybe just maybe one or a hundred dogs might
get adopted from this video let’s aim for a hundred but I’ve been licked
probably by a well over a hundred dogs and it’s kind of normal this sounds
really weird Elephant Nature Park dog volunteers thank you guys
so the Elephant Nature Park Dog volunteers if you find yourself in
Thailand you can go visit these dogs and you can go volunteer and help out oh there is so much tongue now if you want
to see more of these awesome dogs and what life is like on the park itself
then I made a previous video it was a 24 hour challenge inside with the dogs so I
stayed there I camped there licked in the face I just learned what
it was like to live that whole cell that whole environment the link to that video
is down below so if you want to see more of these awesome dogs then check that
out otherwise guys you know what to do I hope you enjoyed these animal videos
smash that like button that’s right and I will see you beautiful people bye-bye see you later
I just want to love rock you like a baby

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