10 Ways to Accidentally Offend People Around the World

It’s time to figure out how to offend people around the world Let’s talk about that good mythical morning You know one of the beautiful things about the Mythical Beasts out there? Many of them live outside of the country that we live in, Link. It’s a global thing, you know? We call that international Hanging out together on a daily basis Those of you who are outside of United States of America uh, thank you for being a part of this show. Thank you for making us part of your daily routine even if it doesn’t happen in your actual morning and you watch it whenever because there’s time zones, you know about time zones? This show is not about time zones. This is about the fact that there are cultural sensitivities around the world, things that are offensive in our culture and things that are offensive in other cultures and. It doesn’t always line up! If we go on a world tour, Link, I want us to be ready. I’ve done a little *boop boop* research and now I’m going to play a game with you to help train you to be an effective ambassador and that’s what’s at stake here. If you get 7 out of 10 of these right then you get to be the official ambassador of the country that we invented together, Cheesistan. You’ll go to UN meetings. Ah, I get a paper badge & everything? Yeah! Hahaha! Yep, you show up at the UN meeting with that and your little headphones and we speak English and the interpreters don’t even apply. Alright well I’ll go ahead and put it on. Nope, don’t. And if you lose, then a very common gesture that you perform, the adjusting of the glasses, will become officially *Silly voice* the adjusting of the glasses Officially offensive on Good Mythical Morning. I do adjust my glasses, I just did it. You can feel free to be offended. So let’s get started. I’m gonna tell you You don’t want that… About a some phenomenon around the world, some cultural sensitivity I’m pretty culturally sensitive. And you’re gonna tell me whether or not it’s true or false. Okay. Learn with me. Okay, In Vietnam, it is offensive to touch someone’s head or shoulder because the head is considered sacred and where the spirit is located. What about the shoulder? Is that semi sacred? It’s close. I just touched your shoulder by the way. That’s ironic I’m not offended, I’m not in Vietnam. This, this seems like it could be offensive to like pat somebody on their head like they’re a pet or somethin’. In Vietnam? I’m goin’ for that. I don’t know why you’re about to pet that man on the head because this one is TRUE! Congratulations! Fun fact: head and shoulders anti-dandruff shampoo was introduced in the US in 1961. And I use it. Okay, so don’t touch people on the head or shoulders in Vietnam. In Brazil, it is offensive to give your date purple flowers, because the color purple is associated with death and mourning and purple flowers are used at funerals. Don’t show up on a date, that’s for funerals, with purple flowers. In Brazil. I mean, this is tough, I’m going to uh, I’m going to guess purple’s pretty, man! I mean, funerals but yeah. Weddings, birthdays. Dates, too. Uh, so, false. This is not offensive. In Brazil. Leave the purple flowers at home if you’re traveling to Brazil because this one is TRUE! And you’re wrong. Fun fact: The 1984 rock opera Purple Rain starring Prince grossed more than 80 Million at the box office. I have not seen that. But I do know the song. You should look into it. Thailand, Link. Is it on Netflix? Probably not. In Thailand, it is offensive It’s on laserdisc I’ll betchya. It is offensive to use your fork by putting it in your mouth. Instead, food is pushed by the fork, held in the left hand, into the spoon that is held on the right hand, which is then brought to the mouth. That’s called Thailand eating. You can’t use a- You have a fork but you can’t use it in Thailand? A little shove-a-roo and a little pop-a-doo. Alright, I’m sticking with false. This is. That sounds ridiculous. No offense if it’s true. But I don’t think it is. Take that food out of your mouth. Take that fork out of your mouth. You’re being rude, because this one is TRUE! Really? Yeah. The fork’s right there and your can’t do it right here? Yeah You have to do it right And that fork was introduced in Thailand by King Chulalonghorn after his return from a tour of Europe in 1897. He chewed a longcorn and came back and said I need a fork for this long corn That’s culturally insensitive! Makin’ fun of the guy from Thailand’s name. C’mon it’s from the 1800’s. Too soon? In Russia, it is offensive, when meeting someone for the first time, if you don’t shake hands throughout your entire greeting. Like this Definitely not less than 10 seconds. Like you, you, you The whole time we’re greeting? You keep that shake going? You keep that shake going, you don’t wanna release cause release is a sign of disgust and distrust. Russians don’t, don’t shake hands. This one’s false. Uhhh!!! Hold off on that extended touching time because this one is false! Oh! Okay. You’re right! Huh, what a bad five Fun fact: Russia is bigger than Pluto. You could wrap Russia around Pluto. If you could get to it. How do you get Russia to Pluto? Uhm, Science fiction. Haha. In Spain and Italy, never do the metal horns or bull horns hand gesture, because it’s basically calling out somebody and saying their wife is unfaithful. Don’t do that. In where? Spain or Italy. Okay cause there are bulls in Spain. Your wife is unfaithful? Yep. I don’t get it. But it seems feasible. Yes. True. If you’re going to a heavy metal show in Spain or Italy, hold off on this and just bob your head because that is TRUE! But, Black Sabbath, the front man Rodney James from Black Sabbath, he’s the one that came out with that. Fun fact. And then it was repurposed as an insult in Spain? His Italian grandmother used it to ward off the evil eye. So, she brought it over from Italy and then he said “that looks like Satan, man, that’s cool.” Huh. So it was an insult and he kinda said this is so bad but I’m gonna make it cool. In many French speaking areas in Canada, it is considered rude to eat poutine with your hands, because eating anything without a fork and a knife is very distinctly “not French” Poutine is french fries with gravy and cheese curds, which sounds amaaazing. You need to come up with a better name then something with the word pout in it Uh, false. You’re correct! You can eat that poutine however you want. In 1970s NY and NJ, they introduced poutine to the discos, they called em disco-fries. Whenever I go to the disco I expect lots of poutine. You know when you start movin that body in the disco format then some poutine’s gonna happen. In India, it is offensive to pull or box one’s ears, because ears are considered sacred. Boxing of the ears is the old boopboop professional wrestling move. Of course that’s offensive, everywhere on earth! Where is it not offensive to box somebody’s ears? True. Keep your hands away from those ears, dude, because this one’s true! YAAACK In India you can have your ears cleaned by street professionals with a stick, steel stick wrapped in cotton. In France, it is offensive to not lightly kiss on the lips after a business deal is made. So it’s like nice to have done business with ya. Mwah mwah. Little light kiss on the lips to signify a deal has been done. The cheeks yes, the lips no. Not even in France. I’ve been there. I’ve been on a moped there. So that’s false. Hold off on that pucker up buckaroo -hahaha- Cause that’s false, you’re right. Alright, I’m good at this! See! I’m culturally sensitive. Join me! in my world tour. Right, okay, so fun fact: Link uh, has mouth herpes so he shouldn’t be kissing anyone on the lips. Alright, okay, so, uh, how many have you.. Emphasis on *Mouth* 6 right – so if he gets this one right… Then that wasn’t offensive… hand me that badge! Okay, here we go. The Middle East. In the Middle East, it is offensive to give gifts with your left hand, because your left hand is customarily used for wiping your bum after using the toilet. Your hand? What? Your poutine hand. Hahaha. You hand is customarily used to wipe your bum? Yeah, so you give gifts with the right hand, cause you don’t want a dirty hand givin’ a good gift. Well, you lost me on wiping your butt with your hands, so false… Hahaha! Well you put paper in it… but it’s TRUE! You kinda took a hmmmm… you didn’t get it right, man ( high pitched voice) You didn’t say anything about paper. Is that it? Do I get another one? Do I have another chance? Yeah, you got another chance. Okay, good. In Cambodia, when entering someone’s home for the first time, you must never pass the threshold with your eyes open to signify trust. You enter people’s homes with your eyes closed. The threshold at least. I heard laughing over there. I mean, this is funny. I’m afraid that it’s funny because what if it’s true and then I’m offending people. Wow, even playing the game could be offensive. I’m saying, it’s sounds fun, so I’m gonna go with – you made it up though, False. You don’t have to close your eyes, you’ll be running into walls. you gotta make a first impression. Ding ding ding ding ding! Link you’re the official ambassador to Cheesistan, wear it well! And wear it proud! And fun fact: you blink your eyes 12 times a minute. But you don’t close them when walking into Cambodia. No you should keep your eyes open so you don’t trip over the threshold. Uh, as the Cheesistan representative to all people’s everywhere, I’d like to say “Welcome to our Country, I can’t exactly say where it is right now because either we never determined it…” Or I’ve totally forgot. But uh, I’ll probably figure that out before I put the UN earpiece in and um, give you the little official symbol of Cheesistan. *Claps* The heavy metal Okay, that’s new to me. But you’re the ambassador and you can make up the rules as you go. Thanks for liking and commenting on this episode and please support Cheesistan. You know what time it is. Hello, this is Vim and I’m from Dubai and this is the tallest building in the world and it’s time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality. Are you hungry? I hope not because all we’ve got on instagram is pictures of waffles. Waffle Wednesday! on the Rhett & Link instagram, check it out. Check it out – also click through to Good Mythical more, we will introduce you to an internet tool that will give you the do’s and don’ts in any country in the world! So you won’t ever offend any body. Link yodels when he hears the word “Cupcakes” Hey partner, Yeahh I just wanted to tell ya I enjoy hangin out here with you man. You know what I really enjoy doing with you? What? When we rustle up some cupckaes *Yodels* Me toooo What a little bit of cupcake -*yodels* Goes a long way. I’ll tell ya sometimes when we’re just hangin out just the two of us and I think “You know what would really change the perspective?” Of this situation? What? A dozen, maybe a baker’s dozen, cupcakes. *yodels louder* Blue icing on the cupcakes? Yeah. You hear about what’s going on later today, between me and you? Cupcakes. Yodeling more I’ll pass. If it’s a baseball field? I’ll spit on it. But if it’s the grass… and you’re an outfielder, you can’t spit. You can only spit when batting.. think about it. Have you ever seen an outfielder spit? Yes.

100 thoughts on “10 Ways to Accidentally Offend People Around the World

  1. yes rhett poutine is very good and i always it it with my hands. i live in ontario, poutine is my favorite snack your should try it.

  2. IM VIETNAMESE BRA but that is really offensive don’t do it if you want to live I was slapped in the face because of that

  3. the hand horns in Spain is true, but it's not related to bulls but to the horns of a male goat. Basically, "to have horns" is to have been cheated on and "male goat" (cabrón) is someone whose wife is cheating on him.

  4. I'm a Russian culture and language major, and whats ACTUALLY offensive is when a man tries to shake hands with a Russian women. Men can only offer their hand first to other men, otherwise women must offer their hand to a man or not shake at all.

  5. Mouth herpes and genital herpes…much like real estate, it's all about location, location, location. Poor Link gets reminded every 7th episode. lol

  6. I’m from the Middle East and that’s not true it’s customary to shake and eat with your right hand but you can wipe your butt with whatever hand u want

  7. that gifting hand is not only i the middle east, here too you cant even shake hands w/ ur left hand, unless ur left handed lol

  8. Ronny James Dio wasen't the main frontman for Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne was. But Ronny was in the band for a short period. And yeah he was the one who made the metal horns/Korna popular, cuzz Ozzy did the peace sign and Ronny wanted his own gesture thingy.
    The more u Know.

  9. Wow, I'm from Brazil and I never heard of purple flowers being offensive. haahahahahah Now I wonder where that came from.
    However, the bull horn sign is used in Brazil to refer to someone who was cheated on. It is not a nice gesture, but it is not necessarily offensive.

  10. Yes, in indonesia we do wipe our bums with hands. While a hard pressure of water hits it. And also with soap pepole. Serioisly rubbing paper to your bum

  11. I'm Australian, with many Asian friends- when ever I see them (and of course people from other cultures as well) posing for pictures with the "peace" or "victory" sign back wards (i.e.- the palm of their hand facing them) I always cringe because that's rude here!

  12. 5:57 Coming from a French-speaking area in Canada, I knew immediately it would be false like c'mon! Haha!
    Edit: My little brother eats poutine with his hands! Idk how he can eat like that!?

  13. Regarding the Thai king with the fork (King Chulalongkorn), it is too soon it seems, as Thailand's sensors banned the film Anna and the King for its portrayal of King Chulalongkorn. His character was "too Western" and that was offensive.

  14. Link: That's false because you don't use your hand to wipe.
    Rhett: You put paper in it.
    Link: You never said anything about paper.


  15. Lol when I was in Vietnam I went into a dress shop and the girls in there we're touching me all over the place and I do mean all over

  16. the middle east left hand thing is kind of true; even while eating, we prefer to use the right hand. However, nobody cares about handing things with the correct hand anymore, nobody will get offended of you.

    interesting fac? : We wash our "bum" with water, i never wiped, only heard of wiping from western countries.

  17. 6:17 yay im Canadian and I like to use my hands, when I… eat
    dont judge me im weird
    also this is 5 yrs old so y am I typing this

  18. 1 way to offend metal fans: call the legendary Ronnie James Dio "Ronnie James"…thats okay, still love ya Rhett and Link

  19. Where'd you guys get that purple flower thing from? I'm brazilian and I've never heard of that, I've always thought of purple flowers as signifying of being so in love you make a fool of yourself ("o amor é uma flor roxa no coração do trouxa" anyone? lmao).

  20. Dio's mom did not use the "horn" gesture not to ward of evil like Rhett said. His mom used it to tell Dio to walk the middle path between the evils on both sides. Dio thought it looked like horns and adopted it.

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