10 Things Secret Life Of Pets 2 Got Right

the makers of The Secret Life of pets – want us to believe that our pets can perform oddly fantastic acts but what if they're actually capable of the things they do in the movie we'll show you how it all makes perfect sense in the real life they know how to party if the Toy Story movies have taught us anything it's that there is a good possibility that we humans do not know what goes on after we leave the room toys may come to life have meetings make plans and get into shenanigans so if it's possible for toys then it's certainly possible for pets and according to the secret life of pets – they know how to party when they're humans leave the house apparently our pets crank up the radio and dance they socialize with each other and they play video games it makes sense that they would become masters at entertaining themselves if they're home all day and it's not too far off these according to bark post pets have been caught on their human's pet cams rearranging furniture playing dog Jenga and helping themselves to groceries so yeah these pets know how to party they can drive okay this one sounds a bit crazy but it's not as nuts as you might think animals try to imitate human behavior all the time we've heard dogs say we've seen cats doing housework and there's even a video of a dog lid JIT riding a bike so if our pets can perform everyday human tasks they could potentially pick up driving and no we're not only talking about cartoon dogs the secret life of pets – shows us exactly what they would look like but we went a step further and found actual footage of a real-life dog learning how to drive a car so this is actual proof that dogs can drive to remind us that anything is possible even this next surprising pet ability unlikely friendships cats dogs bunnies tigers and monkeys don't get along right well the secret life of pets – seems to have a very different opinion according to this film it's totally possible for a dog to work with a cat and apparently they all come together to rescue a tiger from the circus we thought that was pretty bizarre until we investigated it further think to the internet we found a mother cat who adopted a baby bunny we've seen horses and dogs be best friends and we've also seen a bird who was feeding a dog spaghetti so of course it makes sense that the animals in this movie would form unlikely friendships – but that's not even the best part trust us you're gonna want to watch until the end for the most astonishing pet discovery ever they work out most people will probably chuckle when they see snowball the bunny gearing up to lift that pink weight he claims that he's going to be the first bunny with washboard abs but who's to say that pets don't think about keeping in cheap we give you Exhibit A in this video there's a realized cat doing pull-ups it looks like this cat might have been going hard on the Fancy Feast and now needs to get in shape we think this is substantial evidence that pets do indeed work out but do they experience emotions the same way humans do do you think so and here's the proof hmm human emotions anyone who has seen those pet shaming videos knows that our pets are capable of human emotions they can be joyful sad scared angry and even neurotic and anxious the secret life of pets – explores the underlying cause of their weird pathologies like this cat who doesn't understand why his human throws out the bird corpses he brings her as gifts in the hamster who doesn't understand why he runs and runs on his wheel but gets nowhere that would drive anybody nuts and research shows that animals experience emotions intense enough to require therapy so pets being in a psychologists office like the one in the movie makes complete sense in real life this next pet behavior is even more bizarre until you see what we discovered watching TV the secret life of pets expects us to believe that hamsters and other pets watch TV like humans do at first we didn't believe it but then we found out this interesting fact according to National Geographic domestic dogs can perceive the images on television almost the same way as humans can and they're proven to be smart enough to recognize the images on the screen if they see animals they react the same as they would in real life even if they've never actually seen that animal before there's a viral video of a dog reacting with a major emotion to that famous scene from The Lion King where Simba loses Mufasa to the Stampede why is this mouse on my paw still looking a doggie date it seems unlikely that our pets could put together such a complex set of plants the way they do in secret life of pets too however a new study finds that some animals are capable of planning for the future according to the study Ravens and apes are capable of making plans and thinking ahead and if Ravens and Apes are capable of this it's possible we'll discover this ability in other animals too they teach us most humans are determined to train their pets they teach them how to do tricks and how to follow rules but what about the things our pets teach us the secret life of pets two points to this idea with the little boy who copies the behavior of his canine friends so do humans learn from animals psychology today believes they can professionals believe that our pets can teach us how to love unconditionally stay in the present moment and focus on what's important what have you learned from your pets tell us in the comments the underground city of animals in a big city you would think that most of the animals live above ground as pets right well secret life of pets showed us that there is a whole underground city full of animals and while it may seem like that's only true in the movies it's more real than you would think New York actually has a ton of underground animals inhabiting the city and beyond animals that live underground and in the shadows include moles rats bats mice squirrels possums and skunks some animals are more comfortable in the dark and buried spaces of the city if they can be heroes it doesn't matter how big or small they are our pets have huge capacities to love and protect us and while we get to witness animals performing major heroic acts in the secret life of pets movies this is not uncommon in the real world as well we all know about service dogs as well as dogs that work for the police to keep us safe but dogs aren't the only animal heroes we found there's a story about three lions who guarded and protected a kidnapped girl in Ethiopia until she was rescued and there was once a pot-bellied pig who saved her owner when she was faced with cardiac arrest she ran out into the road to get help for her human that is one heroic Pig do you have any weird pet stories we'd love to find out about them in the comments thanks for watching the things we hope you enjoyed our video before you go give it a big thumbs up and don't forget to hit that subscribe button we'll see you next time

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  2. I already knew that animals can watch TV because whenever I’m watching TV and I’m with my cats and there’s a cat on it they start like me and Moewing their face off with Will Will and then sometimes a hiss

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  5. I wanna say something. Do you know BGT? Dave and Finn? Finn the police dog SAVED DAVES LIFE. Finn protected Dave before he got stabbed.


    ((Finns law is you are charged with the same charges if you assault a police dog if you assault a human))

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