10 Terrifying Animals You’re Glad Are Extinct

Animals are going extinct every day, and while it is has been a tragedy tragedy it has been a fact of life for millions of years in Reality there are some animals that we might not have survived had the species survived. Here are 10 Terrifying animals you’re glad are extinct! Guess what? We have another quiz for you. Keep watching to find out what it is, and as usual, the answer with the most votes will get pinned to the top. Are you ready? Also if you’re enjoying what you’re seeing make the richest part of your life by subscribing to our channel. Kaprosuchus. If a T-Rex and a crocodile had a baby, that is what the kaprosuchus looks like it looks like a crocodile But it has long legs and it can run there is a guarantee that you wouldn’t be able to outrun this guydg It’s name means [bore] crdgcoc And it has been nicknamed discus not to be confused with manbearpig this animal lived during the late cretaceousdvxdegc So it went extinct when the cxdfvdcvmass extinction happened about 66 million years ago Megalodon [if] you think the massive sharks in the Sharknado franchise are ridiculous then wait until you meet the megalodon this Massive animal grew to about 50 feet long and one tooth was the size of a human this Terrifying animal lived for Fourteen million years Feasting on meat until it went extinct about two and a half million years ago given that It makes a great white shark look puny. We’re definitely glad to not have these guys around anymore because the ocean would be off-limits Andrew Sarkis No, this isn’t a dinosaur version of your friend Andrew in fact it isn’t a dinosaur or reptile at all It’s a mammal it lived during the middle. [yassin] epoch and lived in an area that we now consider to [be] inner, Mongolia, China According to researchers the Andrew Sarkis is a Mammalian equivalent of a velociraptor meaning that it ate pretty much everything especially Meat they are terrifying looking and would eat you in a heartbeat Ironically it is believed that their descendants are ghosts and sheep which we eat and harvest pulmonoscorpius if you don’t like Scorpions Then you’ll be really glad that these guys are extinct the pullman of scorpius looked like your typical Scorpion with claws on the front and a massive stinger on its tail But for this creature it was over 70 Centimetres long it lived during the visayan epoch of the carboniferous, and if fossils were found in scotland of all places Mega Piranha Regular piranhas caused a bit of trouble, and you definitely don’t want to be in the water with them But what if we told you that there existed something much worse enter mega Piranha? These guys were anywhere between 71 to a hundred and twenty eight centimetres long and live during the late Miocene Period in Argentina thanks to fossils scientists were able to figure out the two patterns of this fish But the rest of the body is unknown at this time. Quiz time if you could choose any one of these animals to replace your car, which one would you choose and [why]? Cameroceras Cameroceras looks like something from clash of the titans with a dunce hat however this kraken like creature was about 9 to 12 meters long and it lived during the ordovician period so it existed about 470 million Years ago with something that large it’s a guarantee [that] the creatures tentacles were nothing to mess around with Helicoprion What’s scarier than a shark? Oh just the shark with a circular saw in its lower jaw for real? Have you gotten a good look at this thing? Tequila cap Ryan lived about 290 million Years ago and even survived a mass extinction event it eventually went extinct about 240 million Years ago along with a sign in its mouth it is believed that it was 9 to 13 feet long Imagine if the helical pryin lived today, we would have [a] decent amount of fish life extinct because [of] this guy gigantopithecus gigantopithecus went extinct about 100,000 years ago And it is the largest [eight] that has ever lived [if] this animal hadn’t gone extinct he would be considered to be Bigfoot he was believed to be about ten feet tall and weighed about 1,100 pounds and lived in the tropical forests of China for about nine million years Researchers believe that this extinction of gigantopithecus is a perfect [example] of why bigger is not better Titanoboa Indiana Jones wasn’t a fan of snakes and so it’s a good chance that he would have hated the Titanoboa this extinct snake was so big that it feasted on crocodiles It was about 40 feet long and it lived about 60 million years ago in the warm water of the tropics Did we mention that they weighed about? 2,500 pounds and they killed their prey with constriction yeah, we’re glad they’re extinct terror Bird Terror Birds were just that Terrifying back in the prehistoric days everything was bigger They preyed on animals that was smaller than them like horses the terror birds were about nine feet tall and weighed about 330 pounds these flightless carnivorous birds that had feet like a T-Rex could break bones with a Single step they lived in South America for about 60 million years before going Extinct about two and a half million years ago around the time man came into the picture So which terrifying animal did you pay to help you out [on] your morning commute? If any of these animals had to come back, which one would you pick and why? Remember to upload your favorite comment And we’ll pin the winner While these animals went extinct there are still some animals that we are still learning about Check out these other [few] videos and brush up on your knowledge of a rare and special [animals] don’t forget to give us a big thumbs up if you enjoyed this video, and we’ll catch you next time for [more] fascinating facts, thanks for watching

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  1. It has to be velociraptor cause you didn’t say that we can’t ride it and you showed a picture of someone riding a raptor

  2. I dont think megalodons are extinct because they could either:

    Be living somewhere way deeper than the mariana trench since humans have only explored 5% of the ocean -because they prefered warmer waters

    They might have evolved into the other sharks we know

    They could live in freezing temperatures their whole life so the ice age wouldnt have done a thing to them

    They are my reasons

    Also what if chills was narrating this video

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