10 Survival Tips If You Attacked By Wild Animal

10 Tips To Survive A Wild Animal Attack It’s attendance time and all those who are
here to learn tricks of dealing with sharks, raise your hands! That are a lot of hands we see. There is news for you all, sharks account
for only 6 deaths a year while the friendly giants we know as elephants kill some 500
people, same as the killer rate of hippos! Would you believe us if we told you that crocodiles
alone kill 1000 people a year? Don’t be shocked yet because we are crowning
snake as the king of the wildlife assassin world with about 100000 deaths to its credit! Now would you want to know about your chances
against the more dangerous beasts? Number 10. Lion
If you ever meet a lion face to face, don’t go white and try to hold back your mind, which
generally leaves you alone in such situations! Instead of running away, look it in the eye
and start talking to it loudly and confidently. It’ll see you as an irritation that he is
best away from! Also take off your jacket and hold it up which
will give you a false height and make you look stronger to the lion, who might decide
against attacking you! Number 9. Elephant
The clever and friendly animal has the size and power to simply trample you under its
feet if it sees you as a threat. So how do we escape the impending doom? You make noise and try to shoo away the giant
but that works when it is at a distance. What do you do when you are too close? You focus on the elephant’s body language
because if its trunk is rolled inwards and the ears pulled back, be scared because you
are going to be trampled! Instead of running, try to look for something
that could behave as a barrier between the two of you, like a rock and hide behind it. You are more likely to exist alive this way! Number 8. Hippopotamus
A hippo’s big jaws are enough to spark your faith in God, so what to do when you spot
one in water? It would not attack you unless you are getting
into its territory so try to stay away from their waters or at least maintain a respectable
distance. If you see a hippo yawn, take it as a warning
from the animal because you are approaching too close and you need to reverse course,
IMMEDIATELY! You must also create enough noise from a distance
to warn the hippo about your presence because a startled hippo is very dangerous! In case you spot one on ground, look for the
nearest water body and allow the animal to enter it, you’ll be safe! Number 7. Bull
Taking a stroll and suddenly see a bull. Then you realize that your red outfit might
attract it and you must run away. That’s the wrong approach because well,
it isn’t the color red that irritates the bull but the motion! So the first thing you do when you see an
angry bull is to stay still in your place and try to be calm, though we know it’ll
be tough! The next thing you do is remove a jacket or
hat or any other clothing and use it as a bait. When the bull approaches close, throw the
bait in a different direction, the bull will probably leave you alone and run after the
cloth. Take a sign of relief then! Number 6. Kangaroo
Don’t be surprised because this innocent looking animal can pose a threat to humans,
but only if they see YOU as a threat to their territory. So in case you have managed to anger the sweet
pouched animal, how are you going to save your ass? Firstly, bury the idea of running away because
if you haven’t yet noticed, kangaroos can jump and catch you easily! The best idea is to cough in a short and quiet
manner which will be perceived by the animal as illness and will leave you alone. You can also try to back away slowly which
will make you look smaller and less threatening to the kangaroo and it won’t attack! Number 5. Snake
While most snakes are not venomous, some are and you should be scared of them. How do you protect yourself from them? You stay out of their area, OBVIOUSLY but
if you do have to enter a place where you might find them, stay alert and keep calm. If you do spot one, simply walk away without
engaging the snake because well, it wasn’t looking for you, right? You can try to create vibrations by stomping
and shouting aloud, it will scare him away. If you fall a prey to a snake’s kiss, then
by no means are you sucking the poison as they show in the movies! Bandage the area so that no blood flows from
there and CALL FOR HELP! Number 4. Gorilla
If you are into animals, then you know for sure that gorillas are herbivore and gentle
giants so there isn’t much reason to fear them. Even though they weigh some 500 pounds and
can shred you into pieces, they won’t do that. But making eye contact with them is not a
good idea and so is chest beating because it is seen as provoking by the animal. In case you have already done a mistake and
it is after your blood, simply sit down so that you look less threatening to them. Another good idea is to roll into a ball because
gorillas won’t charge at a defenseless being, they are proud animals. More reasons to love them! Number 3. Crocodile or alligator
Nobody wants to meet these bad boys so the best way is to keep away from their areas
and especially from their nests because the mother guarding it will be ferocious! But if you fall into water that is inhabited
by them, instead of splashing and making noise, swim away calmly without attracting their
attention. If you spot one on land, ditch the notion
of running in a zigzag line because it’ll only waste your time. A crocodilian’s maximum speed on land is
around 10mph which you can surpass at least for a short distance, so just RUN but not
towards water, you’ll run into another one’s open jaws! Number 2. Box jellyfish
You do know that the box jellyfish has extremely potent venom, so you don’t get anywhere
near them. But if you fall a prey to its sting, what
would you do? If your answer was “I’d rush out of the
water” then you’d be putting yourself through sickness! Sounds strange? The best way to avoid the painful situation
is by moving to shallow water, removing the tentacles from the wound and only then exiting
to put vinegar on it. Do this and within 20 minutes you’d be eating
at a local food joint and laughing it off! Number 1. Rhino
One thing you always need to remember about rhinos is that they have a poor eyesight. This makes it easy to frighten them and hence
increase the risk of an attack. You don’t need us to tell you that rhinos
are huge and their teeth are scary as hell. But you may not know that they can run at
a speed of 37mph. that kinda increases the fear quotient, right? In case you find yourself defenseless against
a rhino, the best thing you can do is run towards trees and tall grass. The reason behind this is that rhinos see
trees as an obstacle and won’t follow you through them! Which of these animals have you faced in a
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