10 Small Dog Breeds With Big Personalities

When you think of small dogs, do you think
of a Chihuahua or a Yorkie stuffed into a purse? If so, you’re not alone. But small dogs are more than just four-legged
fashion accessories. Although small in stature, most petite pooches
are big on personality. And the guys on this list, well, they’ve
got spunk from sweet to spirited. Let’s get to know some of these small dog
breeds with big personalities. You’re Watching Animal Facts! 10. Boston Terrier We start off our list of small dogs with big
personalities with the American Gentleman, the Boston Terrier. The Boston terrier might have a neat and trim,
tuxedoed appearance, but it’s all just a ruse for what lies beneath the fur. Like the class clown, the Bostie loves to
entertain and amuse, both others and itself. They are gentle dogs with an optimistic personality,
always finding the fun in every situation. These energetic spirits capture the hearts
of all who meet them. But the Boston Terrier is happiest when hanging
with family and its gentle temper make the Boston Temper easy to love; making it a worthy
entrant to lead off this list. 9. Italian Greyhound The smallest of the sighthound breeds, the
Italian Greyhound is more than just a small version of its cousin, the standard Greyhound. At just over a foot tall, this miniature Usain
Bolt can run at speeds reaching up to 40 miles per hour. This lightning-fast canine is sleek, athletic
and loves to run more than almost anything. Well, that is other than its family. The Italian Greyhound is a sweet, friendly,
good-natured dog that can be a bit needy in its search for affection from family and an
unending desire to find a warm place to sleep. 8. French Bulldog I can’t do a list with the Boston Terrier
without including the French Bulldog. You just don’t allow it. French Bulldogs may have faces only a mother
could love, but to know a French Bulldog is to love a French Bulldog. These little dogs are adventurous and goofy,
always turning the most boring situations into something fun and exciting. French Bulldogs are one of the greatest companion
dogs on the planet. They are small, easy to handle and are generally
well behaved around people and other pets. Frenchies have a reputation for stealing attention
whenever and wherever possible from family and strangers alike. This little dog adores people and craves constant
companionship. They don’t need a lot of gym time, but love
to chase balls and play during the day. But at night, they are more than happy to
curl up and watch some Animal Facts with you. Just be prepared for some snoring, snorting
and some room-clearing poots. If you want to see a more in-depth comparison
with the Boston Terrier, check out the video in the card. 7. Corgi (Pembroke Welsh Corgi & Cardigan Welsh
Corgi) We’ve just got to put the Corgis together. Whether Pembroke or Cardigan, Corgis are pups
that love the limelight. As herding dogs, Corgis are extremely bright
and alert, enthusiastic and enjoy being around people, but they need constant mental and
physical stimulation to be most content. This is not a “lay in your lap” lap dog. A Corgi must have a job to do, even if that
job is to make a toy squeak its last squeak. If you don’t give the creative Corgi a job
to do, it will find something to keep itself amused. You might not be so amused. 6. Border Terrier The Border Terrier may be small in size, but
she’s huge in spirit. They are a popular choice for performance
dog handlers because of their outgoing, although sometimes over-enthusiastic, personalities. The Border is a very social, intelligent dog
that excels in sports like obedience and agility. Considering that they’re Terriers, Borders
are good-tempered, affectionate, obedient, and easily trained. They’re highly intelligent and quickly learn
the cues that signal you’re going outside for a walk or to the office, and especially
when it’s meal time. They are great with children and do very well
with active families. 5. Affenpinscher Although the Affenpinscher hasn’t made many
appearances on Animal Facts, it’s toy breed that should not be underestimated when it
comes to personality. The Affenpinscher bonds closely with its family
and makes a great watchdog. Energetic and intelligent, the Affenpinscher
does need an active family or it will become bored. They are active, adventurous dogs, but they
can be stubborn and difficult to train. This is one dog that you’re going to need
a big personality of your own to train. 4. Miniature Schnauzer Not too long ago, I did a video, linked in
the card, comparing the Border Terrier to another breed; the Miniature Schnauzer. Although some say it’s not technically a
Terrier, the Mini Schnauzer does have many of the traits of one and it does happen to
be in the Terrier group and their personalities make the fact very clear. These energetic, intelligent and fiery little
dogs need big adventure. Miniature Schnauzers are generally well-mannered
and fun-loving dogs that make great additions to most families. They are loyal companions who are playful,
curious, and alert, and love to be the center of attention. They were originally used as ratting dogs
but make excellent watchdogs as well. 3. Brussels Griffon The Brussels Griffon might be considered a
toy breed, but has no small personality and they certainly have a lot of heart and character. They are sensitive dogs that bond strongly
with their owners, but they carry a confidence that must be admired. Alert and curious dogs, they are quite active
despite their diminutive size and are generally unhappy just to be a lapdog. But, they are very affectionate dogs that
enjoy snuggling with their owners as long as they get enough mental and physical activity. 2. Rat Terrier Both sturdy and elegant, and often described
as having a dual personality, the Rat Terrier is a tenacious hunter in the field, yet an
affectionate companion at home. The Rattie is athletic and agile, loves to
play, and has a special passion for chasing things. Rat Terriers crave lots of companionship,
often using their paws to demand attention. Though the Rattie has a stubborn streak, it
is also smart, sensitive, and attentive. So, before we get to numero uno, don’t let
me forget any small dogs with big personalities. Tell me which ones I missed in the comments. 1. Dachshund We certainly couldn’t have finished this
list without the Weiner dog, could we? These tiny hounds were bred to hunt, chase,
and catch fierce burrowing prey like badgers and maybe not so fierce bunnies. Dachshunds are clever and courageous little
dogs that are surprisingly active for their small size. The Dachshund has a jovial, although sometimes
barky personality. And although small make excellent watchdogs. Dachshunds are not recommended for everyone
because of their energetic nature, but they are the perfect choice for someone looking
for a small, active canine companion. Hey, thanks for hanging with us. If animals are your thing, you can check out
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23 thoughts on “10 Small Dog Breeds With Big Personalities

  1. You didn't mention the little, feisty, mighty, brave, territorial, chihuahua!! Even when they're territorial and barks a lot and for everything, my Chiquita is very quiet, affectionate at the point that rides with me when I do Uber. Great companion

  2. While I love ALL dogs, I much prefer small dogs. They are just as much fun but much easier all around. Thanks for another great video!

  3. Miniature Pinchers are fearless, independent, VERY strong willed dominating, intelligent dogs who don’t know they are small dogs. They think they are Dobermans. Seriously
    I loved/adored/cherished mine & still miss her after 3+ years

  4. Love the video as always! A few unexpected breeds (which is what I love about your vids) always right on with your lists. Love how you include breeds that arent as known or popular.

  5. I was going to be sad if a list like this didn't have the dachshund! so glad to see it at number 1! A mini dachshund was my first small dog after living life with big dogs and looking down on the smaller breeds. I have to say that I have a hard time picturing going back to larger breeds now! Dachshunds have so much personality and character that its easy to over look some of their short comings! my dachshunds used to bully my GSD and have been a huge comfort and source of joy to my disabled father. just wonderful dogs! (not always the best for apartments though, usually a lot of noise and potty training issues….)

  6. So glad you included the Border Terrier on your list. They are not as well known, which is a shame as they are delightful characters.

  7. Dachshunds are also stubborn, sneaky and incredibly food driven. My favourite breed by far❤️

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