10 Pets That See Ghosts That Their Owners Can't

how you doing I'm Callen and this is slapped him today we're delving once again into the paranormal from a dog that gets pushed by a ghost to a cat that chases a spirit around the house we count 10 pets that seem to see things their owners can't and before we get into it remember to hit that subscribe button for more awesome creepy content just like this this video uploaded to mr. Greene's YouTube channel in 2016 shows a small dog named Freddie barking at a window there's clearly nothing at the window however Freddie growls fiercely as though he can sense something that the owners cannot just as the dog turns to look at the owners it appears to be pushed by some sort of invisible force even the uploader of the video thought the dog had been touched by something invisible riding in the description just a normal night me the missus and our dog Freddie then all of a sudden he went mental at the wall or window and then yep whatever it was just touched him this is no joke whatever it is I'm freaking out Freddie continues growling at the window and then suddenly runs into the hallway barking his owner follows him and captures Freddie behaving very unusually he paces back and forth scratching at the door as though he wants to be let outside possibly to chase whatever he saw through the window Freddie then heads into the kitchen looking very agitated the dog finally returns to the lounge room but continues to paced nervously back and forth his owner picks him up and just as he does Freddie begins to bark ferociously towards the window was Freddie actually pushed by a ghost is this dog sensing some sort of presence that his owners can't let us know what you think in the comment section below in 2011 a phallus a 60 captured this footage on her phone and uploaded it to YouTube it shows a dog who appears to be too scared to walk down the hallway she continually calls the dog but for some unknown reason it's extremely hesitant the dog slowly moves forward but can clearly see something off to the right that the owner can't suddenly the dog begins to barked furiously as it backs down the hallway the woman begins repeatedly yelling leave my dog alone as though she thinks there could be an invisible presence scaring the dog again the dog attempts to come to the woman but once again it stops barking at something it might be possible that the dog is barking at a shadow that is being cast by the hallway nightlight however the dog passes the light several times and seems to see something just off to the right what do you think is making this dog too scared to walk down the hallway could it actually be sensing something that the owner can't see this short clip uploaded to YouTube by Daryl's and in 2012 shows their cat behaving very strangely it's perched on top of the doorframe almost as though it's chased something up there suddenly a strange blue shape floats by the camera and the cat immediately follows it with its eyes a male voice then says now that's weird as though he too could see the bizarre shape is this video proof that cats can actually see spirits what do you think the mysterious blue apparition could be is it a ghost or something else entirely this video uploaded to YouTube in 2013 by Kenny Brown seventeen shows his dog Lola acting very strangely the clip begins with Lola standing in the entrance to the kitchen when something seems to scare OH as the dog backs out of the room the camera holder decides to get up and see what she's afraid of he scans the kitchen but there's nothing there Lola attempts to enter the kitchen once again but just as before she senses something's not quite right and leaves Lola then walks into the lounge room and sits on a pillow the uploader can be heard asking the dog if it's the ghost in the house that's freaking her out the dog finally gathers enough courage to enter kitchen again and this time manages to make her way over to a food bowl on the floor she takes a few bites then suddenly begins to back out of the room very strangely she tries once more but again she appears spooked and backs out of the room as she moves she looks as though she has to keep her eyes on something in the kitchen the dog darts into the back room and the video ends what has got longer the dog so spooked that she refuses to eat her dinner can she see something in the kitchen that her owner can't unfortunately there's very little information available about this video uploaded in 2014 to ghost world TV ghosts and paranormal videos the video shows a pack of dogs walking down the street when they suddenly stop just as a white apparition begins floating towards them the dogs scatter about as it gets closer while it's possible that this video has just been edited the dogs are definitely reacting to something unusual what do you think is this pack of dogs being chased by some sort of mysterious apparition or is it just clever visual effects when youtuber titi mandos can't began chasing things around the house that he couldn't see he decided to grab his camera hoping to catch something on film in the video one of his cats begins staring intently its eyes moving as if it's following something around the room it jumps on top of the cat house then suddenly leaps at the wall its claws outstretched is it grabbing at something the count returns to the roof of the cat house then leaps onto the door in the video description the uploader claims that just as he sat down after helping the cat off the door he saw a strange light moved through the TV he says if you look close you can see it it just looks like a dot of light but if you watch close it moves from the back of the room to the front is the cat in this video actually trying to catch a ghost has the uploader managed to capture the spirit on film as it makes its way across the room let us know what you think in the comments section below in 2010 D head chihuahua posted this footage to YouTube of her dog Bella in the video she explains that her dog's been coming out to this area four or five nights a week for the past month and she just sits and stares into the corner even when the whole family's in another room Bella will come out in the dark to sit by herself and stare intensely at the same spot the video gets even more creepy when another dog named Madison enters the room it sits on top of the sofa and also begins to stare into the same corner of the house Bella's own I believe so dogs might be able to see a ghost or spirit in this area of the house whatever the case may be if my dogs did that every single night I'd be creeped out too in this very short clip uploaded to Jessica havelis YouTube channel it appears that one of the cats gets spooked by something unusual in the video the orange and white cat is lounging on the floor when it looks as though it spots something and suddenly dives out of the way just as it does a strange ghost-like apparition moves past the camera the cat seems to react to the ghostly shape just before it can be seen on film has this youtuber accidentally captured a ghost on camera while playing with her cats in 2013 Cornishmen 1997 uploaded this very creepy short video to YouTube in Andy's dog Balor has seen staring at something through the window when the dog turns away its reflection doesn't move while it's possible there's a similar looking dog standing outside creating the illusion of a reflection it sure does make for a very creepy video the reflection definitely has a ghost-like quality to it almost as though you can see right through it what do you think is this some sort of creepy ghost dog or is it just some clever camera tricks before we get to that number one spot and take a look at some poltergeist activity that scares the heck out of a couple of dogs remember to hit that subscribe button and turn on channel notifications that way you'll be up to date with all our latest creepy content uploaded in 2008 by YouTube occasional 27 this video shows two dogs visibly disturbed by some seriously strange activity in the video the uploader claims that in the few months prior they had been experiencing some very spooky things happening around the house including returning home from work to find the attic door wide open they decided to set up a camera to see what was going on the footage shows two dogs wandering around the room when suddenly the radio begins picking up interference the dogs appear to leave the room almost as though they sense something bad is about to happen the doorknob begins jiggling then suddenly the attic door pops open just as the radio interference returns for the next minute or so the door opens and closes all by itself at one point a roll of paper towel on the coffee table flies inexplicably over onto the couch the music eventually returns to normal and the dogs re-enter the room they appear visibly shaken as they cautiously look around at the end of the video a message says I'm not certain what transpired off-camera my dogs are clearly disturbed but a picture frame was lying on the floor has the uploader captured video proof of some sort of poltergeist or ghost in his house could the dogs sense what was about to occur let us know what you think happened in the comment section below well that's the end of another episode thank you so much for watching now in the comments section below let us know which one of these stories you thought was the creepiest slap that upward-facing thumb as it really helps us out and that's it for me I'll see you all next time

42 thoughts on “10 Pets That See Ghosts That Their Owners Can't

  1. The last one shown… it would have been cool to hear the video as well, I've seen this video many times and there are lots of noises happening, there's loud bangs on the door, high pitched noises, all kinds of stuff

  2. What's crazy, is, in my house, my cat keeps sensing something, I can sometimes feel it, and it doesn't feel malicious, but she doesn't like it at all, shes constantly squaring up to something. I think it's another animal because the other spirits in the house and the passerby spirits don't bother her like it does and it seems like it really doesn't like her either.. I wanna bless my house again but at the same time, if it is an animal, I don't want it to be cast out alone again, I think that's why it chose us, cause we're not gonna let it be alone and I don't mind our spirits cause they're nice and just need somewhere to be

  3. I feel bad for the animals, they always sense the things we can't you can tell they are not happy about what's going on and that dog in #6, the poor thing was terrified of whatever it was, its butt is down and tail is stout.. poor things.

  4. My friend used to live in a haunted apartment- whenever he would leave the front door open – random cats from the neighbor would come into the apartment and start meowing at the hallway closet- it was unsettling – sometimes it would be one or two cats at a time

  5. The first one, it's likely the forced hot air heater or central A/C or whatever in front of the window is what is making the dog go nuts. Small dogs are anxiety prone too, doesn't take much to set them off. The dog is probably responding to it going off and on. The hot or cold air suddenly hit it and made it jump, wow never saw that before, lol. The second one, the dog is looking to his left passed the nightlight. There is some sort of black object, like the top of a sound system case that the commentator ignored, what is that? The dog could have been reacting to that. I didn't go any further because this is the umpteenth video and most can be explained. Sounds are missing, things were taken out of context and the commentator tells you what is. I'm looking for animal "freeze and stare in one spot", where it is VERY CLEAR to human senses that nothing is there.

  6. I remember when my husband n I lived in TX and we owned 5 rescue cats. One night we was in the front room relaxing; my husband sleeping and me playing on my computer. Our two male cats was inside for the night. As I was playing I swear I heard a deep male voice coming from the back room n both cats were on the counter looking at the back room. Their hairs were raised. I woke my husband up and told him then like 30 minutes later we saw a shadowy figure walking past our window but the window was high off the ground and no one was out that night. Well come to find out we were doing some cleaning n my husband found a home made quiji board where our ac was. He had roomate before we got together who was into some dark stuff. We got rid of it n everything was fine after that. It was a weird time for sure. ??

  7. Whatever is going on, my heart goes out to the lil pets. They are clearly affected, if not traumatized, by the goings on, and I only hope they can forget it ever happening (as I doubt they are able to process through the experience). They don't need nor deserve to be spooked as such.

    But I DO so enjoy watching the vids! I'm such a bastard….

  8. If my dog was scared I wouldn't be sitting on my ass filming it. I'd be taking it out of the situation and trying to make it feel safe and secure. I also wouldn't be leaving my dogs at home alone ever if I seen a door opening/closing and paper towel flipping all over. They'd be at daycare or someone else's house when I was at work.

  9. I don't now if these are seeing things or just hearing things. Dogs and cats have a much wider frequency range that they can hear, especially into the high frequencies. That dog in the kitchen could have been hearing some kind of high frequency electrical noise or something. And that first dog wasn't pushed. That was simply a jump scare to some sound it heard.

  10. 10) I'm guessing it was unusual sounds outside the window that spooked the dog, but he wasn't pushed. He flinched at whatever noise he was hearing.
    9) Likely barking at the bit of reflection he sees in the long framed wall hanging. I can see his reflection, and based on how my dogs and parrots act when they catch a glimpse of their reflections in windows or other smooth surfaces, that's pretty consistent with that behavior.
    8) A bug of some sort, like a moth, I think.
    7) Unsure. Could be a spirit, or might be something else we're unable to see, since the camera operator doesn't do a good sweep of the area that is spooking the dog.
    6) Possibly just added effects or a reflection, even potentially the reflection of what really did scare the dogs.
    5) A bug, perhaps.
    4) They can perhaps hear some noise in that area. Weird noises can happen for a lot of reasons, including, for example, ice melting in gutters. I get a lot of weird noises in one corner of my house when the ice in the gutter there begins to melt. They may also want to check for electrical issues or pipes leaking.
    3) It might have sensed a spirit, or it might have just been acting silly, as cats are apt to do at random times.
    2) The ghost dog doesn't seem to move at all, making me think it's not really a spirit. It's probably a reflection in the window. There are statues that are about that height and about that pose that were popular in the 80's and 90's. My grandparents had one, and it reminds me a lot of that.
    1) I would like to say this was definitely spirit activity, except the dogs seemed particularly interested in what was behind the camera, not anything around the areas in which unusual activity took place, which makes me wonder if this wasn't a staged thing. It's easy enough to fake an opening and closing door and the way the paper towels (also why would you leave a roll of paper towel out around a couple of unsupervised dogs?) fly looks unusual and artificial.

    Fun content. I love Slapped Ham for the creepy fun times. But I'm a die-hard skeptic, I guess… ^_^;

  11. Omg.. I have a wing chair that use to be in the corner of my office. I had my back to it on the computer one night and my cat come and sat beside me and started staring at the chair behind me. Freaked out..I spun round and snapped a pic of the chair only to see an orb sitting in the chair. Maybe the past owner was sitting there… They sense stuff we just can't.

  12. & Animals/pets  have Souls/Spirits That Don't want To Leave a Past Loved Ones Home. & Earth Bound Ghosts Souls spirits may Not Approve Of Different personalities In Their (Previous) residence is why Things Fly Around.  Good vid But Any Vid depends on the Filmers Authenticity & PhotoChopping tendencies. here In he says These were Sent To Him… Note to New Viewers as u Watch Other vids………..

  13. Animals May only have Black & White vision But they can SEE Electromagnetismal Frequecies ( Ghosts, Spirits, Demons, Human souls Still On the Earth plane)  & may Not Be Cognitive To Understand them But They be Protective To ward them Off as their Job. Earth Bound Ghosts either Traumatized to leave(Which ussualy tramatized Ghost Get Nasty 2 Animals), Don't Know they can leave, or Are handcuffed metaphorically-metaphysically To an earth Place. Some Are Only Noticed around random Times bcz they have to Charge up their Etheral batteries to Be Semi-Present. Yes Sounds Nonsense & Ridiculous  But If So Animals Are Either faking It Or Playing Mind games on people Which Would take a Much larger Cognitive Brain/Mind/Ego  = capich'e? … Skeptics

  14. my 4 dog's was barking at the kitchen my mom senses the ghost i heard a kid is laughing at outside door when i looked out nothing is there that when i slept i have a feeling that I'm falling in a table.

  15. Humans are given many reasons for being haunted but is you hurt the animales may dark magic fuck with your remaining souls

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