10 Most Expensive Pets In The World

10 Most Expensive Pets In The World. Number 10. You can get this beautiful, unique cat for
$25,000. I can’t justify spending that amount of money
on a cat, but there are definitely those who’d gladly pay this price! Unlike most felines, these cats are not afraid
of dogs. Savannah cats are described as being very
“dog-like” and are thought of as dogs in cat form. The Savannah cat’s expensive price tag is
due to the difficulties that surround breeding it. Number 9. This is one of the most expensive snakes. And as a pet some may hesitate but many are
in love with this python. Lavender Albino Ball Python has become a famous
among expensive pet because of its body colour which has yellowish spots over lavender skin. If you have immense believe on snake god and
is planning to have a snake as pet then this python is for you as its cost is less than
what it is worth for. For a cool $40,000, this gorgeous snake is
all yours. Number 8. Chimpanzee is the animals who could not evolve
as the human. It is said that human beings are an evolution
of apes. Due to this human beings have a huge affection
towards chimpanzees. They are considered to be the most intelligent
animal. The intelligence and its resemblance and human
like behaviours are the reason for its high cost. For $60,000, you can keep them as a pet if
you feel the lack of a companion. Number 7. It’s surprising to see a tiny insect with
such a big price tag. The Stag Beetle can cost up to $89,000. That’s definitely a lot of money for an animal,
especially for an insect. It is expensive because it is the most rare
and strange beetle species in the world. What makes them unique from other insects
is that they have red blood mandibles and protruding antlers hanging on their black
heads. Another reason why these beetle is expensive
is that it is long in length that is 2-3 inches. Number 6. Who knew White Lions were a thing? This one-of-a-kind animal can be yours if
you hand over $138,000. These majestic white wonders can be found
at the Sabona Wildlife Reserve in South Africa. Their rare color mutation and small population
make them so expensive. It is estimated that there are less than 300
White Lions worldwide. Number 5. Meet Lancelot Encore, everybody! He was not expensive because of his features
and characteristics but rather the story behind him. When Edgar and Nina Otto lost their beloved
Sir Lancelot to cancer, they decided to clone their dog. The result was a beautiful $155,000 yellow
Labrador named “Lancelot Encore.” Number 4. In 2009, a ram that was found to be absolutely
perfect was bought for a jaw-dropping $352,000. Previous to this, an Australian ram was sold
for £205,000 ($270,00) in 1989. A member of the Texel Sheep Society explained
that a perfect ram is worth far more than most people believe. “A lot of people see these animals as lamb
chops, but these flocks are at the top of the genetic pile. This was the elite animal that stood out.” Number 3. Miss Missy is a world famous cow. She’s known for two reasons. First, she has several championship wins under
her hooves. Second, she was purchased for a pretty penny. Her owner paid $1.2 million for her at an
animal show in Toronto in 2006. Number 2. If you love pets, Tibetan Mastiff is the most
attractive and expensive dog ever sold. This is because the dog belongs to the largest
breed of dogs in the world. What is most amazing about this dog is that
it does not have unpleasant smell like the one for the common dogs. In 2011, an 11-month-old Tibetan Mastiff named
Big Splash became the most expensive dog ever sold with the price tag of $1.5 million. Number 1. Every little girl wants a pony at one time
in her life. But if your little princess wants a racing
horse instead, it could cost you millions upon millions of dollars. It should come as no surprise that a thoroughbred
is pricey, especially because it is an investment, possibly drawing its owner thousands of dollars
in prize money. However, The Green Monkey, which was sold
at an auction in 2006, broke records when it went for $16 million.

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