$10 Lost and Found GPS Tracking Tag ▴ iPhone & Android!

– I have an insane deal today to help you locate and track everything it is you’re looking for. (gentle music) Well not everything, I’m still looking for a lot of things
that I have yet to find. Hi I’m the Youtube deal guy Matt Granite. I’m here everyday to save you more cash than anyone else in the country. All of the items I find which are located right under this video screen also get given out to subscribers
at the end of this video. If you’re subscribed with
your notifications turned on, you will have access to one
of my favorite deals today and I got a lot of
requests for people looking for great ways to clip
these to your key chain and track anything from remote controls to smartphones, keys,
whatever it is you lose, and I have actually tested
many different set ups and the tile system I still
think is one of the best. It’s a little bit
pricier than what I found and today the deal that I
found gets you two of these for under 20 bucks and this is a good way to track on a map, and we’ll give you a full
demonstration and then unboxing. Set up time was probably
within about 30 seconds and it is audible, it is
loud, and it’s effective. Now this particular item
which is not a paid product Sound Logic whoever they
are, they’re not paying me to talk about them, and the deal I found today located right under this video screen is the new version of this product which performed better than the old one. You get two of these tracking systems for 20 bucks, free
delivery, again two for 20. Intern Cody has spent a
lot of time with this. I want to get his perspective
before we show this to you in real time. – Hey Matt, I really love this deal. I’m that type of guy that loses
his keys probably every day and this is a lifesaver. All you have to do is just download a app that this device works with
Apple and Android devices which is nice. So you have to download the iSearching app and it’s a breeze to set up. It only took me about
30 seconds to set up. (beep) Now it found the tracker and what’s nice it automatically
turns your Bluetooth on so you don’t have to
worry about that at all. So it’s all set, ready to go, so I’m gonna put it on my key chains and this is a good spot for it because like I said earlier I lose my keys probably twice a day. So it’s all set to go, and I could hit the
alert button right here if I need to find it. (beeping) Then once it detected it, what’s nice it also locates it on the map, so wherever you are… – [Matt] Cody, I’m gonna just spin this so no one gets your exact address, but trust us it works right? – [Cody] Oh yeah, it works outstanding. – [Matt] All right, Cody
we’re gonna play a game now. – Okay sounds good. – [Matt] You’re gonna walk down the block. I’m gonna hide the keys
somewhere in the studio and we’re gonna see if this actually works so you can locate them. – Sounds good. – [Matt] Okay, it’s like I’m
on a wild goose chase right now and what’s nice about this, this also gives the exact location. Okay I’ve been walking
for about a while now, I got my exercise in. That’s the alert, well I hear something. – [Cody] Hey I’m still sneaking up. – [Matt] You still ave to find it Cody! (beeping) – [Cody] Look at that! – [Matt] Just like that! – [Cody] Look at that! Matt. – All right now we’re
giving away two of these to two subscribers. Using Two Buddy’s random selection tool to find a subscriber who’s commented in the last six months, and you need to comment
once every six months. So we make sure the comments are real, congratulations Sandi Long, just email [email protected]
for your freebie and our second winner for today is Xavier
congratulations you rock. Yes! So for everyone else watching right now, a reminder many of those huge freebies including iPads and
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Casey show you how it’s done. – Hey guys, intern Casey here. I hope you guys miss me
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100 thoughts on “$10 Lost and Found GPS Tracking Tag ▴ iPhone & Android!

  1. Wow! Awesome deal! I need to put one on my keys & the other one on my glasses‼?Kody was great demonstrating how they work?? Matt, you're working so hard for us to have Fabulous deals; don't be spraining your "Deal Bone" before the Holidays!?? Love to All Y'all ?☯?☮

  2. I don't understand the name says GPS but in the video you said it automatically turns on your Bluetooth so is this a GPS or is it a Bluetooth which one?

  3. Gearbest sells them for $1.64 USD .There are several apps in Googleplay that work but they all are buggy..Itracer has malware in it.

  4. I actually want an actual gps tracker that sends gps signals every second to gps satellites in space that can be tracked anywhere in the world on an actual map that shows its location and future locations if it moves or someone stole it. Can anyone help me find something like that? And I don't care how much it costs.

  5. You want GPS with a one time fee and long lasting battery – search for iota gps tracker (sold out in the US but available in Canada)

  6. Spent sooo much time searching for my car keys today. I knew they were inside my home, but I just could not find them. After a long day, they were found by a family member deep within the couch. x) Fallen between the seats. I definitely need one of these things.

  7. Instead of fulfilling your lifetime fantasy of being late night shopping channel hosts, how about giving us some actual information on the product you're peddling here? Like explain how a bluetooth device can make it's location known to a device that is out of bluetooth range? Obvious the tracker "tag" can't speak to the internet without connecting to the phone, so once you're out of bluetooth range – well, that's it? You're screwed? How about explaining THAT process to us so we can make intelligent purchasing decisions.

  8. Looking for Mobile tracking apps Visit our web site [ Bol7 (Google it Now)] ????
    Ping me on my skypeid : hemant_136 and ???? Whats-app 91 7838888 080 ????
    Thank you.????

  9. If I followee correctly this is essentially pointless for anything you don't know the general area in which you lost it, correct? So say you're tailgating after a sports event waiting for traffic to clear out and leave your keys on top of your friends car, you're drunk, forget about them, then drive home. Suddenly you remember they were on the car and they're no longer there, so they fell off anywhere in the last 40 miles of city streets and highway. You're basically shit out if luck because you'd have to drive 10 miles an hour the entire route hoping the Bluetooth has enough time to connect when you pass them, correct?

  10. i'm gonna guess this would be good to find your car? Like say I found some amazing free parking in the heart of Manhattan then went to the wedding via the subway. Then I need to get home afterward and to do that I need to find my car? Would this be good also to clip onto a cat's collar?

  11. Thank you all the other videos were crappy they don't talk about it they just show some video with crazy music playing in the background I don't need to see somebody on their phone pressing buttons and you have no idea what they really doing I need to know and listen to somebody actually talk about it and show

  12. I'm always losing things especially my wallet. I panic because I'm half blind. This would be a god send for me

  13. What a Deal. I just got 2 for $6.25 and free shipping on eBay from China. You can find the free App for it at " iSearching " for any smartphone. It works ok, about 50 feet as you said.

  14. Why don't you be honest and tell people that it's not $10 that they have to pay a monthly fee and it adds up over $80 why don't you tell that to the people be honest

  15. With comprehensive breakdown from cybergroupofhackers @ gmail com after i was turned down by police ,i got the exact location of my iPhone Xmas i'm Benedict from Alabama

  16. Is there a silent mode just in case someone steals my keys and I can track them without them knowing about it so I can bust them wit the theft?

  17. they only locate that last place your keys/dog wherever they were last connected, so if your dog is with you in the livingroom and decides to run down the road the app will only show the livingroom

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