10 Guard Dogs Burglars Don't Mess With

meeting a new dog is usually cause for celebration and joyous pets however if you encounter a dog in the middle of burglarizing a house well not so much although any dog can spell bad news for an intruder we're going to show you ten dogs that will provide the perfect protection for your house just in case having dexterous hands and opposable thumbs is pretty great and enables you to click the subscribe and notification buttons which even the best dog wouldn't be able to do Belgian Malinois although there occasionally mistaken for German Shepherd the Belgian Malinois is an entirely different breed their name comes from a lean France for the breed originated at 22 to 26 inches tall these dogs are large enough to deter most intruders unlocks alone the Belgian Malinois has an exceptionally high prey Drive and boundless energy this means that if they go after something they won't rest until it's caught in addition to being active they're also known for their strength and intelligence and they can be trained to perform many different tasks in addition to serving as guard dogs they're not afraid to bark loudly to let their owners know when something is amiss and there's no way one of these dogs would let a stranger come into their home undetected when they're not guarding their abodes these dogs can be found working as search and rescue dogs hurting sheep on a farm assisting with police work or serving in the military thriving with a regular job to do these dogs are suitable for a wide variety of tasks and love structure they may not appear as bulky as other breeds but these are incredibly strong dogs that we certainly wouldn't want to mess with Rottweiler when push comes to shove the Rottweiler has the strongest bite of any breed of dog however one look at these muscular dogs would probably make any burglar think twice before attempting a break-in these dogs are loving and affectionate with their owners but can be extremely wary of strangers meaning that their unhallowed for potential danger they're also intelligent and can be trained to work as police dogs guide dogs or search-and-rescue dogs Rottweilers were bred to herd cattle and often drove them across extremely long distances bopping cows around is no easy and when facing a particularly stubborn bovine Rottweilers will often charge at them in a menacing way if that's terrifying enough to convince a massive bull to get a move on imagine how a human being would react being on the receiving end Rottweilers have a good sense of balance and a forceful bark which helps them further intimidate other creatures today these dogs are incredibly popular with families they are incredibly devoted and loved to be given a job to do whether that's pulling a cart or protecting their families from danger West Highland Terriers okay we know what you're thinking when you see these adorable little white fluff balls how did West Highland Terriers make it onto this list well if you're doing something illegal getting mauled by a giant dog is obviously a severe threat but so is being detected by human homeowners there for it to be an effective guard dog sometimes your bark being bigger than your bite is a good thing Westies were bred to hunt rodents so they are very active and have a high prey Drive they can be possessive about their territory and will relentlessly bark at anyone they perceived to be an intruder they tend to be devoted to their families and are always on the move making it likely that they'll be the first to discover a potential threat at the first sign of anything suspicious a Westie will investigate the situation due to their inquisitive nature so don't let the sweet appearance of these little dogs fool you into letting your guard down if you're up to no good underneath their beautiful fur hides the heart of a terrier and their true scrappy and tough nature although their owners may love to pamper them most Westies are perfectly content romping playing and digging in the dirt Airedale Terrier another member of the terrier group is the much larger Airedale Terrier which is also known as the Bingley Terrier or the Waterside Terrier these distinctive looking dogs hail from the valley of the River Aire in Yorkshire England due to their size compared with other members of the terrier family they're often referred to as the king of the Terriers and when it comes to what they perceive as their property these dogs tend to be king of the castle as well it's thought that they were originally bred to be farm dogs and historically they've served as war dogs guide dogs and police dogs they're also used to hunt everything from water fowl to big game if you're a burglar with an allergy to dogs the good news is that an Airedale Terrier won't make you sneeze because their coats are hypoallergenic of course the bad news is that these dogs are excellent guard dog and if you break into their house sneezing is probably not your immediate concern Airedale Terriers are independent fast and formidable they're frequently at alert meaning that they'll be the first to know if something unusual is going on in their house German Shepherd the extremely popular German Shepherd may just be one of the most talented all-around dogs out there they're incredibly smart strong obedient and easy to train which makes them adaptable to many different types of tasks they work at service animals search and rescue with the police and in the military although they've only been around since 1899 they've made quite an impact since they were first created since they're frequently owned and trained by police officers you know that this is a dog you definitely want on your side when dealing with a bad guy German Shepherds are naturally very curious and inquisitive so they'll notice right away if something unusual is going on they tend to be protective of their family members and are widely regarded as excellent guard dogs if a burglar had any smart idea regarding distracting a German Shepherd and sneaking into the house that might not work out well for the burglar these dogs are experts at staying on track no matter what is going on around them this helps them in their search and rescue work and means that no wacky hijinx will help you get past a wily and determined German Shepherd it's time for our trivia question many people don't know that pitbull is the name of a type of dog and not a specific breed which North American dogs are classified as pitbulls keep watching for the answer Cairn Terrier if you're a fan of The Wizard of Oz you'll likely recognize this breed of dog at the cairn terrier in the film the role of toto is played by a female Karen terrier named Terry they also appear in many other movies and television shows because in addition to being adorable they're also very clever and obedient their name comes from the Cairns and the Scottish Highlands that they would fearlessly chase their prey through these Terriers were bred to work hard at catching rodents and they have a supremely advanced sense of smell so good luck sneaking past one Cairn Terriers love the active and they have a high prey Drive they're known for their scrappy nature and aren't going to back down from a challenge without a fight Karen Terriers are protective of their homes and their families and aren't afraid to raise the alarm if they notice something suspicious if you plan on running from one you should know that they likely be able to track you down tracking is one of their many skills and some even compete in tracking trials and would-be burglars might not even make it to the house if they're not careful since Karen Terriers love to dig and leave holes all over their backyards poodles poodles have a bit of a reputation for being high maintenance and are often associated with wealth and status however what many people don't know is that poodles are some of the most intelligent dogs in the world who don't come in many different sizes including the standard poodle miniature poodle and toy poodle they rank second in terms of intelligence just after Border Collies in addition to their intelligence they also excel at physical activities including herding tracking and agility standard poodles are used in hunting and have been bred to have a large amount of stamina and athleticism when they're not out working hard in the field they're working hard to keep their home safe as well they can be quite territorial and have a piercing bark that will let you know in no uncertain terms when something is amiss poodles tend to be suspicious of strangers in general so one breaking into a poodles home would not be welcomed with sloppy kisses and tail wags even though the miniature and toy poodle can be quite small they still have a loud bark and an even more intense dislike for strangers than standard poodles caucasian shepherd dog dogs that are bred to look after livestock are also excellent guard dogs for humans as well these dogs tend to be incredibly alert and protective of their charges whether animal or human the strong and muscular caucasian shepherd dog is one of the many preferred breeds of watching for many families although they're known for their intelligence they also tend to be quite stubborn and tend to go their own way unless their owner acts with authority however they're guarding instincts are top-notch and they need no instruction in this regard they may appear to be slow-moving when they don't have a job to do but they'll spring into action the moment something seems amiss in addition to guarding livestock they also act as dogs looking after property and for hunting wolves any dog that is capable of taking down a wolf is one who space we certainly wouldn't want to invade their extremely territorial and aren't afraid to go after anyone or anything that invades their space and they have a massive dislike for strangers their long fur makes them appear bulky but they are capable of surprising agility when they are working Fox Terrier there are two different types of acute Fox Terrier the Smooth Fox Terrier and The Wire Fox Terrier the difference between the two is their style of code and their markings they've been around since the 19th century and are related to Jack Russell Terriers miniature Fox Terriers and rat terriers like many other terriers these dogs are proficient at relentlessly chasing their quarry and staying at high alert just in case they're strong and clever hunters and are able to move with incredible speed and agility when they're running after something if you plan on outmaneuvering a fox terrier good luck with that because you'll certainly need it these dogs tend to be especially beloved by their families and they love them back fiercely in return they make excellent watchdogs due to their constant vigilance and resounding barks while they can be trained to do many things their inner prey drives are incredibly strong meaning that they don't need coaching in order to hunt things down they also love exploring their surroundings so they're not shy about investigating interesting smells or sounds that may indicate something is amiss in your home American Pit Bull Terrier few dogs there is predisposed to be as efficient guard dogs as the American Pit Bull Terrier the goal was to take the game nough studio Lingus Terrier and combine it with the strength and athleticism of the Old English bulldog originally they were used in sports such as bull baiting bear baiting and dog fighting nowadays they're used as service animals police dogs therapy dogs and as family pet these dogs are incredibly eager to please and bond intensely with their humans due to their muscular appearance huge heads and aggressive reputation a few people with knowingly trespass on a property that kept these dogs around in fact in some places owning one of these dogs is illegal these places include Australia New Zealand Ecuador Denmark France and more breed-specific legislation even makes owning one illegal in certain areas of the United States although most of these dogs have gentle and loving dispositions unfortunately their reputation precedes them and they inspire fear in many people where they are allowed they are often put to work and excel at many different tasks due to their intelligence and their eagerness to please their owners did you manage to guess which dog breeds are pit bull types they are the American Pit Bull Terrier the American Staffordshire Terrier the American bully and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier the American Bulldog is sometimes included on this list so don't worry we won't deduct points if that was one of your guesses mostly because all points are awarded on the honor system anyways some dogs make good guard dogs because of their intimidation factor while others rely on their keen level of alertness and deafening bark whichever method you prefer there's no doubt that there are many dogs out there that are up for the task just remember that first and foremost your dog should be your companion and you'll need to make sure their needs are met if you expect loyalty in return please be sure to subscribe to the riches for more videos about our beloved canine companions bye for now

49 thoughts on “10 Guard Dogs Burglars Don't Mess With

  1. I’m gonna get a Rottweiler soon! I wanted a Husky or German Shepard, but my dad says Rottweiler because their protective and loving at the same time ^3^

  2. My Karma ferocious spoiled rottenweiler was our 4th Rottweiler in nour family. Never tired of them. Lovable, clowns, playfull. My kids and grandkids were never ever in any danger be it from the dogs or strangers. Owners need training.

  3. Where is the South African mastiff Presse Canario Canecoso ??? And you poodles?????‍♂️?‍♂️ they are so light they won’t be pounding anybody

  4. I have a Rottweiler and to day me and my dad took him on a walk and he saw another dog and was ready to attack.

  5. Rottis DO NOT have the strongest bite! The most force ever recorded in a dog bite goes to the dog de Bordeaux. (French Mastiff)

  6. well, the poodles were yapping, the yorkies were snapping, but the bull terrier was taking care of business ripping. First and only time I have been woken up with the sound of mayhem and a burglar in the passageway hanging from the door screaming for help with the bully engaged gripping & ripping his legs. Such a good boy, gave him steak for a week.

  7. My dog is part chow chow and did you know they were breed to hunt bears. She in also part german shepherd.

  8. I wont mess with them oh btw i had a german shaperd and there was a burglar who tried to rape my mom and he bited hime and he bleeded and went to jail and i had a rottwhiler that did help too god bless my my dogs

  9. My dog Deedra is an awesome guard dog. Also, my cousin has a dog that helps u know where ur going since he is blind. I love them both.

  10. Best dogs I ever owned were either poodles or poodle terrier mixes. Intelligent, natural trackers, territorial. Couldn't ask for a better companion on a walk in the woods.

  11. Terriers? really???? Only ones worth a shit are the pit bull terriers…..(as described at the end) they will fuck burglars up!!!

  12. Poodles are well known for being man – killers, guide dogs, guard dogs, therapy dogs, rescue dogs, lap dogs, and snacks for actual dogs

  13. Rottweilers have a hard bite but not the hardest get your facts right before putting them out there kangal has double the p.s.i bandog masstiff English masstiff just a few with a harder bite

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