10 Funny Pranks for Back To School! Learn How To Make Easy Diy School Supplies Prank w Food & Candy

– For this, (sneezes) I think it’s edible snot, bro. – Oh. – It’s snot you can eat. – For this prank, we’re gonna teach you how to make this. But let’s see how it tastes. – No, no, no, don’t do it, aw. – Oh, oh, oh, it’s weird. – Step number one, you
gotta get some water. So you can dump it into one cup. – No, you dump it into
the, why would you go the extra step, bro? – ‘Cause it’s a little
bit more fancy, you know? Woo. All right, now I gotta turn
this thing on to roast it. Well, due to the sizzling sound, these waters are ready to go. Be very careful, this water’s super hot. I don’t know why, but I
expected it to go poof. All right, so now next up here we gotta add some gelatin in it. – Yes. – We got three packets here, Devan. – Oh, you missed. – Again. I was like, he’s furious. Ready, go. That was a weak eat. That was a weet. (laughs) from now on, a weak eat
will be known as a weet. Not to be confused, of
course, with the grain. Very slowly kinda feather it in there. Ooh, that’s nice. So now we’re gonna mix it around. We got little plastic forks, ’cause, yeah. – Probably our mom didn’t
want us using her nice forks. – Now he’s mixing, mixing, mixing. Ugh, gelatin smells so bad. Goals, you don’t want
a silky smooth texture like you normally want. You actually want it to be kinda clumpy in this instance because
it’s gotta look like, you know, boogers. All right, here we go,
final packet going in. All right, well, mine’s
definitely more clumpy than it is smooth. And that’s hopefully a good thing. – And mine is more sm- (mumbles) And mine is more smooth than it is clumpy. – So together, Devan, we’re best friends. – Yeah. – Not. – What, really, dude? – Let that sit, and now it’s time for a half cup of corn syrup. So we got corn syrup. – Ooh, that was close. – Almost there. – Ounces, yup, gotta get the cup. – Done, done, done. We’re gonna add the green
food colors right now. This is where the technique comes in. – Uh oh, oh, oh no, oh no. – I made a mess, I made an absolute mess. – Oh no. – To mix the dye into the corn syrup, just gonna splish it around. It’s a real word, look it up. Here we go, it’s going mixy, mixy. Man, this looks kinda funky. All right, here we go. Time to add it in. So now just gonna pour it in. I added way too much food coloring. – Yeah, you definitely did. Those are gonna be some dark boogers, bro. – (laughs) – Mine looks like slime, actually. – It is like slime, bro, look at this. Oh, this is so cool. – You probably wouldn’t wanna eat it, ’cause it doesn’t taste very good, but- – Yeah, well, so yeah, yeah. – So yup, yup. – Yup, yup, yup, yup, yup, yup. Now we just gotta let them sit, and we will try out the boogers for real. That’s a funky one. – I know. – (laughs) So the boogers are made. And now it’s time to actually do something I’ve wanted to do this whole time. And that is a sneeze battle. – Oh, all right. – Right now, brother versus
brother, let’s begin. – It’s on. (sneezes) – Wait, wait, wait, first, five
second subscribe challenge. We wanna see if you can
subscribe to this channel and turn on the channel post notifications in five seconds. Are you ready? – [Together] Five, four,
three, two, one, done. – If you can do that, comment down below. Keyper squad, right now. (Devan sneezes) That’s like a high-pitched one. – Yeah, all right, your turn. (sneezes) I’m sorry, what was that? (sneezes) – (laughs) I’m literally
crying, I’m laughing so hard. This is so funny. One hand for each nostril. So check this out. You ready? – Oh, boy. – This is gonna be a good one. (sneezes) – Oh, they’re like globs. – This is the finale. It all comes down to this. – All right, ready for this? – No. (Devan sneezes) The windup. You were losing snot out your nose as you were doing it. I’m really dedicated to winning, so I’m taking all my previous
sneezes all into one. Final sneeze. (sneezes) Actually smacked myself in the head. Is it on my face? (laughing) All right, well, you guys
gotta comment down below, who won this round, and
who had the best sneezes? And right now, we’re onto the next one. Devan, I’m kinda hungry right now. – Okay. – So I’m just gonna have some of this. – All right. – Whoop, there we go. – Oh, I get it. So it’s all edible play-doh, right? – Yeah, yeah, yeah, just try some. – Okay, cool, awesome. I’m excited for this. Aw. – Coming up next, we’re gonna show you how to make edible play-doh. That stuff’s the real stuff. But right, gonna take a break. – Why would you do that? It’s like a reverse prank. It tastes so bad. – Oh, man. Well, for this, actually we
gotta move all the play-doh. – Whoa, dude. – Whoa, that was glass. And now we just need a microwave. So check this out. Boom, there we go, microwave. The first thing you gotta
do is, wait a minute. – Wait, dude, how do we get it back? – Okay, so I think I have it figured out. So step one is this. Boom, there we go. That’s how you get it back. Now we just have to open it, and we cannot close it
until the time is right. Stop moving, stop it. There we go, thank you. So now I’m just gonna pop these open. – Aw, dude, really? You gotta learn how to open up a package. – Well, I got a little bit over here, woo, and then a little bit of woo, woo. And now time to add a little bit of water. And when I say a little
bit, I literally mean just a little bit of water. – Wait, where’s mine? – One, two, three. – [Together] Whoa. – There we go.
– Wait, what? – Just add it into yours, nice. – There we go. – All right, so now,
time to microwave it up. We’re gonna pop it in here. (beep) I hear the rotating. All right, time to get my bowl out. So first, Devan, high
five me for good luck. – All right. – Devan, where, what was that? Oh, no, I turned him into marshmallows. Well, I can’t eat it. Devan, come back! I know what I have to do. Here’s the solution. I’m just gonna flick him into the seat. He’ll come back. So I guess here we go. – [Devan] Ow. – Nothing, still not here. Well, there’s only one
way to get him back. Don’t close, I’ve never done this before. This will take a lot of concentration, but I’m gonna see if it works. Here we go, three, two, one. – Oh! – Oh, man, I’m so sorry. – Bro, why? I was sunbathing. – In a long-sleeved shirt and long pants, you were sunbathing? Well, you’re definitely
looking a lot more tan, Devan. – Yeah, right. – My marshmallows are melted. – And so are mine. Well, I was outside,
sunbathing, bro, the sun. – Oh, that makes sense. Now it’s time to turn it into play-doh. Not technically, well, like, (mumbles) Now we’re gonna add some sugar, because this is actually
gonna make it less sticky and make it turn into play-doh. I’m gonna go about half the bag. This kinda reminds me
of slime a little bit. We’re actually gonna
take some powdered sugar and dump it on the table like this. Hand print. – [Together] Oh! – Why, Collins? – I didn’t think that through. – This is gonna take forever to clean up. – Well, I’ve got all over my shirt. – Bro. – But it’s time for the next step. – [Devan] Oh, look at that. – The fork is just on it. So we’re gonna try to
use the powdered sugar. It’s a dough, but it’s all sugar. I call this one the
great twist of tar tar. Tar tar tar (laughs). – We have to use so
much more powdered sugar than I thought. I mean, look at this. It’s still sticking to my hand. I love how warm it is, too. It’s like, I don’t know, a
hot sauna for your hands. (Collins laughs) Ah, look at mine. – Whoa dude, that looks so good. – Oh, no, it’s still a little sticky. My goodness, this is so cool. Dude, is it snowing? Oh, hey, Collins. This is turning out like butter slime. Look at this. – [Collins] No way. – [Devan] It is, just
look at the texture of it. – Whoa. The base is done, and now it’s time to add the food coloring
and turn it into play-doh. So for this, we’ve got some gloves. So Devan, you wanna pop some gloves on. – Yes. – I actually duplicated this glove by just pulling, and like, check it out. One, two, three. Boom, there we go. – Whoa.
– Got my other glove. – I’m gonna use blue. What are you gonna use? – I’m gonna use pink,
or red, I don’t know. – I guess like drop kinda all over. – Ah! It’s definitely oozing out. No! – I’ve got mine under control. – This is so tough to manage. No, no, oh, geez, I got a bowl. Oh, look at that! – Whoa, no, juice out the bottom. Oh, snap, look at it, bro. Looks like an alien. – Oh, oh, oh, all right. Look at that. That looks so cool. – It’s like a marble. No! I didn’t even realize my glove broke. My finger’s literally
as blue as the glove. That’s wack. Well, here are the finished products. So you get to comment down
below who won this round. Right, Devan, you wanna take a bite of it? – Uh, yeah. – Okay, but first I gotta remove my glove, because I wanna see how my finger looks. Ready? – [Devan] Yup. – [Together] Oh! Three, two, one. – Oh! – It’s so good! – Oh my goodness. – This is my favorite one we’ve ever made. All right, guys, right now
we are on to the next round. – Bro, it’s like taffy. Oh, your teeth are blue. – Oh, no, okay. (incoherent shouting) Devan? – Huh? – Hey, Devan? – Huh, what, what? That’s all right, I was
just taking a little nap. – Take a little nap? I’ve got a pepper, Devan. Do you want this pepper? – Uh, no, but thanks. – Are you sure you don’t want this pepper? – Dude, I’m all set. I don’t need a pepper. – Final time, do you want the pepper? – I’m good with the glasses, thank you. – Fine, I’ll have it. – Wait, what? No, okay, now I want the pepper. – You coulda had the pepper. – Well, I want it now. – So this is a prank where you can actually sneak candy into class, make it look like a vegetable. So right now, ow. – [Devan] That smacked you in the head. – Now it’s time for the veggies. Whoa, jesus! – Ah!
– Oh my god! – Get them out of here! Ya, ya, ya! Holy cow, bam. – I got the carrot! – (laughs) Wow, that escalated quickly. So we just grabbed a
regular head of lettuce, and Devan grabbed his pepper. First, you gotta activate
your magic hands. – Okay. – Go like this. – Activate. – Boom, just like that. And we gotta chop it in half. – [Devan] Ya! – It doesn’t work for you. You gotta have magic hands. – Oh, fine. – Here we go. Three, two, one, boom, just like that. There we go. Chop it like that. – [Devan] Wow, all right. – So here you go, Devan.
– Thank you. – And now you just have to hollow it out. So you know how we do this, Devan? – I do not. – Super secret technique called this. – (laughs) Okay. – This is the technique. You gotta go. – [Devan] I don’t know if this is really gonna work for mine. – [Collins] Pull out the
stuff in the middle of it. – See, look at mine. – Pull it out. – I got a ton of seeds and, yeah. Yeah, that didn’t work. – Next up, all we need is the candy. – Oh!
– Aw! – Ow, that actually hurt. Just gonna pop these in here like this. And this is how you can
sneak candy into class and make it look like you’re about to eat a healthy snack. Pop the bottom on. – Ta da, look at that. – And now that you’ve got a nice little head of lettuce. – And an on, no, a pepper. – So comment down below,
which one will you use? A lettuce or a pepper? So guys, right now we
are on to the next round. – Whoa, those still have
the wrappers on those. – Has the wrapper on it, yeah. – Hey, Collins, I have a drink for you. – Oh my gosh, what is that? Oh, and we have a huge
announcement coming up on July 28th. – Bro, I am so excited. – You guys are gonna love this. So comment down below
what you think it is. – Comment down below. – And also, we’re giving
away a 15-minute video call with Devan and I. So all you have to do if
you wanna enter into that is text the word key to 81800. So pause the video right now, go text that number the word key, and you will be entered. And we’re so excited to connect with you. And right now, let’s go. – It’s a jello drink, bro! (laughs) – What’s the prank? Just like splat it? – No, the prank is that
it didn’t get everywhere. I think it even makes a more solid jello. So first of all, we uncap this. – Ah! Geez. – And we pour it all
into, the, oh my goodness. – What are you doing? – All right, so you do that. No, what are you doing? You can’t be drinking it. Next up, you stick your gelatin and pour it into here. – [Collins] Did yours bubble
up as much as mine bubbled up? Did you turn your heat on? – No, not yet. You will, but not now. – Okay. – And now you turn on your heat. – Oh my gosh. Oh man, mine’s getting
kinda chunky and funky a little bit here. – What? Gotta get the chunks. We hear the sizzling sound, so that means it’s time to pour it into our measuring cups very carefully, ’cause it’s very hot. And now- – Ah! – What? What, what, what, what, what? – Oh my gosh. – We’re good, all under control. – Doesn’t sound like
it’s all under control. – You pour it into your bottle. – Uh oh. Dude, it’s burning. It’s smelling real bad. – Complete concentration. – You’re dripping, do your thing. – All right, all right, all right. – Almost there, almost there. I’m like so nervous right now. How does mine have more than yours? – Well, this is where
the rest of mine went. – Oh. – Right, now it’s time to pop
them in the fridge and wait. – Cool. – Dude, these things
expanded in the freezer. These are- – [Together] So cool! Oh! – Dude, it’s like you go to drink it, ah. – Ah. – And then nothing comes out. Three, two, one. Oh. – How is it? Do you get thumbs up? Yeah, double thumbs up, all right. What, what, what? The texture, oh, the texture, oh, the money, love the money. (laughs) I don’t know. Oh, it’s actually sparkling. Shoulda done like pops,
you know, like woo. – Comment down below, what
is your favorite drink you would love to turn into jello and prank people with? And right now, we are on to the next one. – Cheers, oh, wait, okay. Hey, Collins, you want some tea? – Oh, yeah, absolutely, man. Thank you so much. I’m actually really thirsty right now. – Yeah. – It’s not coming out. – Oh, really? – What’d you put in here? – Well, I thought I put, oh! – What? – (laughs) It worked. That was so good. – Wait, what just happened to me. I’m like soaking wet now. – You’re about to find out. All right, Collins, first
step is to remove the bottom. – Okay, ah, so here we go. Let me try like this. – Oh, okay. – And three, two, one, boom, there we go. – Whoa.
– Bottom comes right off. – First gotta get rid of this, so. – (laughs) That was effective. – Hey, Devan. – What? – What’s the next step? – The next step is to
grab some saran wrap. – Wow, that’s a lot of saran wrap. – It is a lot, yes. So you put it on the top here. And next up, what we do is we grab a rubber band, and you
wrap it around the side. Really, dude? Why? You’re still on that. All right, I’ll wait for you. So now you have the divot inside so you can put the water in. Nicely done, you got it. One more layer of saran wrap, grab it off. – Great grab. – Thank you, whoa, hey. – I thought this was for me. – Hey, no. All right, next up, we put the lid on. Now we remove the excess saran wrap. – How? – With your magic skills, Collins. – All right, bam, there we go. Want me to get yours, too? – Uh, yeah, yeah, that would be great. – [Together] Three, two, one. – Boom, there we go. Yours is all done now. So this prank is awesome, because now it’s fully made, and
if you go to drink it. – Oh, wait. (laughs) – Nothing comes out. (laughs) And then they’ll pull the top off. So here we go. – [Together] Three, two, one, oh! – And they’ll get water everywhere, and especially on themselves. Comment down below, who in your family would you prank with this? And right now, we are on to the next one. – For this one, Collins,
you have to close your eyes. – Dude, this is a prank video. I’m not gonna close my eyes. – Collins, close your eyes. – Okay. – (laughs) All right,
we have the item here. And now I’m going to take
it out of its container. – Wait, what is it? – We’re doing a blind taste test. Open your mouth. – Ah.
– Here we go. – Oh. – Dude, you just closed it. – Well, I don’t wanna eat it. – And bite down. Dude, just go for it. – Tastes like cheese, right? – You can open your eyes. – Glue! Wait, wait, wait, you make
glue taste like cheese? – No, no, Collins, it’s actually cheese. That’s the prank. Got him! – Oh, oh, oh, oh. So you put cheese in glue sticks. – Yep, yep, that’s what it is. Oh, dude. – Oh my gosh, ate the plastic. – All right, well, here’s
how you make the prank. – Okay, pop the top off, and. – (laughs) It came back. – The first thing is gonna be, you cannot start yet, stop. – I already started, I already started. – Stop, stop, this is a race. – I’m still going. – No, no, no, stop. Whoever gets it out first wins. – I got it, I did it, I did it! It’s done, it’s out. (sad music) – Man, well, I deformed
mine on the way out. You’re actually gonna need to
get rid of your glue sticks. Throwing it at the cheese. I’m not happy you cheating. – Really, really? – You’re a little cheese cheater. – I would eat this, but
it’d stick to the wall. – Whoa. – [Devan] Wow, that’s
actually pretty sweet. – So the next part is super easy. Just wash out your glue stick, and then- – Done. – Just do that. – Yeah! Look at that! – I’m just gonna push
it all the way through. Boom, all right, there we go. Break the cheese off. – Mine’s not coming out. Oh, there we go, look at that. – Dude, I’m actually. – Yeah! – I’m gonna go multiple rows in mine. We’re just gonna put it down. – Look at that, it
turned into Swiss cheese. – Why? – Because it’s holey. – Ay! Now you got a cheese glue stick and you can now eat this in class and freak people out. So right now, we are on to the next round. – Bro, my pen’s out. – [Collins] Pen’s out? Oh, here, hold on. – [Devan] Can you get me a new one? – [Collins] Yeah, yeah, yeah, here you go. – Oh, wait!
– Oh, snap! – So guys, we’re gonna teach you how to make a pen that
will leak ink all over. – Dude, what? – Your friend’s paper, just like that. – I didn’t get to finish
my spaceship diagram, bro. – That was a spaceship? So here’s how- – Oh, dude, what? – What was that? So here’s how you empty out the pen. First step, first step, gotta remove the tippy top of your pen. – All right, done. With your teeth? For what purpose? It’s not a kazoo, Collins. – Or is it? (kazoo noises) – [Devan] That’s my cap. Don’t disrespect a cap. – Next up, gonna take some scissors. Be very careful. When you pull up, this thingy comes out of this thingy. – You can’t just do it with your fingers? – You can do it with your fingers, you are a superhero. – Yeah! I’m a superhero, what! – What on earth! You’re gonna stick the wooden stick inside of it like this, and then you’re gonna kinda break
it off down here like this. – What? – [Collins] ‘Cause you
gotta get the top thingy right here off. – [Devan] Can’t you just. – Yeah, but- – Just like that? – Wow. This is the actual part of
the pen that you write with. So fun fact, you can write things with just a little part here. So like, what! – Wow. – Sweet. – Oh, no, bro, it’s on my fingers. – Yeah, how’d you pull
off the top, though? – You just pull it off. It’s super easy. – Okay, ah! No! – [Devan] Bro. It’s like finger painting. Abstract art, look at it. – Oh no, no. We’re making a mess. Ink is everywhere. Oh no! Dude, we’ve ruined our table. – We need a sponge. – Get a sponge, please, bro, ’cause we are gonna be
in such big trouble. That’s making it worse. Here we go, I got some water. – And I got a sponge. – Oh, it’s a lot of water. I’m trying to use the
water to clean it up. Uh oh, I think this mighta
stained the table, Devan. – No! – Dude, okay, we gotta, we gotta- – This is a brand new table. – Not a joke, we’ve ruined the table! – Now we have this all sanitized. – Yup, we’ve got a plastic bag along with paper towels. – No more spillage. – So now, come take
some of the shoe polish. – Okay. – Just gonna pop it- – What? – Maybe if I turn upside down? – [Devan] Squeeze it. – [Collins] Nothing, nothing. I wonder if it’s pressure release, so like if I touch it here, oh! – Oh, nice! – And that’s why our table is covered. – Oh! Next up here, we’re
gonna take these little eye dropper squeezy thingies, pop the top off of it,
and then you’re gonna put it here on the pen. And it’ll actually be able to suction up the shoe polish. And check this out,
gonna squeeze it, go in. All right, here’s the first test to see if it works. Gonna squeeze and see
if anything comes out. – Oh! – Yo. – Nice. – Okay, it works, it works. – Still haven’t figured
this thing out, dude. – Here comes the front part of it. You have to put this pen tip back on. Oh no, I dropped my pen tip in there. – What, what? Why would you do that? – I’m actually gonna go in
for a little rescue mission with my squeezy squeezy eye thing. – Good luck with that. – I see it. Ah, I almost had it. Here we go, gonna use
this thingy to get it out. And there we go. – Finally. – Finally got the top out. – [Devan] What have you done? – I didn’t realize that it got so messy during the process. – What have you done? – There we go, a little bit sucked up. And then pop the top on. Come on, work with me. Done. – [Devan] Nice. – Bam, got that. So now if you go to write. – So if you go like this. – Oh!
– Oh, you got that on my hand. – I thought I got it on
your shirt for a second. I was like, oh no! – Yeah, white shirt. – All right, guys, well, that is it for this round. Comment down below, what’s the name of your best friend who you would love to prank with this pen right here. And now we are on to the next round. Devan, can you- – Ooh. Collins, what did you do? – Guys, I literally
replaced Devan’s face wash with blue face paint. – Bro, what did you do? Look at my face! Why? – I’m sorry, bro, but
it was a final prank. – Bro, I thought the video was over! – It’s never over. – I am definitely gonna
get you next time, bro. – I’m out of here. – Mark my words. This is crazy. – Comment down below,
what is your favorite food you would love to see us use in a prank. And click right over
here for another video. You ready? You got five seconds. Here we go. – [Together] Five, four,
three, two, one, done. – Love you. – [Together] Bye.

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  2. Wut.
    I pull out those pen thingies with my fingers all the time
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  3. Hi collins and deven my faviourite drinks i want to turn into jello is fanta,pepsi max (any flaver),dr pepper and sprite

  4. The Yeet dictionary

    Yeet – a regular back wards throw

    Fleet – forward Yeet

    Deet – downward Yeet

    Seet – sideways Yeet

    Peet – powerful Yeet

    Weet – weak Yeet

    Squeet – a sound made by a sauce used on abnormally large chicken nuggets

    Ueet – upwards Yeet (Pronounced Yeet)

    Like if this guide helped

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