(10) Feathered Friends~Bird Compilation~Backyard Birds Australia~Bird TV

Scarlet Honeyeater Yellow-tuffed Honeyeater Eastern Rosella Turquoise Parrot

29 thoughts on “(10) Feathered Friends~Bird Compilation~Backyard Birds Australia~Bird TV

  1. …/../ VERY BEAUTIFUL !!!!
    =(’•..•’)= HAPPY CHRISTMAS !!!!! ?
    (..||./.)¸.•*° ❤ Love from Ilario

  2. WHAT SPLENDOR NATURE GIVES US, IS REALLY FANTASTIC !! Thank you for sharing this absolutely awesome upload !!!?9
    Warm greetings from the sleeping "Garden of Angels" in Austria…have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful and happy
    Year 2020 for you and your loved ones….Saderé???

  3. So good to see your feathered friends are safe from all the bush fires we are seeing on our news TV. Lovely splashes of colour for you Dee. Thank you for sharing. Warm greetings, Julie.

  4. В Австралии птицы более яркие,а значит красивей,чем у нас !!!

  5. Dear Dee, these beautifully colored birds would add a splash of color to anyone's back yard but I am glad they came to your backyard. That Scarlet Honeyeater is just fabulous! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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