10 Cursed Objects You Need to Remove From Your House Right Now! | Spiritual House Cleansing

hey guys Jennifer LeClair here senior leader at The Awakening House of Prayer founder of the ignite Network I want to share with you today something that happened to me this week that might be affecting or influencing your life I just moved into a new condo well it's not new but it's new for me I lived on the beach since 1996 I've lived on the beach and I moved recently into the downtown area so no longer on the beach but I'm in a new environment and so when I moved in before before I settled it I looked through all the drawers I looked through all the cupboards I looked through everything I could look through except a big storage place that's ten feet 12 feet high that I'm gonna have to get a ladder to coach it could check and it was clean there was nothing there and so I thought no problem the first night that I slept there I was very restless I thought well is it because of these trains because I'm used to the beach sounds now I'm hearing train sounds no it wasn't because of the trains was it because of the you know just being in a new place no because I spend so much time in hotel rooms it doesn't bother me I can go anywhere and sleep that's not an issue and so I woke up the next morning to do the prayer call at 6:00 a.m. and and and I began to look in the drawer for a pen because I did I didn't bring a pen with me and so I'm looking and looking at everything there's got to be a pen somewhere in this house that somebody left behind what I found was shocking what I found was the these these comic books and I mean it literally I was like whoa shocked me it I'm gonna show you a page says the wicked and the divine the wicked and the divine I know if you how well you can see that but this is a woman with her face painted and now this reminds me of Jezebel I don't know if you've read the scripture in 2nd Kings where Jay who came running furiously on his chariot riding his chariot furiously and Jezebel was up in the in the window paid with her face painted she sought to seduce him and so here you see says the divine and the wicked and we have here this woman with her face painted and so in and I'm gonna do immediately my spirit was grieved by this this is the same apparently it's a comic book I thought it was like a theater thing which would have been bad enough but this is a comic book and it's especially wicked here's another one I don't know if it's the same lady who it is it's just wicked but this is the most wicked one of all right here this is an image comic the wicked and the divine is the same but she's got her her face painted and she's got the long hair now what you can't see is she's got a cross right here around her neck right here and then on her hand right here she's got like a like up it's like a bracelet but there's like a zodiac like a zodiac symbol you see that there and and then you see this hand coming up out of here and you see these other hands back here all around her and it's just it's just and she looks like like I don't know it's just wicked and so I was like wow this is why I couldn't sleep I'm very sensitive to the spirit and I was not able to sleep well because of these these are wicked and so I'm gonna read your scripture I'm gonna share with you some of the things that might be in your house that you need to get rid of a Deuteronomy 7 verses 25 and 26 says the graven images of their gods shall ye burn with fire thou shalt not desire the silver or the gold that is on them nor take it unto thee lest thou be snared therein listen for it is an abomination to the Lord thy God neither shalt thou bring an abomination into thine house lest you be less lest thou be a cursed thing like it but thou shalt utterly detest it and thou shalt utterly abhor it for it is a cursive thing now these things are curse and things this is very obvious and evident that this is a cursed thing there are some things you may have in your house that you don't know they're cursive things but when you allow these things in your home you're allowed to the Bible says the curse causes shall not come when you're allowing curse of things in your house you're opening the door to two demon spirits there are many kind of things here I've got a list the God's eye or that you know the one eye thing the decoration also that's made of yarn medicine man's watchful eye thunderbird jewelry I love the First Nations people but some of the some of the relics are some of the the rituals can be a connect would be demonic Thunder brook jewelry at an arrow totem poles have the faces of false gods squash blossoms snakes bear tracks supposed to be a good omen how many you know there's no there's no omens there's God cedarwood masks it's an owl spirit I believe owls are demonic anything that is representative of an unclean spirit or a nocturnal creature in the Bible there's not good connotations there most of the time dream catchers and if you have a dream catcher you can get but if you're having nightmares see if you got a dream catcher you might even know the Star of David there's another one it's actually the shape of a pentagram a lot of Christians wear the Star of David now I've not studied this out completely but what i have studied convinces me that i don't need to wear a Star of David it was actually a popular piece of jewelry that was worn by Christians who originally who they honored the presumed Jewish heritage and it's representative of Zionism now you can argue with me on that and that's fine but you know what I've been studying and reading lately I'm like I do I take a chance why take a chance the music in your house you know if it's violent if it's if the TV watching TV stuff movies Netflix and it's violent or sexual immoral graphic violence victims these sorts of things Satanism human sacrifice incest the value in women now what I saw this this show I'm not going to name the name of it actually was I am gonna Nathan it's how to get away with murder and there was homosexual sex in the in the broadcast and and they didn't show everything but they show quite enough and I was trying to see what is the rage about this show it's perverted signs of the zodiac you know some people say well what's your sign I don't I don't I don't you know I don't go by what my sign is I go by your the signs and wonders that follow me praise God voodoo dolls anything used in casting spells the Crescent in the star a five-pointed pentagram turned upside down is used in Satan worship the horn of a unicorn a swastika or a yin-yang symbol emblems of various lodges I found this on the internet here and did some other additional research witchcraft books there was a Satanic Bible my friend when she was younger and and whenever she would begin to read this there were windows would rattle and they would all be kind of mentor of evil evil stuff unclean spirits even stuffed animals or you know sculpting's carvings you know a friend of mine had a there one that family members had a bowl with a squid on it well you know that was representative of a squid spirit I don't want that in my house put it outside the door you know as I mentioned frogs snakes lizards alligators crocodiles even even the Turtles even though the stuffed animals are these things I don't want them in my house I read one time my daughter was in a demonic attack and she was very young she might have been maybe six and she was under a demonic attack and I went in her and she loved animals so she had little you know elephants and you know cats and horses and and she would have all these things should take him in the tub and play with them well I went in there one day and I don't know where all this stuff came from but you know it was in the tub snakes turtles spiders and all the I'm like my gosh this is horrifying I took it all the way threw it all away she was mad cuz I threw her toys away now she had other toys that word that were good but the I would not let her have any of that any any longer and the demonic attack broke anything used in fortune-telling playing a tarot cards crystal balls witching sticks Ouija boards you know the Ouija board is one of the most popular gifts this holiday season isn't that crazy books from Colts Book of Mormons different translations of the Bible some translations of the Bible actually actually translate God as a woman they call gods she that's an accursed object rock and rap music with ebowley ryx you know the peace the peace sign on the cross it's it's the you know that the peace sign that looks kind of like a cross that's like signifying Jesus being crucified upside down with his limbs broken I'll TV we talked about that any statue carving or picture used as an object of worship so in certain religions they use they burn candles and they they they pray to icons and and pictures and and and things like that's that's that's not God that's that's that's you shall worship the Lord your God in him alone the crucifix with Jesus remaining on it guess what Jesus Jesus is not on the cross anymore alright he rose from the dead just so you know praise God aren't you glad statues of Mary and with the with with the baby Jesus used in worship statues of other Saints used in worship there's so many things there's board games that are wicked video games that are wicked you know you even like they make comforters with different you know demonic symbols on them and stuff and it looks like a just a nice little kids you know TV show comforter you know my daughter had two comforters from TV shows but they weren't demonic you know they get mist like trendy you know and so you have to be very careful what I here's my recommendation go through your house go through the closets start with what you can see if you've got turtles and scorpions and all these kind of things get rid of them if you've got music that you least listened to before you're saved and you still got the CD throw it out it's one of the very first things I did when I got saved as I had about a thousand dollars where the CDs probably more and I just dumped him right down the trash chute now it's all secular music wicked no it's not necessarily all wicked and but a lot of it is and I just didn't want to take any chance it's better safe than sorry it's better safe than sorry go through your closets go through your drawers you know now if you're married you can't throw your husband stuff in the trash okay you're gonna have to deal with that some other way through prayer and protect yourself plead the blood Jesus over you in him or her hey but you you cannot just go throw and stuff away alright but anything that represents evil you need to get it out of your house sometimes the attacks against your body are coming to you because of what you have in your house now I want to pray for you in just a moment I want to tell you this is really serious Lord told me get your house in order and part of getting your house in order doing a spiritual house cleanse you know you know before the beginning of the year you need to do this you need to go into the New Year with your house clean you know I just moved so it was very easy for me to just go ahead and and go through everything in my house throw away things I didn't need and when I brought the stuff into the house as I'm unpacking as I'm unpacking if I see anything else I'm just throwing it away now I'm gonna pray for you in just a minute I'm gonna destroy these things here's what you do you search through your house you ask the Lord even if it's iffy I'd rather get rid of it for this if if you've got any kind of check in your spirit at all get rid of it if you can burn it burn it if you can't rip it up tear it to shreds get it off your prop even some things like people gave you that seemed harmless that but it's like a soul tie because if it's like they there's some connection there burn it to get rid of it throw it away I'm gonna I'm gonna rip these up and I'm gonna pray for you to know what you need to do this is a serious serious issue you Perry stone has a book called cleansing your house purging your house I read that a long time ago listen it's a good book you must purge your house of demonic things I want to remind you that Chuck Pierce is coming to the awakening House of Prayer next Thursday if you're in South Florida and know someone's in South Florida barely ever comes this way please get registered at Jennifer LeClair eventbrite.com if you want to watch this prophetic glory conference on live stream register at a hop dot TV must register to watch it live stream if you want to learn how to pray learn how to go deeper at intercession learn how to to press into the to the things of God in the realm of Prayer I want to invite you to be part of my mentoring and prayer and intercession broadcast program it's starting in January you've got to get in on this the seating is limited there's not enough seats for the men who are almost full if you've been sitting on the fence about this you want to be mentored by me you want to press anyone be taught why it'll get prayer answers how to pray more effectively the different types of Prayer of very specific situations and how to apply them if you want me to pray over you on a consistent basis and be a part of a group where many many many others are also in V there's a Facebook live group you can make friends connections pray together prayer partners do all that go to school of the Spirit TV also there you'll find the school to Sears and many other programs for you if you want to give an offering into this ministry you can do so at PayPal dot M e now I'm going to pray for you but for I'm gonna demonstrate to you what you do okay so you find this a cursive thing you say father now in this case it was not my fault it was not mine and bringing the house it was left there but let's just say you brought it the house father I ask you to forgive me for bringing this cursed object in my house Lord you say don't be ignorant of the devil's devices Lord and and and I knowingly unknowingly brought this thing into my house so father I ask you to forgive me and I receive your eveness now you need to take your time with this don't do it so fast but just take your time with it and I just take authority over every demon power that was has infiltrated my home because of this wicked accursed object and I command you to go in Jesus name and I renounce you I renounce you I destroy all influence you have over my life my family my business my mind my finances I break the powers of every intruder every trespasser in the spirit but even though I did not know better maybe I did know better whatever at Lord I just ask you Lord to do stand up and fight for me I said the curse causeless shall not come I shall not live under a curse but I called myself blessed in Jesus name I am blessed to be a blessing I'm blessed coming in and blessed going out Jesus died to be a curse for me he became a curse for me therefore I am not subject the curse of the law and I will not tolerate twisted objects in my house in Jesus name Amen and amen you just destroyed if you can get a bin outside and burn it and burn it if not rip it up destroy it demolish it take it outside and throw it in the garbage this is not the time to be messing with things that are cold rich this is not the time to be playing with the spirits of Jezebel not the time for it you've got to get your house in order it's time to get it all clean amen bless you hope it helps you a lot I'll be back with you with another Facebook live really soon bless you

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