10 Clever Ways Kids Cheat On School Tests

even though we all know cheating is wrong sometimes you just can't help but tip your hat at some of the creative ways people achieve it whether it's hidden cheat sheets audio devices or old fashioned over-the-shoulder peeking here are some incredibly creative ways people have found to cheat on exams vitaminwater label some exams especially long ones allow students to have a bottle of water with them at their desk taking advantage of that is easy if you have some photoshop skills vitamin water bottles works best for this since there's a lot of text on the label it can be scanned and the nutritional values and slogans can be replaced with formulas and hints just make sure the teacher doesn't see you focusing too hard on your bottle cheat sheet inside shirt this one may work better for girls since no teacher is likely to ask why you're looking into your own cleavage by taping a cheat sheet to the seam of the top of your shirt you can just look down on occasion and check your answers hidden cell phone wearing a long-sleeve shirt on exam day can really pay off while the teacher isn't looking you can split one arm out of the sleeve and lay it on the table as if you're resting your arm then have your free arm out under your shirt so you can check your phone for answers calculator camouflage if you have an old graphic calculator that either doesn't work or you don't mind taking apart you can remove the top over the calculator numbers and gut the rest this allows space for most iPhones once the phone is inside you can replace the faceplate with the graphic components to conceal the phone until you need it rubberband method using a thick rubber band stretch it out over a book so it's easier to write up right out your cheat sheet clearly with a ballpoint pen making sure the letters are as close together as possible when you remove it from the book and it's no longer stretched no one will know what it really has on it because it would look like a design where I like a bracelet on the day of the test and when you need answers just stretch it out and when you're done let it return to cheechee underskirt this creative cheat is also more ideal for the ladies on the day of the big exam make sure to wear a skirt and a pair of thigh high stockings or pantyhose slip your cheat sheet into the top part of the pantyhose near your thigh while seated for the exam you simply need to pull up the skirt to check your answers as smooth it down with a teacher comes near by hidden headphones most exams won't allow you to listen to music while you're taking the test but if you make an audio version of your cheat sheet or have someone feeding you the answers there's a way around this band take your headphones up inside one of the arms of a hoodie or long-sleeve shirt bring the headphones almost all the way through so you can lean on your hand and hear but not appear obvious band aid using a large bandage a short cheat sheet can be written on the cotton part this one can be a little sensitive however since three of the sides will need to be removed in order to see the sheet and may be slightly painful eventually it won't stick as much either cheat sheet in shoe this one seems to work best with shoes that are light-colored on the inside fill up as much of the shoe as you can once it needs them you can slip off the shoe periodically to check your answers just make sure you don't have stinky feet or it might give you away mechanical pencil on the thin piece of sturdy paper write out your notes or cheat sheet using a transparent mekanikle pencil loop the notes inside the chamber so you can spin it around to see everything you need remember kids study hard so you won't have to cheat trust us it's far more rewarding let us know what you thought of this video in the comments and don't forget to give us a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel before you go thanks for watching

43 thoughts on “10 Clever Ways Kids Cheat On School Tests

  1. Tip: instead of a rubber band, write your answers in sharpie on the inside of one of those thin wide hair tie things with the knot (if you are a girl you probably know what I mean

  2. You do not have to cheat because if you study and ask questions about the test you alright just take my advice I have straight A's

  3. I using Calculator, because nobody behind or near me, they're just front of me, i also hide the calculator at table ??

  4. The calculator camouflage is my favorite one but you don't need take it off the top because the teacher may notice it,so it will easy to take off the top of the shell while the teacher didn't see this

  5. OK if u want to cheat then drill a hole on ur headthen put a answer cheet and for math eat scientific calculator that‘s my way

  6. not planning to cheat, this was just on my recommendations, randomly, but…when entering an exam you have to take the label of from your water bottle sooo…yeh

  7. Top 1 to cheat
    Do the richest method of cheating and if your caught by the teacher tell the teacher that the richest tell you this so that you'll get away

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