by a wave of the wand we have prepared the most incredible catches for you it is not uncommon to lie about the size of the Cointreau fille therefore we have prepared for you only official registered records of the largest catches whether it's a blue marlin or a deadly dangerous saltwater crocodile or the biggest crab in the world and who else was caught by the fishermen from our rating let's find out many gourmets are sure that the biggest lobster is not much bigger than the size of a plate we has to inform that lobsters can simply reach incredible sizes so Robert Malone caught a huge lobster weighing more than 27 pounds on the Atlantic coast the crustacean was as much as 40 inches or 1 metre long from the tail to the tip of the claws almost like a three-year-old baby the giant was named rocky and the local Aqua Center led him to be free experts have noted that the lobster is not an adult which means that he has a chance of surpassing the 44 pound or nineteen point five kilograms world-record holder caught in the waters of New Scotland in 1977 and entered the Guinness Book of Records as the biggest lobster ever and here is another heavyweight among the crustaceans the largest crab in the world weighing 16 pounds was caught near the shores of Australia the cod animal refers to the species of Tasmanian royal crabs look at the claws of this giant compared to the human hand the crabs are eaten usually but this big guy is a lucky one he did not go to a salad or crab sticks the management of Sea Life Aquarium in Weymouth UK bought out the largest crab in the world for five thousand dollars and became the owner of a unique crustacean the animal was named Claude and now lives in an aquarium where he feels full and comfortable look at another waterfowl giant the Atlantic giant grouper grouper goliath is the largest trophy in the family of stone perch usually adults weigh about 300 97 pounds at a size of up to 98 inches or 2.4 meters but there is also a case of catching an individual weighing eight hundred pounds or 362 kilograms this happened in the vicinity of Florida in 1961 and this record and fishing for spinning rod has not been beaten by anyone yet now we see how a huge perch fell into the hands of Sam Barrington a NFL player on a sport fishing there are reports a hundred years ago on the catch of individuals weighing more than 880 pounds which is almost 400 kilograms of course now you will not meet such giants the success of the italian armando freezer who caught a catfish wing 330 pounds in a small lake in the north of italy really amazes more the monster catfish was caught in a 12 inch sardine and rolled the Armando's bow on the lake until it was finally dragged ashore the official measurement gave a fantastic result 99 inches or 2.5 meters long and 346 pounds or 156 kilograms weight there is no need to doubt in the aggressive attitude of these water swimming hundreds of dead people are on the account of crocodiles every year and this is officially registered the maximum size of the estuarine crocodile the largest of them was constant subject of controversy in this case the existence of individuals 22 feet or 6.5 meters in length does not cause any doubt in most experts so crocodiles outperform even the polar bear in size inferior to the size of some whales and sharks it is known that Lolong is the largest crocodile of all time and kept alive and in captivity a ferocious predator was caught in the Philippines in 2011 from the muzzle to the tip of the tail its length was over 19 feet or five point seven meters and the weight was 2204 pounds lo long four times toward steel ropes with a tensile strength of 10 tonnes during a catching and it took the efforts of about a hundred people and the whole night of a long struggle to get the giant out of the water but a large five metres whale shark still languishes in the oceanarium of Okinawa Japan the cut individual causes a lot of scandal from the defenders who demand to let the fish to be free hunting for sharks began a long time ago and there are a lot of examples of good ones [Applause] the largest at the moment was a white shark weighing 2646 pounds or 1,200 kilograms the fish was caught in 1959 in Australia it is difficult to imagine how the fishermen managed to cope with a fish weighing as much as a car but there are cases when these predators could be caught only with a simple fishing rod record of the biggest such catch belongs to Texan Jason Johnston about 2.5 hours the fish are fought with its prey the weight of which was about 1323 pounds which is about 600 kilograms of course many people like to eat crayfish but few have seen individuals larger than 10 centimetres the largest crayfishes in the world were caught in the rivers of Tasmania their average value reached 1.7 feet or 0.5 meters at a weight of 3 to 4 kilograms or eight pounds true the number of such individuals have significantly decreased and all because lovers to eat their delicacy meat do not allow them to grow to gigantic proportions and lovers of catching carp from the waters are called Carper's giant fish usually do not exceed 1.5 metres in length but there are also two meter specimens weighing 220 to 265 pounds or about 100 kilograms some sources mentioned 3 metre inch giants weighing up to 300 kilograms one of the authentically known large carps was caught in 2007 in a lake near Bangkok it weighed as much as 280 pounds or 127 kilograms looks mild to the Thai fishermen who had been engaged in making fishing rods all his life and at that time decided to try his new creation for strength this record broke the previous one which lasted for 23 years when in 1984 a Siamese carp weighing 236 pounds or 107 kilograms was caught the length of five meters the weight of 1323 pounds which is about 600 kilograms we are talking about beautiful Marlins only a white shark is a danger to these predators in the seas because they themselves are able to attack a victim up to 100 pounds it is the Marlins that often become the object of sport fishing record copies are delivered to the shore and weighed the results can be seen in the Book of World Records the rules of recording are very strict therefore not all the specimens are included in the reports officially recorded a weight of the catch was one thousand four hundred two pounds or 635 kilograms this happened on the coast of Victoria in Brazil where Paulo imodium in the 80 minute fight with an individual of incredible size was the winner and brought a huge blue marlin to the shore of in the 1992 let's talk about the Royal catch because of the value of black caviar and poaching sturgeons today are on the verge of extinction and hunting for them is banned as you know this fish grows all its life therefore it is not surprising that the length of its body can reach 6 meters and weight more than 2,000 pounds or 900 kilograms until now beluga caught in the Caspian Sea in 1922 is holding full superiority it weighed as much as 1.2 tons of which 542 pounds or 245 kilograms was the caviar and there is even a stuffed giant fish weighing 965 kilograms and growing to 4 meters long in Astrakhan this fish was also caught in the volga in 1989 by poachers having taken out caviar they nevertheless anonymously reported about their unusual catch anonymous the fish was so big that it needed a truck to transport it the age of such a huge specimen could have estimated at between 70 to 75 years Oh

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  1. In the early '60s I worked for a lobster fisherman who regularly caught lobster measuring between 5 and 6 feet. I was attacked by a black grouper in 1961 in the Med. That Croc was exactly 1 metric ton in weight. In the BC interior we often get Cray fish around 20cm, sometimes bigger. Seems to me that a Sturgeon is essentially a type of armored catfish, which is very popular in various types throughout the pet industry.

  2. actually that croc Lolong wasn't the real monster that the local eye witnesses reported. there's a much bigger one still on the loose, at least 10 ft longer according to a few first-hand account.

  3. Bruh how can they just pick up and hold the crab and lobster like that the size of those pincers look like they will cut ur goddamn arm off.

    “And this this the world largest cra- CRUNCH

    I now have 3 limbs

  4. Can I ask? Why did they set them free? I just think those big ones are too old and they cannot live so long and when theyre dead it'll result in water pollution :(( I mean they should eat them :)))))

  5. Do you guys here in the comment section are too thinking that anywhere in Asia, they organizing illegal giant – Crab ? fights and make a lot of money with this business. ;]

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