10 Best Small Dog Breeds for Indoor Pets

10 best small dog breeds for indoor pets small dogs have become a popular fashion accessory for celebrities but they make great indoor pets for kids there are multiple small dog breeds and each one has several pros and cons the following guide will help you choose a breed that's the right fit for your family top 10 Maltese this breed doesn't shed much so it's an excellent choice if you have issues with pet hair and allergies they're friendly dogs and get along well with other dogs and cats top 9 Boston Terrier Boston Terriers make terrific family pet as they bond well with children it's a cost-saving choice because they won't need constant grooming and won't shed a lot of hair on your furniture training might be necessary if your Terrier demonstrates a tendency to chew on your furniture shoes and other valuables top hate bugs short legs wrinkled faces and lovable personality pugs make excellent companions but be prepared they could be headstrong but are generally willing to please top 7 Pomeranian found Iranian czar mellow and gentle but hey can get noisy especially when interacting with kids however they make a fantastic addition to households with children as long as you get a puppy top six chihuahua don't be deceived by the Chihuahua ethnic appearance their sassy and unpredictable and they'll nip at kids when they're disturbed so don't get one if you have small children in the household top 5 miniature schnauzer this breed is sassy curious playful and not as aggressive as a typical Terrier so it's a great choice for kids your kids will enjoy petting and interacting with this playful dog in the miniature schnauzer will return the affection without reservations top form shih tzu these were bred for companionship which is fitting because they're gentle and friendly demeanor is perfect if you have small children at home consider getting a shih tzu if you want a loyal and lovable friend top three miniature poodle miniature poodles are extremely sensitive and shy so they are best to a single owner at least until they get used to being around people this breed gets along well with other dogs children and a few other pets as long as there's a proper introduction and time allowed to get over their initial shyness talk to Billings one of the most overlooked dog breeds in terms of making good indoor pets is pavilions since papal ins are easy to train they're often used as show dogs as well papal ins don't shed too often and they don't suffer skin allergies top one paw injures the kynges there's an incredibly loving dog that requires a little exercise though likes a great walk these dogs make wonderful lap dogs yet they enjoy doing their own things to the kynges may take longer to house-train than other dogs but they are easy to care for and great to play with if I helped favorite video subscribe to the channel in the light

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  1. Most if these dogs can be quite fraile not really suitable for kids to ROMP with .
    Children need to be trained how to act around dogs , jowto handle them , mot to mistreat them or handle them roughly . They need to lesrn respect for the dog . These breeds all love fun and playing when they are puppies and when they grow up, BUT they must be handled carefully , NOT ROUGHLY . I have had 3 maltese and aMaltese /Poodle , her bones were very fine and she had many problems , crusciate ligaments operations are not cheap . My girl had to have both back legs done costing almost $5, 000.00 AUD ,
    She now has problems with her front legs . I think the crossing oftwo breeds is wrong the worst traits of both breeds can come out resulting in a poor little dog thst has manyproblems . It is best to get a pure bred dogs from a registered breeder.
    My Maltese did not have these problems and lived happy lives with enough exercise and good food and love. I am not in favourof cross breeds any more and woukd discourage any one from buying one .Mostly they come NOW from puppy mills , another thing that needs wipeing out . The breedersthere are not responsible breeders , and the parent dogs are kept in disgusting conditions and not fed good food . You know the old saying ' BUYER BEWARE ', PLEASE BEWARE OF WHAT YOU BUY , MODTLY PIPPY MILL BABIES ARE SOLD IN PET SJOPS , THE PUPPY MILLS BREEDERS WOULDNT WANT ANY ONE TO SEE THE CONDITIONS THEY ARE BRED IN AND KEPT IN .

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    It is computer generated! Haven't you people watched any other videos with the computer voice? People here lately have mush for brains!

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