10 Best Men's Summer Grooming And Hygiene Tips

what's up you too Jeff your style oh gee you know today's video I've got my list of the 10 best summer grooming tips if you're new to the channel we're getting a new video every day at 4 p.m. Eastern discussing various men's lifestyle topics such as style dating I invite you to subscribe tap the notification bell and join us and to my returning friends like Donna your loop so now as the temperature rises and we wear less and less clothing our grooming habits or lack thereof tend to get a lot more attention that's why it's a days video I want to give you some friendly reminders of things you already might be doing or you might be overlooking forming a habit you should pay a little bit more attention to as the temperature rises so without any further delay let's get right into my top 10 best summer grooming tips first up make sure you're rocking a nice summer fragrance now since you're wearing less clothing you can't distract people with that great soup oh that sexy leather jacket they'll notice smaller things like how good you smell and during the summer you want to move away from those warm woodsy sits and get something a little fresher a little lighter maybe a little bit more citrusy a couple of my perennial summer favorites the gowri's aqua Mara and nautical believe as a matter of fact stay tuned real soon for my list of the top summer clothes for this year now for our next tip I want you to make sure you're getting rid of or eliminating as much oil and grease from your face as possible of course with the warmer months we tend to sweat a little more a little bit more shot a little bit more oily a couple of things you can do to bring down some of that shine make sure you uses some oil absorbing products such as a face wash facial scrub and moisturize speaking of having some nice skin during the summer brings us to our next grooming tip make sure your stain is hydrated as possible when you become dehydrated which of course is easier to do during the summer your skin becomes dry and tight so national you want to increase your water intake and on top of that eat plenty of fruits and vegetables speaking of eating vegetables brings us to our next summer grooming tip that's to make sure you eating as many foods as possible that contain antioxidants reason for this during the summer of course you're gonna get some sun damage antioxidants or foods that contain vitamins A C and E help reverse some of this damage so you definitely want to take in as many fresh fruits and vegetables as possible next up on the list make sure you're using that lip balm but not just any lip balm lip balm that contains SPF protection of at least a third and one of the reasons you really want to pay attention to the lips it's one area of skin that doesn't have melanin which is an extra protection against the sun's rays using a lip balm not only will help protect your lips from the Sun you know maybe reduce some skins cancer chances it also will help keep those lips very kissable in one of my favorite chapsticks with SPF protection try chap sticks ultra 30 now of course it naturally we can't just talk about sunscreen for your lips we're talking about the summer or matter that year-round make sure you use a sunscreen all over your body now once again make sure you're using one with at least SPF 30 rating and that goes for all you guys not just my fair-skinned guys dark-skinned guys like skinny guys everybody in between we all need to wear sunscreen yes that includes any complexion Eddy skins home get that sunscreen now one of the problems you definitely can run into during the summer is dry skin all over your body I'm talking about dry skin and rough patches one of the great ways to fight against this using an all-over body scrub this body scrub is gonna help exfoliate your skin get into read some of those dead cells and smooth out those dry patches in a couple of areas you want to pay extra attention to your legs and your arms one of my favorite body scrubs has to be the Anthony blue sea kelp body scrub now as I mentioned earlier since the weather is heating up and you're wearing less clothes people are gonna pay more attention to those grooming areas so I want to make sure you pay attention to those areas that you might overlook one of those your feet suggest you take pretty good care of your feet year-round but you're gonna have sandals on you may have flip-flops or you may be barefooted ugly beat up nasty toes will get noticed now I'm not saying you have to spring for pedicure but abase get it at home manicure kit father dead skin down even out those toes moisturize your feet make sure during the summer you're grooming those feet speaking of overlooked areas brings me to my next summer grooming tip make sure you're paying attention to removing hair in areas you might not think about during the rest of the year in particular get rid of that shoulder and back hey you're gonna be at the beach might have on a tent top this is gonna be seen but also you might want to take down a little bit the hair on your arms and your legs I didn't say remove it just reduce it a little bit and last but certainly not least on my list of the ten best summer grooming habits brings us to another manscaping area now during the summer we're gonna sweat a lot might get a little bit more odor under those arms one way to perhaps reduce that trim or even get rid of underarm hair that extra hair may trap in some of that odor that is gonna be more prevalent during the warm months trimming that hair under your arms is gonna help reduce some of that trap odor and makes you feel a little bit drier and a little bit cooler okay so there you have it my list of the 10 best summer grooming tips make sure you let us on my comments section what you pay more attention to during the war but as always I hope you enjoyed the video if so hit that like button helps the channel to grow and of course set the notification bill so you don't miss any of the videos we release every day at 4 p.m. Eastern and I'll check you out

41 thoughts on “10 Best Men's Summer Grooming And Hygiene Tips

  1. Very nice video Jeff. I have been carrying Lip balm in my pocket for the past 34 years since I was in Marine Corps boot camp. I eat my fruits and vegetables. I don’t wears shorts or sandals hardly at all, I am a blue jeans and sneakers man myself. I may try some of that body scrub and I do use a face wash. You are on top of your game. Keep up the good work my friend!

  2. Great video, Jeff! I watch faithfully. But damn, some of these its like…im just gon have to shower often, wash twice, or sumn. Some of these a lil much.

  3. Great tip with eating antioxidants foods, that’s a new one ☝?on a fashion channel. Keep kicking knowledge O.G. Style

  4. Need advice on these ATL women. I pull women all day when I'm not hollering at them. When I step 1st straight get rejected. And I dont come with no kiddy B.S.

  5. Great video OG!! Great tips most men don't even think about. The only thing a pedicure is mandatory!! Got to keep the feet looking good trust Women take notice!! Salute!!

  6. Great video! Speaking of hydration, do you have any water bottle recommendations? I've been thinking about investing in a new one for this summer

  7. What up my bro Og. Great video my brother and thanks for the tip on drinking more water trying to do that and eat more fruits vegetables.salute my friend.

  8. Respect O.G.!..very good list and thanks for those tips man!. Always keeping us Gents in the know, very good!. Curious to see your summer frags selection. A pleasure to check your videos. Big-up yourself man!

  9. Nice video Jeff …. For me what's difficult is find a fragrance for the summer strong enough for all day and I have some hair on my neck and shoulders what do you recommend to remove that hair? If you can give me your own statement on that

  10. Hey Jeff. Just saw you’re at 137K subscribers – and it seems like only a few weeks ago when you topped 100K. Great work! And congratulations.

  11. Salute O.G, looking forward to that summer cologne list. Was browsing around yesterday at the mall at some!

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