$1 Street Food Around The World

29 thoughts on “$1 Street Food Around The World

  1. Why you not go to Philippines and why mexico now ur money ur money on Philippines is peso to but mexico is pesos

  2. In Malaysia, you can get a a desert called "apom balik", is basically pancake severed in a different way

  3. После Индии мне чо та перехотелось кушать, как он булочку грязными руками вертел туда и сюда, это просто пиздец!!!

  4. In Dhaka, Bangladesh, you can have a lot of street food at $1!!! Feature Bangladesh in the next video!!!

  5. The Spanish thing is not called PORRO, it's PORRA (or churro, depending on the region). Porro means joint, the smoking one… xD

  6. A hotdog is about the most disgusting thing you could eat, plus I don’t think I would trust half of these food vendor, it food poisoning in the making

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