#1 Mistake New Guinea Pig Owners Make

Scotty’s Animals, Scott here we’re just
finishing up Adoption Day and I wanted to kind of clear something up right now
this is the number one mistake that new guinea pig owners make now there’s a lot
of things to learn when it comes to new guinea pigs and if your new guinea pig
owner but by far the biggest mistake that I see guinea pig owners making is
cage size okay the first and foremost thing is cages let’s come over here look
at look at this assortment of cages that we have here okay now if you were to go
to the pet store some of those pamphlets about guinea pigs say that this is the
minimum size for a guinea pig can you imagine living in two square feet for
your entire life especially if you were one foot that’s like a human living in a
twelve foot cube for their entire life it’s ridiculous it’s not fair and it
shouldn’t take a pet store employee to tell you that that’s appropriate or an
animal rescue advocate to tell you that it’s not appropriate common sense she
just dictates it the more space the better so this is what they recommend as
the minimum space then they also offer this one but at the L a guinea pig
rescue this is the Midwest this is what we consider the minimum space and that’s
it’s just that it’s the minimum this isn’t the maximum the maximum is you go
by a McMansion in the Hollywood Hills and you let all your guinea pigs run
free if only we had the resources to spoil everything a pigs like that I’m
sure we all would but we recommend the CMC cage setup where
you put it together using the grids and the coroplast
but we also recommend the CNC cage which is what this is but by far the number
one thing people come in to the rescue and they’re like surprised that we’re
advocating for a large cage space now I’m not gonna finish this video without
saying that guinea pigs need to be eating hay 80 percent of their diet
should be timothy hay and they should have access to high-quality pellets like
sherwoodk or Oxbow or the organic pellets that we have at the rescue but
they shouldn’t have seeds and they shouldn’t have little treats in them if
you want to give your guinea pigs treats the treats are fresh veggies we have a
nice food list on the L a guinea pig rescue website and I’ll also post it
right here ok but it’s important that guinea pigs have proper diet and that
they don’t live alone but number one the number one most heartbreaking thing that
I see when people come into the rescue is that they and I say well what kind of
cage do you have and they look around and they point to one of our surrendered
cages and it’s not adequate it’s not fair and so I just want to clear the air
up and say minimum eight square feet so that’s it thanks for watching nice short
and sweet you guys have many questions you can always leave them in the
comments you can always message the L a guinea pig rescue through email through
Facebook Instagram any social media and you can always
message me thank you guys very much appreciate it this is a beautiful example of a two by
five CNC cage and this is something that you could easily put together for about
forty dollars the grids you can get on Amazon if you go to my website Scotty’s
animals I’ve got a link to a pack of grits just like this for eighteen
dollars you don’t need these connectors you just zip tie it closed if you go to
guinea pig cages comm they’ll tell you how to build it
hi Saskia I was just talking about like one of the big mistakes that guinea pig
owners make is cage size there’s a lot of different mistakes but so often we
see people coming in with tiny cages and they’re surprised and then when they see
the Midwest yeah I showed I showed that cage but and and then you say well this
is our we point to the Midwest and before I can even finish saying that
it’s the minimum required people say oh it’s so big I’m like in the middle of
saying well this is our minimum the guys a mansion yeah yeah most people realize well
missus you say can you imagine living your life in the tiniest space then
people sort of get it but in also from a selfish reason if you want to enjoy your
pigs when they’re up on a table like that look she’s reaching up and to you
yeah it’s dingy and yeah yes and we have all of these pet store cages because
we’re overflowing yeah but but it’s better for us to be overflowing than for
us to not take in the piggies we’re weird yeah and that’s another thing is
we’re doing the best we can but I just wanted to show this as an example of an
amazing cage so all right that’s it and we got a chance to talk to Saskia okay
so that’s it and you don’t even have to spend money on these Heidi’s you can you
can use the Amazon box there’s plenty of ways to save money but where you don’t
want to save is don’t want to skimp out on high quality hay and good food you
know but where you can save money is by building the cage yourself the best
guinea pig cage is the one you build yourself and don’t get all creative
don’t turn a dresser drawer or a bookshelf into a guinea pig cage it’s
too much work and it’s unnecessary these things are light easy to clean so
don’t reinvent the wheel spend your time focusing on your guinea pigs caring and
love your guinea pigs alright that’s all I
wanted to say that’s all I wanted to say thank you guys

67 thoughts on “#1 Mistake New Guinea Pig Owners Make

  1. I have a Frankenstein cage. Part critter nation panels, part c&c and the bottom of a Midwest is Hugo’s run attached to his house

  2. Love the video Scotty! I can't believe people put their pigs in a small cage. C&c cages are easy to build and alot cheaper than the small pet store cages.

  3. I set up a baby play pen. It’s the gray gate it’s hug. But I love the c&c so you can make it how ever you want you can add on to it.

  4. It isn't bad for my pigs to be eating orchard hay, right? Since I am getting allergic reactions to timothy I wanted to switch.

  5. I disagree on only one point. It's not a bad thing to be creative with building cages. My piggles have an old bookshelf as a cage and that thing laying down is a mansion for my fuzzbums. Should see them popcorning through it. 🙂

  6. So I just have a question. I live in Ontario Canada, and I am wondering what brand and where should I buy liquid vitamin C and ivermectin?

  7. Right now on amazon you can get the Midwest cage for $31.00 and free shipping it mine about a week if your prime member you can get it in two days

  8. I have a 2/4 C&C!! My Boy just Loves it!! (All that room plus hay loft) He's in hog heaven!! I do have lots of extra grids if I wanted to make it bigger. He gets changed daily, he's a very messy boy. (Fresh hay, fruit, veggies & water )Thank You for sharing Scott!!

  9. Your right I had scary accident with small cage guinea pig or rabbit get foot stuck Nd get scare. Nd start limping but she better thank god.i need to make a vcage or buy one like that

  10. I just recently bought a 2×6 c and c cage for my guinea pig Chester and he loves it? looking for a good friend for him right now any tips on introducing guinea pigs?:D(I would appreciate tips from anyone scrolling through the comments:)

  11. Easy to build one yourself. And the post office has Free boxes ? that are perfect for piggie houses. And don't feel bad about using that small cages at the rescue when you have to. I know you would have them all free range on the ranch if you could. But since their stay is hopefully temporary you make due with what you can.

  12. Hi Scotty! I believe those white packages behind you are wood chips. Do you use those in your cages? Or are those not recommended? Is Orchard grass ok to feed as the main grass too?

  13. That's sad. No creature should be imprisoned, it's a crap quality of life. Can't get the c and c cages here, but there are so many options. I had my piggies free range they loved popcorning and speeding every where.
    It's great that people get the best info with you and the rescue centre.
    Thankyouuuu, hope you're well and getting festive ❤♥❤

  14. I have 3 boys. 2 are brothers that have 2×3 two story and my other boy 2×5. I love my boys. I cuddle and even nap with them. I love your videos. I have learned so much from the in jus the short 7ms i became a pigmom.

  15. I have 4 guinea pigs in a 6×2 c and c cage with a 2 x 2 loft… is that big enough? 3 weeks ago I rescued a female 18mth old guinea pig who weighed about 980grms.. she was lethargic, her coat was super coarse, Her ribs were sticking out I could literally feel the pointy ends of the ribs and I could feel her spine – but she had a really large bottom! Now she actually weighs 880gms… and I can’t feel her ribs anymore… can they get bloated due to malnutrition? Also noticed she was hopping everywhere – I started her on child life vitamin C liquid… and now she is walking, no more hopping and her coat is silky and soft too.

  16. Yah I'm guilty of blowing 80 bux on a pet store cage at first and now I do like using it for travel. Travelling with a Midwest habitat is nice too because it collapses well and fits in my Honda Civic trunk just right.

  17. My 2 boars fight and rumble alot in a midwest size cage. I found 18 cc grids at goodwill for 10$ zip ties for .78 cents. I made a 5ft x 5ft inclosure for 11$ and it can fold away when i dont need it. They love it. Im keeping my eyes out for more to expand it more.

  18. I like IT very much ?
    My piggies live in a hollyweed???? mansion a Carpenter made IT good but also tell the people thatthe cage the rescue guinneapigs live in is temperarly ?

  19. It's a massive misconception that "small pets" only need small spaces and tbh that's not helped by manufacturers who are in it simply for the money. Videos such as this are so valuable as education is all it takes ❤

  20. when I adopted lucy she came in one of those pet store cages, but now I use it as a hospital/travel cage. she and ricky live in a 2×4 C&C + loft. it makes me sad to think of guinea pigs living in those tiny cages as their home. ? they should only ever be used as temp/hospital/travel cages.

  21. I love the c&c cages! I have them too! It’s sad how crazy expensive they are in the Netherlands though, but fully worth it!

  22. I work at a pet store and I tell people the mid west cage is the minimum. And I educate them about c&c. Breaks my heart when they buy that stupid tiny cage.

  23. Since I rescue at home, some of my cages are not as big as they should be. But my piggies get lots of attention and floor time everyday. There are some issues with the Midwest cage, the bottom canvas gets stained and icky. Also, I am afraid they will buckle if the cats jump on top of them. I was just figuring out this morning how to put Princess and baby Delilah in a bigger cage…wow did I feel guilty when you got on your soapbox!…..that phrase shows how old I am .

  24. I agree. We ended up making our own after every C&C cage kept breaking on us so we ended up making an actual run and giving the piggies their own room. While I wanted to love the C&C cages, they just weren't sturdy enough for us. We even used zip ties to try to give them extra help of staying together with the connectors but they just kept coming apart. But our peegs love their runs more than they ever did the C&C cages plus their runs are larger than the C&C cages we ever had 🙂

  25. Ugh, i hate the ikea bookshelf cages that show up on pinterest, they look hard to clean, no air circulation, and obviously guinea pigs aren't climbers so they likely aren't utilizing the whole cage. I went over board and bought 3 packs of grids for my cage, and I used the extra to make a stand for storage underneath. The rest I used to make a gates for floor time, and for temporary hay racks, you can also make hideys for them or second levels. Grids are very versatile.

  26. I let my boys roam free in my room, they've got places to hide and chew. Everything's guinea pig proofed! ? it's their little kingdom 🙂

  27. There’s nothing like watching these little angels zoom around and popcorn like crazy in a decent sized cage. Believe me, your piggies will be all the more happy, healthy and comfortable.

  28. Way way off topic but the music you use in the background reminds me of back in the good old days when we played Mario brothers with a Nintendo when they first came out! I was a bit of a spoiled child!
    I’m supper proud of my accommodations! I have two rooms that my pigs have to themselves! When u can vacuum the cage with a regular vacuum cleaner lol! This girl does daily! Two of my pigs free run my living room! They are both potty trained and only go in their box!

  29. I guess the people who think guinea pigs can live in small cages just have never seen them run around and popcorn just for joy. If they knew how sporty especially younger piggies are, it would be clear that they need a lot of space. My guinea pigs had a whole room (my sis had luckily moved out just before I got the piggies).

  30. Agreed! The cages at pet stores are just crazy!! Personally I wouldn't even keep a pair of guinea pigs in a Midwest, but it's still heaps better than a pet store cage!

  31. My 3 boys live in two connected midwest cages. Those grids aren't sold in europe, there are some that are exported from the US but that means they are very expensive.

  32. They’re so cute! I had one, and she was with me all the time! I had a fenced in area of my apartment so she could run and play and have floor time. Her water bottle hung on the fence, her potty was in there, her food and toys, and I played with her a lot. She was a loveable and cuddly baby, and she only went into her cage when she wanted and at night to sleep. Otherwise, I even had a harness and leash for her, and we’d go outside. I also had a little carrier for her that I wore in front of me—attached to me with harness—that she would be in whenever I went for a walk or took her to our veterinarian. She loved it; I loved her. Her name was Cuddles.

  33. Hi, Scotty! I've seen toys at the store that had little pine cones. Would a sterilized pine cone be an acceptable chew toy for my guinea babies?

  34. I think it's great you're advocating for larger cage sizes!! I have a Midwest for one piggy, amale named Percy, and am upgrading to a 2 x 4 C & C with a 2 x 2 loft.. And am going to a rescue to adopt a female piggy that Percy can bond with. Thanks for all the helpful info out of L.A.!! Merry Christmas to you and all the piggies!!?

  35. I'm excited because I've cut some grass and set it to dry into hay for my piggies! They live in a 2 foot by 3.5 foot cage most of the time with hay grown and cut locally available to them, a dry food mixture consisting of pellets, chaff and grain. They also get an hour minimum outside in an open-roofed cage on good weather days, supervised of course!

  36. Hey! So true….I have my two boys in two 2 X 5 connected C & C cages on fleece. They love the space….I'm thinking of opening it up to a wide 4 X 5 so they can have more space….and no ramp between. Give your piggies space folks!

  37. Scotty, my guinea pig has a fungal infection right by her eye and won’t let me clean it with your recommended shampoo. And also won’t let me apply your recommended ointment on it either. What do you suggest I do??? I try to just get as close to it as I can with both things mentioned.

  38. I’ve been researching guinea pigs for the last week. I’ve seen a lot say you HAVE to get a pair then others say not necessarily. Thoughts???

  39. I recomend a c&c cage! You can build it to fit your needs for space and provide tons of space for the piggies! Plus the midwest is easily a $70 cage. You can build a spacious c&c cage for around $50 or less! As far as cleaning goes the c&c is very easy to clean. The plastic doesn't hold dirt well or cause buildup of waste because it's smooth. Use tones of zip ties or aka cable ties. It is much more structurally sound. I personally have 5 piggies. I have two bonded pairs that I keep in a 2×5 each. Unfortunately I have one lonely piggy. I am in search of a cage mate that will get along with him but he is in my old midwest cage. I also love vet bed for bedding!

  40. Love this video! My trio lives in a 2×6 grid C&C with a little loft, I got the biggest cage I could fit in my apartment. Shipping from the US to Europe was costly, but 100% worth it. They can run in it and make little leaps when they get excited, and they have the space to hang out or have some alone time if they want. It’s great!

  41. I love Scotty!! He is so darned hot!! I want piggies some day and he has really helped with my expectations, so now I’m waiting.

  42. I know there are times you must be bursting at the seams with abandoned/neglected piggies and have bad to resort to whatever space/cage you have to save their precious lives but the best thing is, you know the importance of floor time and room to play, sadly many people don't, thankyou for xaring for these beautiful piggies I live in the UK and the best rescue I know of is Avalon Guinea Pig Rescue, they're in Facebook, they do an equally amazing job as you, keep fighting for these sweethearts❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  43. Mine live in pairs in a 6feet long by 2feet wide, by 2feet tall and two storey which is twice what I just stated! They Love it!!

  44. I read somewhere that Oxbow Alfalfa hay is better for baby guinea pigs and then to switch them to Timothy as they grow into adulthood . Would you be ok with that? By the way thank you for all the knowledge you put out through your video

  45. Ooooh Scotty… you are so amazing… driving 3h from your new place to Saskia and animals.
    Thank you that you did not quit.
    Love you for your heats and care. Huge hugs fir All of you

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