40 thoughts on “1 Hour Best of Funny & Cute Dogs ❤ Pets Compilation

  1. I played this video on the tv and made my mom see it the whole time time so I could get a chance to get a puppy

  2. Train your dogs NOT to lick your babies mouth! A woman just died from her dogs saliva! Remember what your dog OR cat uses to clean their butts with.

  3. Number of likes Number of how many pups

    1.like 1pup
    2.likes 2pups
    3.likes 3pups
    4.likes 4pups
    5.likes 5pups
    6.likes 6pups
    7.likes 7pups
    8.likes 8pups
    9.likes 9pups
    0.Any number of pups

    What kind of breed is your dog in your birthday

    January Smart
    February patient
    March Royal
    April Fast
    May funny
    June beautiful
    July happy
    August hyper
    September I don't know
    October smart
    November playful
    December Cute

  4. quand je vois des chose comme cela mois je suis tres cont(ent de voir quil ya des perssonne qui adore lheur bette mois pascal michel je vous remerci du plus pronfond de mont coeur continuer a faire passer des chose comme cela pour mois cest vre mant extraordinnaire merci a vous tousse pascal michel

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