100 thoughts on “1 dog killed, 2 attacked by coyotes in Deerfield

  1. This sounds crazy but my two fully trained police force ex German Shepards where attacked by one of these while on holiday and cos German shepherds are so lethal,, my boys took that son of a gun out to rest forevwr. Never underestimate a German shepherd. Cut but dangerous things

  2. Some ppl think this pitbull is a wimp bt most these morons don't understand how powerful Koyote's are. 2 Koyote's are MORE than enough to kill the biggest pitbull

  3. This story is a stupid blame on wild animals. Coyotes are very smart since they hunt alone. So coyote will only attack smaller SINGLE victim easy prey. Her dogs attacked each others to death, known for pit bulls.

  4. Coyotes will lure larger dogs to follow them where the pack waits and ambushes them
    Like wolves. And they can scale a six foot fence no problem

  5. I always walk my dog without a leash, it’s very well trained and I’m literally always looking everywhere because I have seen coyotes as soon as I see one I hold my dog and and walk big towards it and they run off. The ones around me are scared of people but yeah I will never just leave my dog alone in the backyard

  6. If a coyote killed one of my dogs id get some rabid hell hounds that were starving and release them in my back yard hoping those coyotes would come back

  7. Saw a coyote in my neighborhood, inner part of Houston. But no point in pd nor animal control because it was late at night, no point. If the laws allowed me that coyote would have been dead. Then animal control can come pick it up in the am

  8. We found a coyote in our backyard, we have 3 dogs. They were inside so they were safe- HOLY I GOTTA GET READY FOR MY SCHOOL CARNIVAL

  9. That ain’t no pitbull I’m sorry like pitbulls and bulldogs were met to kill bulls that why u hear bull in there name she gotta Ruffin them pitbulls up

  10. I don’t live near coyotes I think but I have three small dogs and some coyote killed them I would grab my sledge hammer and do some stuf to it to release all my anger alssooo im a 11 year old boy ? I won’t kill the coyote but I’ll open a can of whoop dog on dat coyote anything for me doggos EDIT:me DOGGOS STILL ALIVE I WAS JUST SAYING IF A COYOTE KILLED ME THREE PUPPERS

  11. I don’t think I need to remind anyone… but seriously DO NOT LEAVE YOUR DOGS OUTSIDE IF YOU LEAVE YOUR HOME! It’s a no brainer, especially if coyotes were spotted, not only that we have people that steal animals, anything could happen that’s why I would never ever leave my dogs outside if I leave the property. Think about it, those coyotes are hunting to eat, they do not want to starve so they get desperate.

  12. She has pitbulls? No sign of the coyote? Also, coyote can only MAX to 55lbs. If they are lucky. I really think her pitbulls attacked each other and the little runt.

  13. Yeah, the coyote that never entered that yard before believed its territory was being violated. What a crock of bull! It went there to kill and eat, period. Dude, get real! These no truth tellers are disgusting.

  14. Coyotes can jump over a 7 foot fence. I’ve seen it as i rescued a maleteae getting chaser by a coyote until i flash my high beams ar it and it jumped over a 6 almost 7 foot fence.

  15. They are my favourite dogs and I love them kind of dog so much and I did have a people but she was a red nose pitbull and she got out because my uncle let her out and she’s still on the streets but we don’t know where she is and Monday we are going to go to Swan Hill pound to check if she’s there I’ve been crying she miss her so much and I can’t go on my life without her she is like a guard dog I feel so so for the dog on for years old I niche is happy now in heaven

  16. Must have been lil dogs the dogs I got are not at risk cause I don’t own ankle biters the coyotes are at risk round here

  17. A good pitbull is a dead pit bull! Coyotes are getting revenge for their wildlife friends

  18. Interesting story. Wonder how many coyotes there were. Had to be several to attack three dogs. Weird how they killed the pit bull and not the smaller dog.

  19. i blame the owner. should never let them in garden unsupervised when you have coyotes lurking around. I bet that owner installed a dog flap door because she was too lazy to give them regular dog walks. she got her dog killed and she aint fooling no one wearing that sweater with the dog on it, probably so people won't clock on that she's clearly a lousy dog owner.

  20. I’m gonna have normal small dogs and then a pack of Rottweilers and German Shepards to protect the little ones from coyotes lol



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