?? Schnauzer Puppy is SO Obedient!! Ace is Amazing ??

hey YouTube this is Lani with Snake River k9 I'd like to introduce you to ace ace is one of our puppies that is currently enrolled in our unique and amazing puppy training program our basic program is an eight week program and ace is about halfway through that training so stay tuned to check out his progress all right so in this video we're gonna be watching ace doing a little bit of his obedience training right now he's practicing some obedience and then here in a minute he's gonna be doing some of his state training ace is a liver and white parti-colored toy size two miniature schnauzer he's very cute and he's doing awesome in our training program like I said he's about halfway through our eight-week basic training program right now so he's right on target for where he needs to be at with his training in this training session he is working on sit down stay up off spin and touch right now you can see that his trainer is working on some extended stays this is really excellent for being in training for about four weeks now he's doing awesome with his extended stays you can see this he's not only staying and placed on the training bed but he's also staying in positioned either in the sit or the down position so he's doing really awesome there's some distractions happening in the background and he continues to hold that position so we really really love to see that at this stage not all of our puppies are this patient and this easygoing in their training sessions each puppy is different and their personalities are a little bit different but this is a sin so you can see that he's really laid back he's an easygoing boy so they're our handler did a blind to stay where she walked around the counter and he couldn't see her and obviously he did awesome he didn't even flinch now here ace is practicing some of his kennel manners we like our puppies to enjoy their kennel time we use our kennels for rest periods so for example at night time or during the day after the puppies have had sufficient playtime so we want our puppies to be excited to go in their kennels we want them to know that their kennel is a place for them to relax and you can see that we're using a little bit of positive reward to get them excited to go in their kennels and know that their kennels are a positive place to be now here's some of our puppies in training hanging out outside in the sunshine it's springtime and so the sunshine doesn't come around very often and we're excited to see it when we do so you can see them hanging out together they're getting along well with the other puppies and with the children and the family and you can see ace is such an easygoing boy we really love his personality it's very laid-back he's very willing to go along with the situation that he's put in and he's just very sweet and very smart and we're very excited for his future family to meet him and to be able to get to spend some time with him now since we work with puppies full-time we found some really awesome training AIDS treats food and other dog products that we absolutely love if you're interested in finding out what those products are you can check out the links in the description for more information on our favorite dog products if you're interested in a pre-trained puppy like ace you can contact us through our website for more information on a unique and amazing puppy training program or to see our current and available puppies in training please visit our website at wwlp.com

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