49 thoughts on “? Soldiers Coming Home Surprise Compilation 84

  1. ''For None are closer to the Author of Sacrifice Himself…
    Than Those who choose to perform it for the Sake of Others!'' -gilpin 41319
    & Their Loved One's Know It!

  2. Leaving their kids for 6 months at a time to go shoot brown people in the desert for corrupt politicians…..heroes ?

  3. Shoutout to all those who came home to no hearos welcome. No celebrations or parties, just did their duty for their fellow soldiers and their country. #madrespect

  4. Soldiers are murderers and that is all they'll ever be, they should be treated like dogs cuz they lost their humanity the second they decided to kill another human

  5. I just want to say thank you to all of our military personnel that is serving, served, or will serve. thank you so much!

  6. Пропаганда США госдепа Фёдоров про это говорил. Америкосы это артисты все проплачено сценарии все это.

  7. They are lucky to come home alive. Usually they come in body bags when they invade sovereign countries on false flags operations created by the psychopaths that lead the USA.

  8. This is really a beautiful video! Thank you and God bless all our veterans and soldiers missing their families!

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