what is up guys and welcome back to dieter plays we've got a bunch of pets as usual to give away to you guys on the reset this guy over here and have him still working away hatching pets for you guys for us to give away let me see here I'm gonna delete this okay let's show you what I have here in the inventory wait I gotta go do this first and then this okay here we go guys but blaze was first I had roblox welcome music with Kaden I see you I notice you how's it going Jasmine mehmed of Thiele master cup 2 cup top gamer white tee I'm so salty I so salty we're all salty man I think I don't know you're gonna have but anyways look at this I've got like 278 platinum cubes guys 278 of them I also have let's see 20 platinum dual porns to giveaway we still have a whole bunch of these summer serpents so I think a lot of people are gonna get a platinum cube and a summer serpents we also have eight viruses still popped up gamer white tea I said hi I said your name rageh raga hi hello okay let me make sure that desktop audio is not going over there as well okay sweet all right guys how are you doing yo you see the Lummi and tweet there's a new Lumia I gotta check it out well I'll check it out here in a minute but anyways I'm going to a public server you guys follow me in there kay didn't know you're the best did notifications even go out what is going on here was there only 16 people what is going on there should be a lot um let me see ok so I'm going to do that but I'm gonna go into a public server you guys can follow me in my username is dieter plays same as the channel name so I'm going to I gotta find a server that only has one person hey what's up say it say hello Brahmin okay cool looks like notifications finally went out Celeste Eduardo dark paradox life poke and Ivy how you doing welcome to the stream for Fleur for flaps for plops burp laughs okay that's the cool hola mr. laksa derp but let's see devs Yoli are you doing good to see you will find a page with one person on it here soon see okay there we go all right you guys follow me in follow me in I'm joining somebody right meow hey new plays in the house hi you're the best game boy meet thank you so much I hope you guys are all able to get in everybody here freak cat is back we got free cat back in the house good to see you again free cat how are you Giusti rules hi hello hidden wolf all right we're just gonna upgrade roblox here for a second before I go into the server I wonder if it's gonna fill it before I got it did you get it cracking from someone fated fury I decided I don't really want to get in the middle of that hmm I haven't no somebody tried to offer and I was gonna take it but I think I probably shouldn't watch out should be waiting in your closet wait a clown and a balloon okay Celeste I'm scared now incognito hey what's up do plus how you doing bro gets to know notification two minutes late looks and realizes it's 30 minutes early and makes Facebook like wait what we makes makes face like look like that oh not Facebook face look I've changed my roblox name oh really another two deaths you're gonna have to make sure I know what it is so I don't delete it whoa hello kill my day ouch jeez that say yeah it's a rough username there that's it that's a tough one okay let's see what you got yeah I don't see anything to praise going on there so I say we kick this show off with a bang right let's kick it off with a bang and give a platinum dual Korn away these are pretty good pets guys pretty cool I'm gonna not kill your day I'm gonna make your day awesome is what I'm gonna do the Kraken so uh you asked and that was that's what I was you know concerned about and that's why I didn't want to bother with it Josh coos remember Josh I know you Josh it does for goose Desmond it was Guzman Guzman for a while wasn't it junior fc-1 okay try to remember these names and the people that I'm trading with okay guys just trying to make sure I know wanna trade okay alright let's see so we'll give you a cube and a serpent most people are gonna end up getting a cube and a serpent today it's 7 p.m. in your country may is it are you in like Netherlands in that area that era hi Connor – hello condor name one word in the dictionary that ends with duos Hindu us hideous do us the Sid Sid do us deciduous deciduous like trees no does that count is that it does that is that close enough or I don't know it's really hard to come up with these names I don't think we can or obscure there how's it going all right Rosie boy 23 okay Rosie boy 23 I already gave you one I get killed my day Rosie boy and Junior FC we've given them pets don't let me give pets to somebody twice guys if you guys could you could leave the server so other people can get in that would be really really awesome that would be cool I think other people who are watching and trying to be a pest would really appreciate that apply them Overlord I've got four of them I need to get more I need to make a shiny there's only five that ends with duos Oh insane gamers what are those what are those words then what are they how many put them over Lawrence yeah I've got four hopefully I can have two at least another one and then maybe I can find someone else to pass five and we can make a shiny we can get off my index and we can give it to whoever whoever helps me complete it death five nine eight eight okay death five nine eight eight here you go buddy cuz that's very specific why with the numbers I don't know maybe it was a suggestion name can you give pets if you gave laughs straight last name Tony yeah I'll still give you pets if I gave you pets in the last stream that was the last stream you know I want you guys to you know still come to streams but you know I I try to only give you one like set of pets per stream you know Lexie Lee thanks you're awesome brah the real real mother cat lover for three dead hello real mother cat lover good to see you here's how it should work as soon as you get a pet leave so other people I know right Celeste it doesn't always work that way um wait what I was afk over school today and I hatched an overlord and a crack in what nice yeah I would oops who was that I would really like to uh you know come to my computer and see those red letters sometime you know like that I hatched a secret pet but no no no no you know two point seven you know about 2.7 million you know in but yeah I've had staff you I fetched a few some once said that I was on the leaderboard like I'm number 100 I was like I used to be around fifty yo the beast oh six good to see you hello this channel is pointless well you were able to come and say hi so it's not pointless you're able to watch other channels right you know it's kind of that's a point right that's a good physical point they're a big brawl ugly bear no problem Caden D'Amato okay a kid no I don't want those Caden keep those I'm gonna have to unmute hey wait those keep those yeah keep those bro you got to keep those here I gotta move this thing worse little closer do you know only access exists oh yeah that is you okay I'm salty you guys should all change your roblox names to match your YouTube names just to make my life easier I'm just kidding they're hugging Peter won't Project X are they hugging me nothing they're not hugging that I don't think there's hugging in this game I don't they're hogging I think that's what you meant to say okay well maybe you only have room for one pet I guess that's what we're just gonna do is just give you the one alright just take the one then if that's what that's what you need I mean uh muumuus moon Oh mm you know let's see last message Larry re seeing that roblox name again try to find me on four oh man incognito you changed it again well now you're really incognito okay you know okay no ice I wish never changed my roblox name it's a thousand robot which is ridiculous a strong hello a strong okay I can give an Electra he's auto clicker and sleep it at night yep that's I'll give you half my legend I don't you should actually just keep because I've got Electress just keep that just keep yours I'm gonna have to decline alright whatever let's just I'll give that to somebody else I just don't oh heck no yaha Dargo oh heck yes oh heck yes it's MTB blazes in the house oh heck yes AG CC yeah wait what trying to trade me again alright I've got everybody here in the server I think you said four bad clown so it's time for me to go to another sheriff gasps time for me to go into another serving yep I think this is the only person I have a traitor yet and it's time to bounce to another one but there's three people trying to load in see this is the hard part that's the tricky part make VIP um I don't know what's up TJ they're girls some people can't get into VIP servers though for some reason hundreds and the house doesn't want a pet shooter chicken alright shoot you're checking come in come in here and get a pet I did not get a pet yet LOL 'master plays didn't I just give you a a cube I thought I gave you a cube let's see these two people let me see Ella master but I gave you a cube George and you were trying to get me to give you or you're trying to give me the Electra or something did you cancel the trade okay whatever you don't have a cube so whatever take word for it oh I don't want those keep those I don't want them keep them keep them alright guys don't try to give me bets here I'm trying to give you bits Henry loo this is not the wrong colour here buddy music with Kaden no problem buddy where are you were you in there's a giant pearl in that server nice somebody's got a giant pearl [Applause] Brewed if a Big Brother lover I'm no good at this game wait I pulled my oh it's mr. Gary all right I'm gonna have to because I don't want those really gonna try to keep the oh jeez okay no sorry Ella Master I don't want those you did Leah geez with the 10 pound donation oh my gosh Leah Leah Leah Leah thank you so much thank you thank you you are so kind and so generous Leah save your money and do some some other really fun stuff for yourself do you last message Larry I'm sorry I missed the message Larry I was gonna try to get meat but signed on here um it makes me sad what makes you sad I don't play Arsenal or terraria I can't decide also the final update for terraria is gonna come this year oh because it's gonna be the last update I was just going through my games and I have terraria on the Xbox it's probably massive updates since I played it last it's it's been a minute it's been a minute I'm not gonna lie alright so this one person I'm gonna tread straight with and then this is it time to go to another server guys okay that person not accepting the trade okay okay I gave him a chance guys I gave him a chance alright let's see here I'll join this one this one's person's got a heart above their head I wanted replays aren't cosmonauts guys come and join it fills up really fast trade queen overlord for two dual corns for a plat Overlord win or lose I don't know that sounds okay did you check dieter O's am did I check what dieter guess what roblox username is gaming with Kaden is that it music with Kaden I don't know John Allen good luck trying to find me on your list it's a big name change well don't well sometimes if I don't recognize names I like delete people from my friends list so be careful Matt just be careful dude uh poppin Pope in Knight Pope and mites poppin mites all right poppin might thank you so much for the two-pound donation poppin might and Leah you guys didn't even give us comments can we get hashtag death julia and hashtag poppin might xbox will get the next update this year brings hardmode that you get after killing a wall whoa I'm looking forward to whenever halo infinity comes out I was I was a big fan of Halo back in the day oh let's see got platinum cube going on you got one platinum cube okay Dennis Daly fan he's a fan of Dennis Daley his name should read his name should be dieter do your plays fan right here maybe if I give him a virus he'll say I'm a dieter place fan I'm changing my name to do two place I'll accept it this is a cup you silly goose Leah Leah Leah Leah thank you guys so we get a hash hash tag everyone another two devs let's do that let me see okay so I'm gonna copy this I'm gonna get this bot signed on here okay come on bot okay connect and turn that off boom okay sweet yay we got a bot connected guys miss stick wait what mystic warrior Wow Leah I know right I love you thank you I don't know how to pronounce those words um sorry yeah I don't know how to pronounce those words I don't otherwise I would say it I would say those those words yeah whatever I don't know what language that is developer Leah dev Leah just so awesome the two devs the amazing the fantastic last message roll dice good luck insane gamers it's hash tag frenemy or riot by the way it's something that comes during sales oh yeah the frenemy I wanted the frenemy to go on sale during this last sale but it didn't so hopefully it goes on sale next time let's see abstractive there's not a lot of people on the server I wonder if it's taken a while to load in for people delicate Nova a little delicate Nova how are you today okay you delicate Nova you have one of those and one of these go enjoy dude I'm late let Amit why are you so late yo free cat I think you have to do a number after you roll dice and then you're rolling dice you know you know how it works that's our house it following it's no I know um I think this server is kind of broken because it is not letting people in okay that was delicate nuovo we got abstracted desi and nope not Z nops knobs knobs noops platinum cube and some circuit there you go get these while there hi guys I eat rats life how do those taste that that doesn't sound sanitary I'm not gonna lie to you sounds a little gross but how do they taste maybe they're maybe they're good maybe rats are delicacy where I don't know my friend has to crack in sweida righto oh yeah your friend Gigi best girl our friend Gigi best girl we should get her on the friends list she's been here too a lot of streams alright this person has not gotten it yet or nobs nopsi okay so you've only got like a couple Platinum's okay I guess you've got more Platinum's now you got a shiny platinum cube I think they've just been hatching only on this one dubler stole my thing I get a keeps changing his user now which is my thing Oh Larry is that your thing Larry murder monkey gaming universe buddy bro let's see you gotta accept it buddy yeah accept it I have something good these are good these are good I'm giving platinum I'm gonna have to decline though and I don't know I'm curious with all those with what you've got why why do you only have like a shiny platinum cube and then two other platinum cubes you know I don't get it I don't get it what do you think uh yes your friend Gigi best girl I know I cannot believe she hatched that that's so awesome Christian rippen what's up Christian ribbon flossed sugar let's see all right let's go you got lots of pretty decent pets um viruses okay nice flossed sugar that's a very interesting name I would say that would be a name that I would call cotton candy cuz that's basically what it is it's like sugar floss it is it's like floss sort of sugar I boosted your disco server ball plays dude thank you so much the server is broken I know I think so actually it did start filling up but we got you got you got you not you yet or you okay let's see master Dada oh really I mean whoa whoa you better take these you have to take them it means cotton candy floss sugar see that makes sense that's that's basically what it is oh my gosh all right if you take too long I add them awhile ago whoo wait insane gamer now Amit yo dude you unfriend me dieter can unfriend me Isaac darlin wait what is code today what code I left Ratto ID to christen rippen alright sweet that means other people were probably able to get in like this person who wait what is that weird that looks like he has like a weird thing on his neck I'm like what is that that is very strange that is very strange thing that's a very strange thing alright since you got a strange thing let's give you a platinum dual-core buddy here's a platinum dual chord for being strange I like strangeness pink strange is good purple skittle yo how you doing she also let me borrow it sweet Oh righto now make sure you give it back okay don't don't steal a forever that's pretty nice and trusting a further that's cool okay please I have something good real app real admin I mean I I've been I'm kind of randomly giving things out we already gave some to you some of you I think it's time to go into another server cuz pretty sure everybody on this server has gotten something from me yeah it's time to go into another server time we go into another server cuz I'm just getting a request from people I've already treated with laughs right no okay I'll try mints long as it's not too far up there dieter don't freak out if you see someone has died from you okay I know that's you now now I know it's you Larry I don't see your last message man can you say it again is there a word that got removed white snowy white flake I'm sorry I missed your message yo how's it going snowy I don't mind though lol duple stole my thing okay he doesn't mind Larry doesn't mind it's all good real awesome pants 10 thank you real awesome pants 10 we gotta meet you gotta meet to meet but has a friend yeah real awesome pants that is awesome sauce that is awesome sauce um let's see um when you got what you good so yeah let's do the Platinum and summer serpent shy start stop now is perfect wait what you stop no you know you already have it back to her yesterday oh that's so awesome you're so cool why does me about time people out for saying people for a day does he really time people out for a day what does meet but really do that for what oh my gosh I need to fix that configuration I have no idea I'm gonna have to fix that somehow though cuz I don't want him timing people out for a day yo don't timing out for a day me but I'm gonna have to get take care of that I'm gonna have to fix that setting at some point alright amazing super sword let's give you an amazing Super Pets alright no he this person needs a dual-core and they do they're having their they don't see I don't see any dual corns over there they needed a dual-core there you go a plat dual oh wait I wasn't I did man when they asked for it I don't want to give it to when they asked for it if you're my username leafy sort EG you and mister compress oh I remember the leafy sore yeah the gaming universe mister come and then murder monkey and then Larry Larry he changed his name a lot diga notice me MC Jerry are you doing Yvonne is that is that your is that you like yours that was that somebody else's account that Yvonne thing is that somebody else's I don't know DJ a Bevan D D gab Evan D Gabe Evan D gave an D game van I don't know look green yeah guys after you get something if you can leave other people NCT mystic yo rainbow oh gee dad I've locked on mostly Rainbow Dash oh my gosh Rainbow Dash where have you been I changed my name to the real meat bot if you want to omit if you really if you really want to Rainbow Dash how have you been I got back I got back how you got the banhammer Freddie plays I took it from somebody no modern chess chessy did I trade this person what he also send me a request there and I don't know if I traded them or not if you guys leave after you get the bets that's it that's perfect guys they're like leave the game people fleurs but when will you get in there some people do leave you know some people they don't and it's very upsetting and they don't know why they're so savage don't know whether so savages okay Zee pink princess let me give you a virus there we go that'll be a helpful pet for your team I think Josh I can't add you right now dear I'm back superfine an a joy to welcome back good to see you super fanatic how you been what do you been up to we all lost the bank heist good job guys this is not fair for tonight gamer I try to make it as fair as I possibly can I see your channel has blown up that's awesome I know you were here when we hit 10k have you been in school are you back now that like school's out and for the summer because we have a lot of people that like we don't see them unless it's like Christmas or summer break so it's great to see you like a lot of these guys that we've missed and we haven't seen in a long time just popping in saying hello and then back for the summer all right so look hurts no that's let's give you a virus as well we're giving those away you bet I just got here sorry I'm late Sam's crafts it's all good you know you're not too late just 24 minutes you know we still got probably another hour of the stream I'll see Hoover not given we got you got you master chance we got you Dane boss get Dane boss guys did I get Dane boss you're all gonna say yeah all right looking at their inventory I have not I can tell you that I need a virus I'm a getting a – virus or imma get a – wait what you need a virus or you're gonna get a – I guess that sort of rhymes yeah I'm out of school now been popping your streams now sweet rainbows that are so cool well right now like usually doing this means we've been giving away a lot of these pets um every now and then we do a voting stream I need to do one of those here soon on this channel you know do a voting stream where we can just kind of vote and play a bunch of different games it's been a while since we've done one of those kind of old school ones on this channel so we're gonna do one of those fairly soon I think and yeah I'm like glue me and legacy is kind of like a remake of Pokemon brick bronze and looking forward to playing that one and battling with and against you guys and also doing some cool trades and stuff it's gonna be great I have six weeks of school left or something dude Larry school II was seven hours our life oh man don't I mean try not to you know get too do not family friendly everybody alright um lilac flare did I give lilac something taka I don't think I gave lilac and taka I'm not sure about Dragonslayer either everybody else I know I've traded with and giving them something oh I just gave you if I gave you a virus didn't I I did I gave you that virus and then you come back in here and try to scam me for an art form or stuff uh I I just gave you that virus didn't I know I did I just joined Dragon's Lair yeah I don't think I got you wait are you trying to put websites up there yeah don't put websites up in the comments you can't do that f-zero pets is a fool really I would rather battle with you yeah mystic warrior well we're gonna do both please detour Platinum cube I'm trying to give platinum cubes to everybody all right semi trans guys if you haven't gotten anything or just leave the server you know that'd be awesome Dragon Slayer I'm trying to trade you and you're not accepting the trick let's see I don't care I don't want summer you Larry you don't want summer so you like school I mean it's cool I mean it's cool I mean if you like school that's great you know I actually you know did care and value getting an education it just you know it's a it's a lot it's a long time you said I'm Big Brother luck great well as I was says I'm your biggest fan i watch all your bids pare Peregrin Snipes thank you very much I think that's everybody in this server so he's time to bounce to another server yeah I don't know I I think I'm changed my mind I don't want to take that Kraken man I don't think I should take a crack in my brother my brother hats school he hats school like he throws hats at a school is that what he does like he throws hats at it I don't I don't know school so that just keeps me distracted and gives me something to do also last message oh okay Larry I'd rather have winter than have summer really so you like winter over summer and you don't like when you don't have school and take the crack and angel I don't think I should man I don't think I should dark hello darkness my old friend I don't think I should darkness I don't think so I don't like the heat you don't like heat see I don't like the cold I mean when it gets really really hot like if I was in California or Texas I wouldn't enjoy summer I'd be like this is way too much guys just does that control no keep those keep those pets keep those keep those pets ooh you can have a shiny platinum cube keep those though keep those though and I know that though is not spelt th all and just for brevity Peters livestream today well I I would today but I can't today because um it's gonna be a long afternoon like in an hour and a half I'm gonna be at the school volunteering for the field day cuz today is like the field day that's at the school and today is Brendan's birthday so as soon as school's over at whatever I'll just give you this throwing those away though today's its birthday so as soon as we're done with school we are going like fishing and hanging out with the family doing barbecue stuff and having a little party his cousins are coming out and yeah it's gonna be fun so it's gonna be a good time we're gonna have a good family family afternoon and yesterday we went out we went to the theme park there's a theme park kind of close by called a silver wood and we went there yesterday so we were there all day and that's why there's no videos on my channel yesterday or streams so sorry about that I want to showcase I want you to showcase my Kraken Kraken corrupted I did do a video on a Kraken I haven't done a shiny Kraken but I've noticed that some other youtubers already have so it seems like it's probably pointless for me to do that you know I heard some of these Krakens are you know being sold bought and sold for roebucks you guys shouldn't do that that's that's not I don't think you're supposed to do that guys I don't think you're supposed to oh no your inventory you just give me a bad pack give me a bad one also suntan is the worst yeah definitely wear some sunscreen sunscreen is important Larry sunscreens important I almost get the first legendary out of every single limiting really so Larry is it like super hot is it like Texas California sort of heat their Island Rail later this week maybe Andre if you guys vote for it I'll play it I'll put it on the vote and I'll even do a voting all do kind of like a dieter live sort of thing on this channel I'm not sure if I should do the discord though because there probably be a lot of people in there and just get crazy you know you'll get out of control no talent is extremely hot really alabaster I've never been to Thailand but I can imagine I can imagine I've seen some of those backdrops and Street Fighter that's pretty much the only reference I have to what Thailand you know it looks like know also the Sun stuff make my skin itchy ooh oh the sunscreen makes it itchy yeah no discord own jihad Lewis Potter what on jihad ooh I hatched a platinum dual cordon shiny I didn't even have to uh I didn't even have to make that one cool cool cool I got another shiny platinum dual core didn't even realize it see I need for that to be like a shiny secret pest someday in my inventory like whoa when did that happen and Texas super fun heat isn't that bad used to it yeah I've been – I've been to Texas a couple times I went there one time in August and oh my gosh it was hot oh I went to Austin it was cool I mean you could tell the people there were used to it cuz they were wearing like full like business suits and stuff and and just walking around and I had to like stop that's every every other quarter just to like go inside and give the air conditioning and be in the air-conditioning because I was just crazy hurry leave please yeah guys heartful dragon okay there you go Karen there you go Karen do dieter what Savage crafts what Oh what dieter Oh they keep spamming to me to me I think I treated that person AJ a G Picabo yeah ye I think pretty sure a treaty Tim already didn't that Arizona's isn't is hot not California Arizona is hot but it's a dry heat you know where I guess in Texas it's more of a moisture a moist dry heat I guess isn't as bad but yeah we have some friends that live in Arizona and it sounds like people just don't go outside in the summer that's basically the way it is they just don't go outside savage craft I'm trying to screen E please um go ahead and get yourself a screen shot trade me get trade bad pets that you don't need junk pets okay well those are yeah those aren't really that great anymore the lovebirds or did you guys see my did you guys see my YouTube videos so let's try the trade they were saying they said that they're lovely they're lovebirds were the same as a shiny sea star they were trying to get me to give them a shiny sea star through that it's 85 degrees seat we're a little 85 degrees isn't bad it's not that bad I could I mean I can handle look I didn't see it ollie all right let me see I don't know how warm it is outside here but it's it's pretty warm I probably should have worn more sunscreen yesterday I got a little bit red my shoulders are feeling just this teeny bit stinging but not too bad just a little bit stinging right here it is 76 degrees right now of course by this afternoon is supposed to get up to 85 yeah so it'll be 85 here this afternoon but right now 76 it's just perfect I should have all man I should have signed up for the morning slot for volunteering at the school it's gonna be a lot hotter oh man what was I doing okay let's see Pokemon Karen we got you Kaden let's see herobrine did we get you here oh there's a sad dieter you're enough revelry chatting you don't give me pets did I not give you pets yet okay are you sure are you sure you wouldn't lie to me would you yo-yo a son a data how adata am I saying it correctly I don't know if I'm not now but it was like some days ago it was some days ago okay yeah it's like kind of perfect outside right now here I mean it's it's just perfect outside but it's getting it's getting worse okay Dan I gave you that Aaron gave you that shiny platinum I gave you that shiny plaque I gave you the shiny plats look at my inventory okay you don't have anything okay sorry sorry sorry sorry not bad we're gonna blame though cuz he's not here he scammed you who scammed me stargate ash is coming through all right Naomi barrage of Ahaz I know okay – I'm sorry the name the name it went up above like you know and went to the top and then out of my view when I was trying to say it so I just made up the rest of it I did I didn't see you long time a nice to have thick boy in the house roebucks code thing is confusing I only got seven numbers really there's twelve numbers but somebody's already entered all of the videos that I've made with the hidden codes people have already entered it so far usually people enter those fairly fast let me see I think I got everybody here you're my favorite youtuber all thanks savage Kraft whitey you were awesome I appreciate it thank you for the kind words so we got some people that aren't loading in I don't know if I should wait for the people who are not loading in or not see I think somebody one person just loaded in stop bullying me we don't barely people yeah we don't Billy here in this house nothing to talk about the Beast oh six you talk about anything you got any questions for me well you do a Q&A guys do a Q&A and I probably won't answer your question I'm just getting up I'll probably answer it unless it's a weird question and I'm like okay that's a weird question no more Q&A how should you serve mine is requesting okay the broad Meister what is what is your username the broad my style brawled Meister a right let's see I don't think it's gonna be alone in I'm sorry pic oMG you've been loading in for quite some time I really apologize I don't know what to do I'm trying some sort of accent I don't know if it's British or Australian and just a little bit of both just a wee bit of both right right nobody you're by freak you can't see later what is your zodiac symbol um Capricorn Capricorn though I mean I'm not sure if that like means anyway you know does it do you guys think it does what do you guys think all right what are you guys think the alignment of the stars and the planets when you were born has something to do with your your mood long time I see swaggy boss dude yo dude welcome back how you been Ella master is the last year I'm a caster Ella masters that you are you ever gonna do IRL merch I have done that I I'll get I'll get more going I gotta figure out how to do it through teespring and link it in YouTube I need to figure out how to do that cuz I set up a campaign and I tried to link it but it's like this campaign ends in three days it's like what yes I just like put things up for sale and not it and not it not be like this campaign that ends you know I don't know I've done that before though I'll do more though that quick can I get a pet Josh cos yes if you can get into a server with me then yes you can get pets let's see what you got here see what you got oh you got nothing all right um you look like you need a duel corn buddy you look like you need a patent I'm duel corn so let's give a platinum to a corn to you there you go buddy there you go enjoy it you give up Lowe's I'm sorry I know a lot of you guys it fills up superfast yes Bojan I'm I'm sorry guys a youtuber told me that she likes you Oh camera Explorer well I made so I don't want to notice I actually give up well hopefully I probably just said they like they like watching my channel you know like yeah I liked either he's nice that's probably what they're doing let's see DZ djz the j.jz okay um yeah cube summer serpent ready and djz there you go buddy you gotta accept though you gotta accept it three I like you Ellen aster see I like you guys I think you guys are awesome but just like as friends just as friends though okay yeah seriously though this community awesome awesome awesome awesome I highly suggest you guys go join my discord get to know some of those odds people like mr. ba like Bob plays and like Val and Chief that who helped run the community darkness a lot of these all these pretty much anybody who's a mod here you'll probably see do you still do facecam rainbow sometimes sometimes I do facecam I could I can do facecam right now you can see my how my forehead is just a little bit red from all the Sun that I got yesterday cuz yeah I got a little bit of Sun yesterday it was kind of crazy there we go all right can you see yeah it's a little bit red up there a little bit red so any other questions guys any other questions what do you guys think should i do facecam or not i think i think you know my my face will just distract from the voice no I don't know whatever I don't know whatever I like to be able to pick my nose and and you guys not see it so yeah any other questions summer in UK is rain all summer what's what summer is rain like here we got spring is rain for sure but this summer rain all the time that sounds like it's not fun that sounds like it's not fun at all like in Seattle I'm in Washington State so if I Drive like five hours west there's a lot of rain there there's a lot of rain definitely a lot of rain looker alright this one's a looker my brother is in there really who's your brother I got cracking Zachary gg congratulations I love right I like rain after it hits like when it's been hot out and then the street is like kind of warm but then the the cold rain hits the warm street like the smell of like the rain on the asphalt just smells awesome alright moles Moss MOS moss please leave after you get a pet yeah guys after you get a pet please leave so other people can join and get pets so yeah there we go did you please give where the banana the dual-core that's me the banana dual-core wait I eat blocks peeps put a Dominus sucess alright most that's fine I don't need I don't need those happy for life please all I want is platinum happy for life would it make you happy for life by any chance while to join same mirror some here I hope you can join some here I hope you can join why my want pet okay thank you it's a very hot where I live pro ball pro box it's really hot where you live but yeah you'd see got a little bit of a a little bit of a little bit of color yesterday a little bit more red than then then you know anything else oh you got virus do you have a virus it's pretty decent pretty decent pet you got there oh yeah dual corner anything that maybe I've traded over to you so how about a platinum Overlord just kidding I'll give you a platinum doing Gordon though here's a dual-core and here's the dual card I'm messing with you I'm just messing with you I need you traded him hello what's up wait who's that um they are leaving roblox ringer hello roblox why yeah welcome poke a beach ball hello okay beach ball what's up crystal Kirk the two low might low on that thing bring it up a little bit whatever whatever whatever whatever is clevis for tonight gamer boy is the wrong game man it's the wrong game no okay it's very hot okay so I should get rid of those shiny platinum duel corns that I've got though huh let me see where are they when they ask I nee summer serpents – yeah let's get rid of those and you get rid of the shiny stunner servants yo tengo spicy banana you do this a setup tour sure I guess if I clean this place up a little bit I want to clean it up but yeah I've got one keyboard here for the one computer that's down there and then my main computer that's also down there it's under the table running up to my main monitor my chat monitor and then my livestream status monitor I've got so I got three monitors going on yeah it's a lot nice mustache what are you talking about most mustaches are right here I got I got a little little bit chin chin stuff going on here little bit Chum stuff probe locks probe locks there we go shall we skedaddle ya know should I turn about yep if liebe dich Oh III baby um danke Schoen yeah danke Schoen is earthworm Sally what is earthworm salad dieter is the next Tony Stark I don't think it's it doesn't go quite his is kind of really this is kind of elaborate train with me please yeah you got to accept you need to accept you gotta accept no otherwise I'll have to accept or I'm gonna have to decline all right there we go there we go confirmed no I'm gonna have to decline bro box you got go comes out six days hi wait was that their tweet what somebody said that there was a tweet from lumene what was that it mean legacy hold on hold on okay wait no there's hmm okay so that's that thing they're retweeting it doesn't say oh I didn't I thought you guys what me Wow how do you what how do you know why did you know what would make know what makes you think that it comes out that quickly or like in six days like hopefully does okay cuz they did say on the 18th that it would be about a month why you giving me a platinum cube I don't need to platinum cube you keep your platinum cube I got lots of them I got lots of those bad boys here how have a little bit of luck there you lucky marshmallow lucky marshmallows so you tread him wait what you tread him what my birthday's in six days happy early birthday to you please stop spamming leave dieter is doing his best in can't control yeah I can't control people leave or not but I do think it's time for me to go into another server because I'm pretty sure I've traded everybody except for warning is that like a fortnight's is that like a fortnight reference name tri-polar oh I haven't try polar so hmm okay I'm not even gonna ask guys I'm not even ask I don't I don't think I want to know the answer I'm not gonna I'm not gonna do it I'm just not I'm not gonna do what guess I'm not gonna do it okay there we go here's a shiny platinum cube though they're for you you still roblox survivor I haven't played that in a long time Rainbow Dash it has been a really long time if I play that on stream it just takes forever you know or actually the game breaks yeah pretty much every time we go in there the game breaks that's another thing that happens is the game just goes it poops out on us all right let's see you underlyings I don't think I've traded with here's a platinum shiny platinum cube enjoy that okay planning is time do you play minecraft the purple skill I don't really play minecraft I hear it's getting like really popular again is that like my nephew was saying that to me yesterday I'm like huh time to go to another server though guys cuz I tried to get everybody on this server I think I got everybody the server I'm not positive but we'll see okay what we what we why what we want white isn't there's no server with one person in it this one has two okay let's try it let's try it yeah it has the new village and pillage okay that's why everybody's starting to play it again birthdays today I use a garland nice happy birthday to you do your plays Plus question mark Neil's bra ello master Hall what those you're talking about what are you I don't know would you know minecraft is popular it is it is the bro Meister what's up the broad Meister how's it going frog Meister big man seven come and get your your pets you have sent me requests though guys alright alright alright alright alright Irie Irie it's full again it fills it fast check the lava trance studio there's a new update mama train studio wait what what the game or what are you talking about alright Jeffry jr. okay Jeffry jr. let's give you here we go Jeffrey Jeffrey no there we go ahh earthworm Sally is here I'm just gonna give up don't give up Josh goes I'm sorry man uh and hopefully people will like leave the server after they get some stuff you know you know you smell what I'm stepping in I'm not seeing anything by llama train be slick keeps keeps doing stuff though guys check out beast like he's awesome by the way he's really cool let me see what you got okay let me see all right haven't done this in a while so here's a platinum dual code for you big man 7 7 7 7 I mean it's lunch bag I give up I give up Felicia I'm sorry don't get mad at me I'm travel best to give these to you guys as many of these as possible to as many of you guys as possible after the end of the stream hundreds of people have gotten pets but there's probably more people who have waited and didn't get pets I'm sorry I try to do my best guys so try to bear with me here guys please just bear with me let's just chill a chitchat and have some fun you guys can make fun of my face and and if you have any questions um yeah again I'll do q and A's or I don't know I might even do dares I don't know if they're if they're you know if they're good enough it's something if it's something that I can do you know I don't know how many things I can do you know there's some random random stuff yeah I'll leave man big man thank you so much I appreciate Jason the killer your face or mustache is distracting me okay I'm sorry GOP server meat bot is a bot am i distracting you okay I'll stop being so distracting so get your face out of here okay okay okay oh okay let's see uh platinum Q and some serpent there you go and Jason the killer you are now going to be even more Oh P at this game yeah I think these are gonna be your best bets now can you check my YouTube yeah do you like rap Peter um dark paradox yeah I like rap there's some rap that I like I liked it a lot more you know I was like younger you know I liked it now – I do I do there's some of it you know there's there's good stuff and there's bad stuff but some of it's pretty good actually I used to listen to a lot of uh Snoop Dogg and dr. Dre back in the house or back in the day I get my favorite youtuber lol gamer candy cane thank you so much those guys can get in the pet can leave ya guys after you please leave so that other people can join that'll be really awesome do you hear plazzy fan leader plazzy fan i think that might be a duplicate alright we got we got you we already got you Jeffry jr. we already got you bro all right let's get don't think we've gotten these people ok thanks so much there we go fortnight newbie what's up for tonight newbie hi who is that do I have to unmod somebody for spamming fortnight newbie who is it man did you change the name I'm gonna have to floss what you saying I'm not taking care of my my teeth you dare me to rap right now ok here you go just remember here's some cringe and you asked for it I was playing this game actin like a goose above and disaster jumping roof to roof and a tornado came and my friends with so soon changed game swans called death run the traps were all set people run I'm pushing all the buttons having so much fun than the hand cut up and took out everyone and they win now it's time for jailbreak time to get some motors camping cops League the death so funny when I found the Train so I could get a vulva it turns out this train is just a cannibal except felt like fishing so I played meet enemy beep beep beep beep enemy it's been over 10 years is still a growing sensation allowing young mice to use imagination if you ask me I'd say that this platform rust got a fun date chillin just playing old blog roblox there we go that's a wrap for you and that's a wrap someone dared me to rap should I um should I do the floss somebody told aired me to floss too sure that should I do a floss I don't know I don't know about that no and I'm not even sure if I can floss no I can floss I can floss like a boss oh thank God it's over Felicia King I know I know somebody dared me to rap so there you go that's the song I say nay they say nay turn on your face girl default dance I can't default dance you should've got gas got gassed what I should have guessed what that's not nice we're top the gaming bros whoa got what guest a dirty – give me a shiny duel corn a person this one's a duplicate for sure this one's totally a duplicate somebody's coming in and getting deuce double pets do you know twenty one pilots yeah I mean I can't like name a bunch of their songs or anything but you know I've heard of the I don't know like if you told me some of their songs I think oh okay yeah that's that's them but it's not like I have like a twenty one pilots like CD or something I dare you to dab oh my gosh oh my gosh what let's see four knee I think I got you didn't I things time to go into another server guys time to go into another server alright here we go another server time some people ain't leavin here this one has one person like no not dab I think it want me to dab alright alright just to get you guys to cringe dab and floss yeah right right the dab and the fluff sorry too much cream sorry guys sorry about that still oops are my favorite word hmm let's see alright guys come join me and get in here they're like no comment put the purple skittle yeah the purple skittle I haven't done we like I'm gonna do a voting one probably fairly soon probably my next livestream I'll do a voting sort of thing but we don't do with that often you know you've been kind of focusing a lot on this game see okay put them do a corn you know you're gonna keep that obviously keep keep that thing I don't want that keep your Cerberus keep that alright it's like your best pet dude did I give you that Cerberus did I give that to you broken server uh it looks like it yeah there's like four people in here watch I'm gonna call him on his bluff I'll decline I knew it I knew it I'm calling him out his bluff have you heard of the band Coldplay oh yes the band Coldplay definitely and I've listened to a lot of Coldplay as well they've got that one science I don't know they've got a couple's of good they've got a couple really good songs they had a album that came out not too long ago I don't know the name of those songs though it's like the one about the king I don't know if you know what I'm talking about it's broken I know I'm gonna join another one here very soon spectre-5 thanks buddy spec five broken dark paradox I'm in it says full how yeah I don't know this one is broken so there's only just a couple people here that I need to trade thank you so LuAnn and then we just got these two people are all so let's see probe penguin that penguin is a pro yo the Penguins a pro the one about the king is viva la vita oh yes yes viva la vita live the life right isn't that what that means is I think that's what it is right let's see pets trading okay there's only one more person yep no I master green boy I guess I got to go okay so cool this is the last trade we're going into another server after this one cuz for some reason only four people were able to get in this one with me something just like this is my favorite Oh something just like this yeah that is a good song that is a really good song actually yeah they're a good band I think like the lead singer was married to Gweneth Paltrow or you like used to be and they had a daughter named Apple which is weird let's see see do-do-do-do-do do-do-do-do-do yeah now I've got it stuck in my head guys now I've got it stuck in my head thanks thanks a lot thank you thank you for that you want me to do orange just I don't know man orange just as kind of a weird like hard one it looks like somebody's spazzing out though leadership on a profile pic I could do the loser one and the guy 2p one that one's good alright Lucy is this one broken – what is going on some people are able to get in hmm I don't know what to say Pappy please wear these sirs I know I don't know what is going all these servers but doodads be ready for construction land in unboxing simulator another 30 million wait another 30 million what construction land you think that's what it's gonna be it is that one first of all guys hashtag the two devs we got a Fred Leah right there with another donation thank you so much Leah like I can't even tell you how how much that means to me like I really appreciate your sport it's crazy like it's so much you support me so much and I'm gonna I'm gonna have to remember going like add that plus the recent donations I'm just gonna have to like change like like Walker's title over to you that whole like it just keeps growing like I can't even count anymore it just keeps going okay now this is epic eat LEM just just even with what's that what's that thing cuz they just did a crazy donation thank you so much alright beak why we got you healthy easy good you want to keep a good healthy Evy and you know what if you don't want to evolve it you don't have to but if you want to I say fight poor Eon is the most powerful they're like no flareon but you know what this Eevee is gonna take out Team Rocket by itself when all your evolve Eevee's like lost so there but don't take that dear have you hatched a secret pet no Cynthia thanks for reminding me are you gonna add ghostly bro to the server so we can donate you um I don't you probably doesn't need to like donate to me it's all good see did you see how many platinum cubes and all this stuff Ari I already have I'm new to this game hypocritic okay cool well let me get you off to a really good start with some good pets play blocksberg Danica and Lim do you guys will we play blocksberg I don't think so my name is pronounced Amen okay just amen okay cool Christi Corbin thank you Cuban Cuban today flip coin that's a lot mister warrior I don't think he can flip a coin that much I don't think you could do it you could try but I don't think it's gonna work all right so let's gets these two people King King whammy head alrighty then it seems already have platinum and some servant but I'll join you play BB swarm simulator I've done some videos it's been a really long time since I've done a bee swarm simulator video it's a fun game though I do like it I'd say of the simulators it's one of the more fun ones but it only holds five people so like do you guys really want to watch me play a bee swarm simulator like I don't I don't know maybe I could make a video on blocksberg I haven't really made a blocksberg video ever what do you guys think yes or no do you think I should make a blocksberg video Ahmed I already played the song you never notice me you're only notice me a star I'm so salty I'm sorry I see you salty what it what were you trying to say there buddy I'm so sorry I'm so sorry I'm so sorry you're so salty why are you so salty I'm so so deep I'd either buy real awesome pants see you later you're Vincent zombie zombie alright so I'm trying to look up and down so I don't miss too many of you guys's comments platinum cube and some serpent there we go you guys are epic ninjas Yas blocksberg so yeah let's see dieter hit the whoa i heated Cobra yo he did Cobra yo Felicia says now Kenny says no puppy hat says yeah yeah no blocksberg video most people are saying no notice me the fun keiki hi the fun keiki I see you you really wants to angel I know it's just OMG Sam Jeffrey I see you I see you as well no everyone's saying uh-oh we don't want you alright Bailey I think is the only person that I haven't read within the server so I think it's time for me to Bailey from this okay never mind everyone whatever it was funny it was buddy noticed me I want roadblocks for blocksberg for blocksberg is that when you fart alrighty then let me see here there mr. thermos sir um I'm going to go into another server because the server is broken let's hope this server works better come on servers incognito actually changed his roblox name – hashtag friend Amir right yeah I know I know notice me I got a new secret a 126 hi 126 hello Anna good job GG it's fine you don't have to post in blocks Thanks I know ten more minutes then I'm giving up weird dude okay good luck I have a shiny overlord whoa toxic shock that was awesome I'm hoping I can make a shiny overlord I'm gonna keep hatching I don't know if he's gonna do an update on Friday or not he said updates might be every other week so who knows we might have another week to hatch away at this thing I really like when he does the two times Odie's nats is in here what's up DS Nats he really is frustrated by the Nats Nats are really tiny flies like little bugs he's not trying to insinuate anything bad he promised me actually I didn't ask you but dieter can have you in a bed with you uh husana Dada you are in a bid with me right now technically I just said your name so now you're in the video and the video will still be there I used to like make my live streams like not available as a video afterwards but then a lot of people said I want you to make it a video because you shouted me out and I want to go in there and and see it like okay cool I will do that then well it seems this person is pretty good in pretty good shape for these but you know you can go just name them dieter X X Pro slow lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-love me in the different places in blocksberg I'm a blocks burger pro oh the blog spam I see what you did there smell what you're stepping it um yeah I know my um yeah sure should I check it out it's you know build a house sounds like a game that would take a long time Ella master plays you got into a server with me sweet Gigi um did I give you something earlier today I don't know I guess you don't have any of the things that I was given out here earlier so you really really really really want a virus like virus please please please okay you have been here the whole stream you've been commenting in the chat suck Queen yeah zOC Queen I see you I seems the Queen I noticed you how did you do the song but please do it last time and time again please it last time please again I could I've got a song to like after hearing of song 1 everybody do you have any interest in hearing of song – well I still I'm still gonna be giving away pets like you know while while the song is playing I'm still giving away pets so there isn't it there's nothing that's changing except you get to actually hear the song so yeah what do you think do you think you want the hoof song – well you got a shiny platinum do a corn now you can keep that keep that bro keep it keep that bro like for what Oh some three I know I still need to write that I still need to write the song 3 went to a car an alloy watch I've been here for the whole thing – Zack Queen have you gotten into the server as a queen because I want to give you a good pet to ask Tara pray games who got it who got what my birthday is the same as you I knew it at just now Danica really your birthday is the same as me people keep sending me friend requests just because I'm friends with you a mystic warrior oh that's cool that's cool all right we got Ella master we got DS we got pro else we got be big as farter ah geez you guys with these names some temps that guys have quite the farter so yeah go similar or simulator madness um thing is like ghost simulator I was trying to debate whether I should make a video on it it's a great game it's pretty fun I've spent a lot of time grinding on it I've got my antenna to like level 10 there's still some areas but that I haven't gotten to but you know I don't know should I play it hold on here's OOP song 2 for you guys we're at my youtube channel where this whole thing started playing part simulator when I totally it it was kind of strange and it was kind of fun but then I got blown away by first from everybody epic minigame time in the wins are stacking up but all because I drink out of this sweet cap got my Phoenix with my pet and my title is rusty but I still go because my opponents are stealthy I spent on my road bucks on the game pets in my account was looking fat and I was looking slim that the motors is scary yeah he's looking kind of grim if I test them in the water would he levitate a swim which has now been counted in this flood escape to the surfers filled up fast and hiss of normal crew we got matt factor and walker gaming – they locked it on and say the double derpity Doo a dooble dooper a derpity Doo I said move on to the next scene with the whole G – yeah but this time they voted murder mystery – look I'm innocent again yeah I know just what to do gonna hang out by the fountain cuz I just win the new fence around the corner and I hope I'll be watching I'll be making videos that you can watch all UF us and if you don't believe in me and you want some kind of proof then just watch what I've created and you will see move I'm a goof Isetta oof oof oof oof oof I'm a goof I said I'm a goof oh yeah alright guys I didn't see enough notes oh oh yeah a warning cringe I forget to please stop the rap okay with the thumbs-up yo GG best girl Gigi congratulations on hatching the Kraken I'm so jealous like I have so I still haven't hatched a secret pet yet so um but I want to hatch one myself hopefully I will do an I reveal never seen them I reveal I've done I I reveal it's just fun to make it yeah you can see it in the hot dog song I got four plat overlords nice very nice let me see I think I've got everybody in the server yeah we got you Vince some Vince um puppet I don't know if I've got you yet um in the nage three I'm not sure if I've gotten everybody else I know for sure I gotten might be doubled alright then didn't see puppet my dude eater can I have a by before you go alright see you later bye DS Nats you guys names I gotta plant them Overlord blue bgs sweet congratulations those are pre Opie I like them please leave okay still chill still chill still chill still joke mMmmm oh yeah we got the the Rye or the flamingo means flamingo is what we should call them Lamine go let me go it's that's what we're gonna call it for knowing the meme go okay I have to go bye dieter see you dark parrot X see you later Andre oops MC 200 alright so this person doesn't want okay I give this person the number one I know another stammer time to go one all this ever guys at that time out that Reed yep new server time can I have money to buy blocksberg no I don't have any right now but yeah did anyone watch the Flamingo video I don't know if it was a recent one but he did a face he did face cam in a recent video I think I watched it yesterday so so I don't know it's fairly recent it says you left the game I am leaving to go to another server what it's stupid what awesome boy whoa rude this rudeness um just a man who the gorillas are oh yeah feel good Inc of course yeah they're good bin you know about dungeon quest and banjo-kazooie being added to super smash ultimate bro I didn't hear about the banjo kazooie what about dungeon quest dungeon Quest is being wait why would dungeon quest be added to what it gets full quick guys I know but I actually this one's I think a broken server so I think we're gonna hop into another server really fast cuz this one is of tacular oh my gosh platinum overlord look at that corrupted wow GG that's that's a pretty pretty opie pet I won't see how it looks hopefully you've got it out I just want to see how it looks there but anywho here we go since we got into the server yeah there's only three other people on the server so it's gonna be real quick I'm gonna bounce to another server very fast cuz this one is broken only four yeah only four people in the server this is weird oh you got you have some crazy pets there wait no are you the one with the shiny overlord oh there we go oh the platinum overlord jeez that's cool yeah it's like just a black one and then this dude over here hyster rocks got this got a soul heart over there going on very nice very nice okay yeah that thing looks pretty cool nice sick alright well someday someday we'll make one okay so so you guys both are still here – yeah no problem dude I appreciate it corrupted I hatched a crackin Mertz did you really Joker from persona has also been added in piranha plant and a piranha plant from like plants vs. zombies is that what it is alright history ox got a pretty good team there buddy pretty good team not gonna lie pretty good one um let's see just luck lol mystic warrior what do you mean the dungeon quest from roblox yeah what do you talk about dungeon quest being added that doesn't make sense heated Cobra back in here and 13 hours down how much how to hatch secret pets you just hatched man and you just get lucky there's no like how to hatch secret pets you just get him you know most of the eggs these days like seem to have secret pets a lot of them don't but yeah time to go into a new server but you know it's like 1 in 6 and a half million chance of hatching a secret pet so like the chances are extremely low of adjugate you know it he did Cobra yeah buddy Dragon Quest wait Larry wait what drop what Dragon Quest in Super Smash Ball Tom chased eater down memo code I chased me down let's do this leader when did you join roblox 2016 2016 so it's been about 3 years that I've been playing roblox he's the one so but also people are so who is Ella master who is low on subs and people are insulting whoo-hoo-hoo I mean we all start with one Josh you were able to get in my bro oh dude sweet sweet alright yeah and I haven't given one of these away for a while so yeah let's get do that I do al and I know you've been in the server here for a bust I'm waiting hello unsub's also yeah who's that truth or dare Danika um dare no truth whatever you pick I'm I'm such I'm such a rebel that I am a rebel yeah you know I'm such a rebel that if you were supposed to say like describe yourself in three words I would say I am a rebel and three words that's how I describe myself exactly exactly guys exactly see what it see what I did there see what I did there three words you know what he used an extra word in there huh let's see I waste my time Your Dragon Ball legends sorry falling don't be sad qu b plays be cool yo still chill be chill be chill hey Joe drew the Dare are both one is horrible one is good oh all right truth I guess I don't know Promaster did you do ghostly bro Oh ghostly rose the one who's been trying to apparently donate some stuff to me I mean you don't have to make a donation and if you don't have a lot of whatever it is then I don't want you to donate but I'll see what you got I'm such an idiot why Larry why would you say that you're not an idiot bro you're a very smart person actually actually you're very smart very Opie oof life kicks you from serve no Evan Kolbert is a culprit for Colbert I don't know cuz there's like the Stephen Colbert and someone scammed me off my polenta oh man I'm sorry dude guys don't get scammed here's piece of advice guys a little piece of advice don't get scammed people are gonna like try to promise things to you yeah I don't want these maybe these are like all your best pets you don't even have no no no keep him keep those bro ya know is he doesn't have like a bunch of good pets or anything so I don't want to take these otherwise I'll decline I appreciate it ghostly bro shout-out to you someone said scam incognito you still don't read my messages I'm so salty I'm so sorry what did I miss you could be saying a word that might be on the blacklist and so you'll see it but then I won't see it it just won't show up in the chat so hopefully you're not using a word on the blacklist all right I'm not gonna I'm not gonna take that bro because you've got yeah yeah I'm not that would just kill your team that would pretty much just kill your team all right so did I get I'm super noob I don't think I did did I did I I think I did no yes yes I did I did they just didn't leave the server okay I'm remembering things now I'm remembering now okay we haven't gotten you um 40 you got in again geez dude I can't trade you bro I already traded you earlier this in the stream man forty spent I can never get in I'm sorry that was four words I know right four words that's because I am a rebel duh what's your favorite meme jazzy plays my favorite meme um I don't know that's something I really haven't thought about I just I'll see a meme you know all laugh at it yeah that's funny I don't know that's and I never think like know which one it's funny you join me did I join you Josh oh cool I did I like your pixelated I like it though um let's see Promaster I think is the one person I haven't traded in the server I gotta go I know I'm the darkness his friend I know but I don't want to take your stuff my best is M bit your best meme is M bit see like everybody's picking M bit on those on those voting things it's crazy so I'm so salty maybe you can send me a message and let me know what you were trying to say you do b @ b gs scam baiting vid that might actually be kind of funny scam baiting and in bubblegum simulator huh I wouldn't even know how to do that how does scam be I mean I sort of sort of did by accident because somebody was trying to trade me a lovely birds for a shiny C star which is like a horrible trade if I would do if I were to accepted and they were trying to tell me that they were exactly like the same quality like but the numbers don't mean anything that they were equal pets it was like dude you're totally trying to scare me my best pet and my best meme is Kermit 10k devil like Kermit the Frog or wait what what are you talking about what's that I never join you in game I have been in many streams trace agent oh man guys what trace agent in please come on we're going to another server right now please please let's do this let's do this guy's deals with Ariana Grande BFF all right Ariana Grande no no no keep those he trying to flex you trying to call your bluff here Ariana Grande calling it telling the bluff oh they're flexing calling your bluff alright there we go so I thought I made it this is rigged Benjamin it is not rigged at all like it's just um you know people who get in every time I go into another server just think about this every time I go to another server there's over 200 people trying to get in something that holds ten so it is a little bit of luck on your guys's side so I but you know I I try my best guys I really do and I'm sorry I'm sorry that some of you guys been waiting something guys really frustrated but let's chill let's still try to have a good day I'm gonna do some more of these in the future um you know if you guys have any suggestions on good ways I can you know try to better distribute these um yo I see Europe I do I got 10 so your pets wanna see I believe you you are aren't you – luggage you follicle hallo ich around right and you've given them secret pets haven't you or bacon legend I see herb thank you for the $2 donation guys I see herb is pretty o P in this game not gonna lie create a opions game I've only joined you once and that was egg hunt land plays really you scammed a C's master I didn't scam anybody I heard somebody tried to or somebody did but I don't I don't know I don't want to be in the middle of any of that you know you know what I'm saying Nick 24 did I get you I guess I did I guess I didn't I didn't I didn't anyways guys you are awesome best youtuber ever sup to me Oh your name is sub – mediator can you add roblox alpha beefs as roblox so I can get pets hmm I mean I can't add you guys my friends list they only let me have 200 so doesn't really work that way I'll never join dieter because of all these people Christie Christie Corbin oh there's a way you know Christie Corbin some of you guys if I if I'm starting to recognize your names a lot in the chat I'm gonna start trying to pay attention better and saying who's in the chat and who's active but then they haven't gotten a pet so I want to make sure that those people get a pet and maybe I'll have you guys hit me up on discord or Twitter and you can say hey this is me I'll be okay I remember that person I should probably I'll try to meet you in a server hope I can give you a pet I place the ultimate reverse card when I deal with scammers yeah exactly is like grab my oh no Dec people's literally almost 3:00 a.m. in the morning sorry if I didn't get into this thank you so much jazzy plays I appreciate it jazzy I really really appreciate it I'm sorry it's so late for it well early or late flutter yo what's up Morgan Alexander are you doing my friend flutters here guys everybody can you join my team gamers under fire I know you've definitely been able to join me in the past all right so we got you got you we get a bacon legend Carina dirt blocks fan all right so oh no big and legend I definitely got you the only pets that you have are the ones that I've given to you sipper in dirt we look mustache boy all right you know what I got to do though I gotta eat some food and then I gotta head out to the school so I've got in this stream here guys thank you so much for hanging out I've still got a massive amount of pets I gotta give away at some point I'll probably do a stream maybe tomorrow actually I'm probably gonna do a voting stream tomorrow and then give away pets on Friday you guys think I should do a voting stream next time voting streams are awesome yeah I'm hungry and then I gotta get going Danika you watch for an hour and got 45 new coins nice sweet whoa okay dirt derp per slurp that's it I like that I like the outfit buddy but thank you guys so much for hanging out I still need a pet really mystic you don't have a pet yet okay I've got to go do something but send me a DM later and like any of you other guys that I've noticed a been in here like during this stream trying to give me a cube oh oh no I don't want to take your shiny cube I've got enough of those got enough to give away alright so I think that's about it guys thank you so much for hanging out I'm gonna do another one I say it is a queen is a queen you have been here since the beginning for sure I know send me a message on discord I'm gonna get some of you guys into my VIP server and and I'll give you some pets okay we're gonna get you guys hooked up okay we're gonna get you guys hooked up cuz I know who's been here and like mystics been here and also with my awesome gnar dude in the house and let's see I'm so salty did were you able to get in I'm so salty if not hit me up let me know on discord or Twitter and I will get you into a server but right now I gotta go do some stuff I mean are you pretty busy the rest of the day so I'll you know if I'm on I'm gonna be on my phone but thank you guys so much for hanging out you're the best subscribe if you haven't done that yet and if you hit the like button on the way out that would be really awesome too I appreciate it remember guys choose to be happy be kind if you see somebody who needs a friend just be that friend you know it's kindness is free it cost nothing but it can mean everything so thank you so much you guys are just the best I think YouTube will add some feature or mods cool that'll be awesome I've been here and I haven't been able to get in Nightmare gaming I'm so sorry I love you guys yeah just remember choose to be happy and be kind and go outside and enjoy your summers it's summertime guys all right peace


  1. Can you let me join play the game please please please I want I want you want to meet you I love people if you can please

  2. I really want to go you gave me and I’m game. I really want to do you gave me and I’m gameSilly faces join your game Do you speak

  3. I really want to go you gave me and I’m game. I really want to do you gave me and I’m gameSilly faces join your game That doesn’t speak

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