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hi guys is everyday buckles on the road looks about my video and today we're in the test server and because I don't know I just pressed play it just went in so we're gonna go check out the updates that are gonna come on the 15th of June so first of all um I have this oh yeah I want my stomach yeah we'll just have that out actually no we're not we're just gonna put it away from ya and then we're gonna go in here the nursery has a dog bone in it so it's kind of changed okay oh this looks fancy babies pets and then there's the VIP but I can't get into the VIP on this we'll just go in the nursery first so check this looks like the old nursery that they had at the start I still got an ax in the a dramatic okay well let's go o to the pets Oh they've got some nice scenery outside whoa it's so late why hello there human you're like you look like the type of Chuck who'd help a friend out mind looking after this egg tight good care of it and it will hatch into an outstanding pet oh oh I got my starter egg oh oh what's this check this out so I think that's a dog I'm just gonna get them off bull cat dog otter cat dog Fox uh I don't know what that is maybe hampster some like a cat a bear or a big no that's a baby a beaver a bunny ah hey baby in all the money cat I'm a chicken or a turkey a horse red paint Adarsh a dragon and a unicorn that kind of looks like the unicorn plush Oh what's here drink stuttering whoa I can't drink from here okay can I tell you stop mmm pick up oh you can't pick up wait wait wait that's meal you can name it I'm gonna name it best egg okay yeah so first put on it so into this their alliance I think they are red carpet Oh what's this by Royal egg 955 okay I think I'm gonna buy one buy starter egg okay now I have a old has a pram on it I think I'm gonna try hash this one cuz look at that percentages common 0% 27.5% uncommon 35% rare 30% ultra 7.5% legendary I think that's almost better than a massive gift mm yes so I'm definitely gonna keep this oh well I want to name it back to the best egg now okay well first of all they look like the Easter eggs from when we got to do the a star icon who's missing holy cats cats cats I love cats Oh one two cats by an egg and you can maybe you cat you have a cat you have a cat you have a cat okay I'm not really a cat person so I don't know man but it's a ped egg just 750 well let's go here oh it's Doug from office he looks at egg in points okay well let's go check out what he's talking about beside this by cracked egg 350 I wonder what that means okay well let's go back okay oh no I don't want that oh wow is anything new well my don't got you have a pet shop to see if there's anything in there the egg is hungry touch them to feed them oh my my eggs all the crazy okay saij give them my sandwich Oh what I'll carry your sandwich it's a kid well let's go inside now okay oh well let's give you some you can eat if you're still hungry you can sleep there and drink that we got a counter we still got these doggy toys and bowls here from last time one we could go into the portal thing oh now they have fries breeze and buy pet food we'll buy some of these maybe two bucks because we never know when our dog will be hungry what's this Oh glowing pink burn wonder if that like Bruce the things a normal boy well I go be be scared say a barn and a doorknob okay well you done yet the best day again the best thing um we'll just pick you up come on we've got a good I don't think oh man you know just even nah okay let's just car and say that anything else so we still got the massive gifts let's see if it was but yeah it's definitely better the dissension percentages I'm thirsty I need a shower okay well let's go back to the pet shop because that's where the water is and I don't have water on me so and then we'll go back home to have a shower gotta be quick Leroy load meanwhile I will check out these I wonder he can change the color of the icing oh all the visitations born up unhatched and now it's up shower let's fish oh now it's a like a bit more to the on hatch okay well let's see do we have a car enough oh we've got our SUV now hop aboard still yeah don't crash into me ah ah now um nah everything something well we're gonna quickly go to a shower then and then we'll go go to the hospital and go to school oh my cars take it off without me waving is my house yeah I have my celebrity mention ooh ah somebody nearly run off me a fennec fox i wonder if that was the Fox on the board owner have we used app please don't know file oh I I'm back so let's go outside okay well let's get our pet back at Kevin needs no okay we'll just wait wonder what time it is I would say they need going to maybe I'm just gonna get just hover board out so you can see better that's just going to and the rest of it because before it so I'm one of my oh oh I'm really about driving this okay okay all night okay okay five years later there you go not I'm just gonna walk it on the West at driving okay come on Alyssa I can't even do it why am I so bad at driving little egg Becca please what thank you it said they need to go to school before so I wonder if it's just like the normal classes there's a baby oh no Royal egg may didn't another were like sick so we're gonna graduate the hospital this way okay I think I'm gonna grab the golden apples just in case my egg gets sick again and we don't have to keep them going back stop pushing I'm just going to take that money okay we're just gonna put clay fade well how am I supposed to get hold of golden apples okay well that's just kinda healing place because I don't know what happened we're gonna cook close it off before it runs out – yeah unhatched level up doctor heart heal me I mean my egg yes heal me okay we're getting healed are we we're not getting healed are we so annoying yes can you please heal my family it's not healing oh whoa what just oh you can put it in a frame I wonder if I can feel my leg in a fire and I'm just gonna roll it in this Oh and need some sleep the sickness wine walk so we're just gonna slow it let's just go camping okay it's gonna be much faster if we got a vehicle yes I'm really better driving with your hands hopefully we can get on a successful trip to the campsite without me crashing into the lake okay just around here we're here success successful can I put my egg in here my royal xscape maybe don't egg oh I can't sleep why my eggs sleeping that's a bit weird for our K the sleeping is really done done okay Wow maybe we'll go try the sickness again and then where it's Y probably gonna need a shower in the morning so we'll go back home okay let's go we'll go across the Brown bridge oh wait I mean the Great Bridge because that will be the quickest way plus the hospital right there we'll just go straight to UM healing this time oh look dr. Hopp please heal my Eric it's nice to see you again is everything yes please do but no con difference working for anybody else what's it pick you up actually no we're not gonna pick you up let's go got a cook like guys back home the force money it's gonna be anything feel it now my eggs double sick okay let's go I really hope I get mmm I don't think I'll get a dog because it's like they're everything common and pretty sure that most of the dogs are comment but I might and then my second would be I don't know her Raymond is my house that's right that huh I knew that why do I have pink house doesn't matter I knew it would need a shower soon okay let's go the best day the bathrooms in hand pre-show yes mm-hmm no I'm not gonna press on me dirty really hype I can hatch it okay come on little big let's go a little leg I'm gonna come in okay I pick you up it's gonna drop you again new strip channel stairs now probably gonna need to go to the playground or school or camping maybe so okay we're just gonna go over there to prepare ourselves Oh yep say playing around an ego plan Graham I think that was the dodge that we just saw running let's go hey grant Oh wrong way we'll just walk it let's go can I put you on the sling I want to put you on the string all right can I place you in there okay yeah this guy we're swinging on the swings without eggs yeah sorry this is just like the babies Oh somebody stop me how rude Oh Oh Murray please it's not nice okay let's give it going okay we need got any mr. it was that I'm not in there oh it's nearly hatch now that got it like halfway through then I want oh it's a snart catch okay well let's go up here see if we need doing the other stuff yeah I'm thirsty luckily we had it over here cuz water in here okay oh yeah I forgot that I was asleep in kennel here we could really just stay here and then go outside when when they do like the camp and stuff everything we need you yeah you can use it if you want no I think it will do bascially we're not just well just white here and gets ready to do camping or something it's on the main time so in the main oh no no okay we're good in the meantime we're just gonna go to the school because before one of their needs were school but I didn't go to it so we'll check out what it's about sorry that looks normal oh the jib has definitely changed hi Pat Jana Shane get are you might come back when your egg was hatched okay I'll come back when my egg is hatched well that would be soon but which them tip step go away okay I can't my egg sleep in there yeah okay chillax okay we'll just take you out Wow this needs to be the chin what's what's your dog's name waffle there's some drinking and feeding stations oh it looks like the bowl from the pet shop this looks like the same from the gym kind of oh okay well let's scar head then I think he changed nor not like oh let's just go back outside hopefully I'll and hopefully our egg has a maid soon okay so get off yeah I'm the queen of the barns yeah now my egg uh uh hey I gonna do that come back ache where's be think somebody's got that food oh yeah I bought a couple of things I'm getting one everybody come on they think okay let's get some what I wish they could get in a car or something or go on your shoulders that would be pretty cute well let's go to the water park why away yeah come on egg come on what what are you doing thank God what going going up here what drop you and then get you off on the other side but we've got to be pretty quick and I don't know why my egg doesn't need any stuff oh I just sprinted across the pool oh that's funny okay well let's go somewhere else I don't know what's not getting any needs out okay what would I guess it's just cause let's look good at completing them well maybe we'll just go home on some link okay let's go maybe you should bring out one of my vehicles okay I didn't try get out of the SUV again they drive it this time oh it's going yeah never mind come on over buddy okay okay never mind okay any sense like sure we're going to and the pet shop because they have beds in there well one bed okay go in quick oh okay I don't want to walk back out don't use it hey it's matter trick how do now we have to wait weren't nearly hatch just let me go in there come on figure it out thank you manly won't it's gone you later on huh oh that got my eggs um oh I think we need to do one more and then we'll need a shower in the morning but something's gonna quickly go to our house okay let's go oh is that the Fox spring cute Nova it was a unicorn I think I'd prefer the dragon if I was to get one of those a unicorn or a dragon chance got the best egg I think it's one more I'm pretty sure it should and we're gonna make share in the morning okay good against this and then I'm going to try to color my house because I actually no I'm not all right a nice pink bow I'll just keep it that way because it's gonna be hatching and that's all I matters let's go well drop you wait till the morning comes so we do why we wait we're going ham what some TV Oh what oh my me and my egg can watched a vaild yet ah yes yes okay well let's go get'em incoming huh are you just gonna stay there all day honey fine I'm checking me let's go oh oh it's gone guys I need a shower okay let's go quick I like going in dirty means going up clean one more serious okay well let's go to into town because we probably need to go to school or the playground and we're gonna be super quick because we want to attach and it's gonna hatch at the playground or school and then if it's at school then we can do the training trip training soon okay okay that is no help so rules consoles here I never mind it's time to school it's the big moment passion its bark bark Spade cut a car okay Teddy oh yeah I'm pretty sure it needs one more now well if we had school before the shower we would it would have already been done Oh school's over here lucky we didn't like that it's like yeah somebody jumped on me one I'm dropping oh what'd she say what'd she say I'm your friend uh uh-huh how's my fan on here I'll just say hi school it's nearly done please hatch oh we're gonna have a fan in our shoulders while egg hatches we're going here so there's no restricting us one of beautiful magnificent egg captions it's new eden oh what a cat a serious oh way it's a puma what did you call it snow Puma I think it's like a leopard or Soundlink when I dropped my pen nice to make and that what will my mouse gone crazy okay let's drop the pet oh it looks like a sausage you're kind of okay well now I can go in here no no don't push me well hi Shane now can you get a might want me to train your um pet of course I do all right let's begin sit how are you doing it good job little small a bit sit sit sit yeah all right good snow boom ah I mean if you know if I'm saying that right there is it from now tap your pet to try your new tricks okay tricks this that's all we can do okay it's okay well anyway bye guys thanks for watching 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