?''ALL OP UPDATE 50M PET CODES 2019!!''?Pet Ranch Simulator 50M UPDATE (Roblox)

all right ladies and general welcome back to another video right here today as you can see we're on path arrange a simulator back on it again today with another update part one of the 50 million update last week we also uploaded a video on patch ranch and it got almost a hundred 50 likes so I will really do appreciate if you guys like that like button right here so we get arm maybe close to that might go I guess and today we're on of course with a brand new update before we do start make sure you like subscribe come to roadblocks name down below you guys do what i win some free robux because i'll probably next week or this yeah actually next week i'm giving away a 500 row box so I decided it I'm gonna give away 500 bucks next week so if you want to enter that giveaway make sure you like subscribe comment roblox name and you'll be able to go actually it's alright but with that being said we got a part one of the 50 million update we got a 50 million albatross god pad or get using gift button map shadows collection leaderboard improvement leaderboard appearance and that was it and some new codes of course so let's just get straight it goes because we got some for you a let's see the first code is going to be 50 more right here 50 million pad there you go alright so if you redeem this code you will be awarded with ipad so let's just redeem it there you go alright we got any 50 million albatross right there let's see let's just check it out so i think writing this game a little bit and as you can see have some legendaries from the new Reber tag and yes some other stuff right here but let's see anyways where is the new pad there you go so we got a 50 million albatross king which has a thousand two hundred coins right here i don't know if it's like really good so let's just upgrade them already so we got a fifty million orbiter sting right here i don't know it's not very good but if you fully upgraded yet it's still not very good for me because i've grind a lot I have almost fillers and rebirth so mmm alright but this looks very cool with the crown and everything I really like and of course make sure you turn that notification about on to stay updated on every single quick video right here and on every single row box giveaway so make sure you join a discord server also down below description you'll be able to go so let's just go ahead and straight go to the next code which real be on it will be actually pet ranch all right Pat a ranch there you go then go with that one and you will be a world with um actually a 5,000 Kuhl's so that's always good right so next code will be all the drawers there you go albatross is another code right here putting this one and I already do with injection so let's see another code will be shiny there you go Chinese on another car right here or update ten will be under our code to update and all the codes will be in the description too so you can check it out there too so there you go a bit alright so ugly tennis expired actually uh obviously love it should be working of the eleven bang all right so no actually not alright so anyways our 40-million pad I hope this one is working bang alright so this one is not working let's see fully moving coin on there you alright so this one is also working update wait update 13 there you go this one is actually working update 13 mission within this one they actually expired a lot of codes right there so you guys hit that notification bar because I upload of course straight after update this is actually out day after an update but anyways we always update you guys on the newest codes right through so make sure you're subscribed right there and if you haven't already make sure you do and let's get started so we got 1 point 5 9 q on Q money I guess and let's wait I didn't realize but they got a new button which is the gift butter right here if you click on it or you can get 50 more your physics gift there you go you can just get it for free and it has 300,000 stats which is godly actually so let's just get it got 50 more in albatross God so this better you get for free if you redeem that one I had gifts and you will be awarded with a 50 million orbiters God which is Oh be like I don't know if it's the same stats for everyone but it's ok for me and this pad is actually from the newest egg on which is the rebirth ultimate egg and this one is already better with without upgrades so there's just upgrade this of this thing oh my gosh dude alright so this thing is about to get really OPI right here let's see let's just um alright level 50 there you go dude this thing is so pure like it's it's almost better than the shiny thieving Crouse which is like this shiny of the new egg all right so let's just get an hour on that one alright so let's just get this out on this one bang and let's see dude this thing has 1.1 million coins multiplier which is I should amazing so let's see let's just um unequip this one so you can equip this one bang there you go as you can see my earnings per second or 150 billion which is a lot and today we are going to rebuild right here so let's just rebuild all right so let's just worry about 300 times so oh yeah we can actually do it so let's just bang alright so we just we burn 300 times which is insane and it's sealed our current reboot is 2226 which is a lot and let's see we got 3000 rebirth arm quits actually so let's just sped them all on this brand new bag right over here let's hope for the mythic and let's hope for this Lettieri also the 0.5 I have opened this is um a collage so as you can see alright so I got a few luxuries I like – legit or ease and this question mark I just can't get so let's just open a few more all right I've almost spent all the coins and I haven't gotten any legendary this is pretty sad actually alright officially we have spent every single rebirth token and we haven't gotten any single legendary in a sec um oh well so basically we got some of these um rare rare pets and stuff like that like all the dwarfs I don't know I can I make them shiny probably yes so let's just like with these alright so I think that's it for the video alright so hopefully you guys did enjoy this new video ladies and gents subscribe come to roadblocks name like the video and I guess y'all later peace I'm out you

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