? Which cages are best for hamsters? ?

Aquí tienes 5 opciones principales para
el alojamiento de hamsters: Jaulas, terraios, tanques, cubos y DIYs *Jaulas* Pros: lista para salir, no necesita modificaciones Ligera y portable Puedes añadirle botellas/juguetes a los barrotes Los barrotes ofrecen una buena ventilacion Puede ser modulado y conectado por medio de tubos Contras: pueden morder los barrotes y escalarlos Puede ser difícil agregar juguetes grandes dentro de la jaula Usualmente es muy superficial para un lecho profundo Sucio, el lecho se cae fuera por los barrotes Es difícil limpiarlo Es difícil observar e interactuar con el hamster La decoración es limitada *Jaulas aptas* Links en la descripción! *Terrarios* Pros: lo suficientemente alto para el lecho y juguetes Fácil de observar e interactuar con el hamster Puede ser fácil de limpiar y también de decorar y personalizar Contras: Es costoso Difícil para transportar La madera puede ser mordida La madera quizá necesite ser a prueba de agua para poder ser limpiada *Terrarios aptos* Links en la descripción! *Tanques* Pros: ampliamente disponible Fácil de limpiar Fácil de observar e interactuar con el hamster Lo suficientemente alto para el lecho y juguetes Fácil de decorar y personalizar Contras: el vidrio del tanque puede sobre-calentarse en climas cálidos Tanques pequeños proveen una mala ventilacion Mas costoso Pesado Necesitara de una tapa si los juguetes son altos *Tanques aptos* *Los tanques son medidos en galones, pero necesitas revisar la base, las medidas pueden varear* Generalmente ,arriba de 40 galones estará bien Puedes obtener tanques en tiendas de mascotas/acuarios, o bien como en lugares de segunda mano. *Cubos/Contenedores* Pros: barato Mas ampliamente disponible Fácil de limpiar Fácil de interactuar con el hamster Ligero y portable Suficientemente alto para el lecho y juguetes Fácil de decorar y personalizar Contras: los bordes interiores pueden ser mordidos Necesitara de una tapa si los juguetes son altos Sera difícil ver al hamster por su textura empañada No lucirá muy lujoso *Cubos/Contenedores aptos* Los contenedores son difíciles de conseguirse online, revisa tiendas locales/homewere Durante las fiestas , busca contenedores de arboles de navidad. *DIYs* Pros: costo justo Tan grande como quieras Puedes hacer que entren los juguetes que te gusten Puedes hacer la habitación que quede perfecta Fácil de observar e interactuar con el hamster Fácil de limpiar Puede quedar bien con los muebles Fácil de decorar y personalizar Único! tu imaginación es el limite! Contras: toma tiempo diseñarlo y hacerlo Necesitas herramientas y suministros Materiales seguros, es algo que se debe tomar en cuenta La ventilación debe ser considerada Difícil de transportar Puede ser que no sea de buena calidad y durable *DIYs aptos* Hazlo desde cero o modifica los muebles, las opciones son interminables Puedes encontrar como hacer todas estas jaulas y mas aquí en Youtube Checa esta playlist para inspirarte Qué jaulas no son aptas para hamsters? Jaulas donde no tengan un espacio de piso continuo menos de 4000cm2/620in2 Jaulas con el espacio suficiente entre los barrotes para que el hamster pueda meter la cabeza en el medio Jaulas con tubos que no son lo suficientemente grandes para la seguridad del hamster y que pueda darse la vuelta Jaulas con plataformas altas desde donde el hamster podria caer Pueden muchos hamsters vivir en la misma jaula? Los hamster siberianos siempre deben mantenerse solos, ellos son solitarios y pueden pelear hasta la muerte si los mantienes juntos Los hamster enanos podrían estar juntos siendo del mismo sexo o el mismo numero de integrantes Necesitaran su propio espacio y escondite para evitar peleas De cualquer manera si pelean necesitaran su propia casa por separado Qué si no puedo permitirme una jaula decente? Los cubos y DIYs , incluso los tanques pueden ser sorpresivamente mas baratos que las jaulas vendidas en las tiendas de mascotas Un contenedor decente como este solo cuesta 10 euros Esto es la mitad del precio de una bolsa de lecho y vas a comprar mas de este! Si no te puedes permitir una casa decente, entonces un hamster no es para ti. Es irresponsable comprar una mascota si no puedes/quieres proveerle eso. Gracias por ver el vídeo!:3

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  1. Do you use Hamtaro sound effects from the Nintendo Gameboy?? your videos reminded me of the game I used to play not just because of sounds but visually i love it !

  2. Wire cages are not suitable for hamsters!!! Hamster can chew on the wire (even if there's chews in the cage) and may damage there teeth.

  3. Thank you for this! My parents are considering getting me a hamster, so I'm looking for things I need. This helped a lot for finding the right kind of cage!

  4. I wanna order the skyline marrakesh for my russian dwarf. Is the link you shared (from amazon) save to order from?? I don't usually order from amazon…

  5. Awsome video! I love it so much, I keep watching it over and over lol! I am actually in a process of making XL Billy cage, and when I am done I will hopefully do a video on it because I found a little trick, so I am going to spend 60 to 65 euros in total! #masivesavings haha! Btw. I do need to tell that sides of Detolf are 37 by 43 cm, and if you turn it on the bigger side (43 cm one) you actually get like 300 sq. inches more which is great! Also, I always get totally blown away with how much effort and work you put in your videos, and hamster 🙂 Vanilla must be the happiest hamster on Earth! <3

  6. i have a male hamster named Mochi who is a syrian. he lives in a cage wich is a tank at the bottom and then he climbs a ladder to get to a bared cage. i need to get him a new one though cus the one i have is a bit rusty so i will be getting him a nice cage with 2 slides , a wheel , a decent home and loads of space. and soon i will be getting 2 feamale russsian dwarf hamster. (sisters) and im getting them a 3 story cage. that has 2 wheels , 2 houses , 2 food bowls , 2 bottles. and that also has space for them. im hopefully calling them peanut butter and jelly :3

  7. The cheapest bin cages(that are big enough) cost 50$~70$ no matter where I go…. ;-; .Be thankful that most of you can get bin cages for 5$~10$…

  8. Do you know if most this information is the same for mice? Mice and hamsters are closely related and pretty much the only differences are that hamsters have pouches, mice have tails, and mice are generally smaller. I've been looking to get a new mouse cage but they aren't really marketed. I know she likes to chew things and burrow, so I have to be careful, especially with cages that are plastic/wood and have bars. She can squeeze through most bars and will chew the bottoms.

    If anyone with experience could give some advice and maybe even recommendations, I would REALLY appreciate it!!!

  9. Hi, if the measurments on a terrarium are 78.5 x 45.5 x 52.5 cm, which is the height, the measurement for the front and for the sides? I just have no idea with these things haha

  10. My hamster cage is 78×48 im so sad I thought that was a good enough cage. So im considering makin a bin cage as my hamster bored of its home now

  11. I like you a white hamster je parle français mais j'ai quand meme mis une phrase en anglais pour toi ♥ j'adore tes vidéo

  12. My top three favorite YouTube channels are:

    *Vanilla Ham Ham ( Top Favorite)
    *Hopping Hammy ( Second favorite)
    *Victoria Rachel ( Third favorite)

    Vanilla Ham Ham is my favorite because it’s entertaining and very educational! Five stars
    Hopping Hamster is my second favorite because it’s fun to watch and the cages are HUGE! Four and a half stars
    Victoria Racheal is my third favorite because it’s fun and educational, but she doesn’t really show the hamsters or cages much and just talks!!
    4 stars (Great Videos Everyone).

  13. I'm supposed to be getting a Ikea Samla for my future pet Syrian, is the Samla big enough for a Syrian though?

  14. Hi I have an 18 month old hamster. Is she considered a "senior" hamster? What should I be doing to make her last year comfotable? She (Houdini) is Syrian with medium length fur. Please advise me!! Thanks

  15. It's awesome that you said the minimum cage size is 612 in2.. But it's really just 450 in2. But the bigger the better!

  16. I make diy bin cages for hamster for people in my area they give me money to make it and I do it that day and I give them the RIGHT advice and diets and mind them if they go away my parents don’t mind me minding and making things as for I have turned the basement into a little pet room (P.S every Pennie I make from the hamster cages I spend on my hamster ?

    If you guys want to see my diy hamster cage for my hamster ? keep a look out for the video xox

    I might think about starting delivering to other countries not sure what should I do ? ?‍♀️?

  17. I have a hamster named Daisy and she loves her cage I bought her from Pets At Home. She doesn't bar chew, she likes to climb sometimes. She will play on her silent spinner at night, she will play with her toys all the time, and she will sleep in her cheese house during the day. Sometimes hamsters prefer smaller cages to big cages. ❤️?

  18. Im getting my new hamster quickly.I had 2 hamster before but im still afraid my new hamster gonna chew on the bar.But my parents dony want to buy an aquarium cage.What do i do?

  19. Hi, I have a quick question I have a terranium for my serian hamster but he only is under the ground and I am not sure how i can tame him (i almost have him 1 year)

  20. I know, a year late, but yesterday I found a large hamster cage with all good reviews called the Prevue 528. My little Midge LOVES it.

  21. hi is this ok for my syrian hamster? –>https://www.zooplus.fi/shop/jyrsijat/hakit_aitaukset/hamsterin/terraariot/225330

  22. But my syrian hamsters dosent fight each other, they loved each other (dont mad at me if i dont know cause im a begginer)

  23. I found a really good cage on amazon called the PawHut fir wood hamster cage, with 1,069 square inches of floor space, for only $109.

  24. I made the Linnmon tank from your video and it’s lasted my entire hamsters life, my kookie was 2 before he died the other day. Thank you for your video because I feel like he had the best life I could give him in a huge space, which was only possible because I found your video ♥️

  25. Diys is the way for my hamster
    *Uganda knuckles: Do u know the way*
    *ignore knuckles*

  26. This is so helpful! I did some research on a hamster cage and it turns out mine is WAY too small! (only 200 sq. in!) so i'm going to try and get a new cage ASAP.

  27. DONT NOT GET A TWO STORY CAGE FOR A HAMSTER two story cages are for RATS
    hamsters can break bones from falling

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