? How to Potty Train Your Hamster ?

How to Potty Train your hamster You will need a hamster potty. It needs to be a shape that fits in a corner, since that’s where hamsters normally go. The roof will make your hamster feel more secure. Fill the base with substrate. Sand is the most attractive to hamsters because it’s diggable. It is also heavy, so the potty can’t be moved or tipped over. Litter pearls dry fast and lock in smells. Only use litter intended for small animals (or wood/paper litter) The pearls have a smell that encourages small animals. Scatter a handful of pearls on the surface. Move more in the corners, as this is where your hamster will go. Dig a little so that the potty sits securely in the corner. For the best chances, use the same place your hamster last went. Put a piece of peed-on substrate in the potty. Remove all other traces of pee from the cage and use a pet safe disinfectant to remove the smell. Your hamster should soon smell the potty and work out what it’s for. If your hamster goes in a different corner, move the potty there. Potty training may be instant, or may take a few weeks. Common Questions: My hamster pees in the potty, but won’t poop. Hamsters don’t usually poop in the potty. This is because they don’t have as much control over it. It tends to end up where they bathe and where they sleep. If your hamster bathes in sand, it’s easy to scoop up. Poop-a-scoops come with most potties. Removable beds can simply be tipped out and cleaned. My hamster pees in the tubes/wheel! As soon as they do it, take the tube/wheel out. Use a tissue to get a sample and place it in the clean potty. Leave pet-safe disinfectant on for 15 minutes, then wash thoroughly. If you leave it smelling, your hamster will believe this is the toilet. My potty trained hamster suddenly stopped using the potty If the potty becomes too dirty, the hamster will find somewhere else to go. Clean the potty and start the process again in the new corner. My hamster pees in the bed. This is not healthy for your hamster. It may be that the bed is too large and is being used more like a small cage than a bed. Small bed – pees in the cage corner. Big bed – pees in the bed corner. This is an unfortunate problem with large nesting boxes. Try offering some other smaller bed options instead. This might also be part of old age which can’t be helped. Just clean their bed to keep them as comfortable and hygenic as possible, and offer several alternative beds. My hamster has 2+ connected cages and is peeing in both. Hamsters will usually potty in the same cage they sleep. So if there are sleeping spots on both your hamster may potty in both. Either get another potty, or keep the beds in the same cage. My hamster pees in several corners in the same cage/level. Block the other corners off with toys etc. But remember to check that the potty is clean and attractive by following all the steps at the start. If you have any questions, leave a comment below!

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  1. My hamster takes her food to his little house and cover it with poop, also pees in the potty but not the poop, the poop everywhere and in her little house ?
    Help ??

  2. Honestly, I like watching educational pet videos like these more than those cute pet complations even though I don't own any of them. I like to watch educational hamster, turtles, cats, dogs, rabbits, and even ants. Idk if it's just me being weird or someone's actually doing this too

  3. I don’t even need to potty train her cause, she’s so organized so i just have to clean 1 corner i loaf her!

  4. please die now hamster

    don't scroll

    I actually like hamster I love the and they dint die and actually this is a joke actually vanila died sorry for you're lost

    edit:I'm in 2019

  5. This worked with my old hamster Mocha, Now with my most recent hamster Bellini i cant get her to do it. She pee's in her wheel and every night i try to clean and remove the scent but she keeps doing it! Any suggestions anybody?

  6. My hamster has a cage with two laps in it, and he usually slept on the second lap and there was his potty, now i made him a little hanging nest egg and now he sleeps there.the egg is on the first lap and now my hamster pees on the firat lap, what do i do?

  7. sees shapes at start


    cough sorry im mad

  8. He was and still is the cutest hamster by far look at those eyes ? .. He was born November ? What day ? Rest in peace …?

  9. I have a Syrian hamster. I bought him on 5.5.2019 (yesterday) and he like me in the shops but he doesn't like me now at home please help me vanilla ham ham

  10. I put in a sand bath in my hamsters cage yesterday and he’s already pooped in it a few times

  11. Mm no entendi, y alguien q sepa me podriadecir q es lo q pone en el fondo tierra? Algun tipo de arena especial?

  12. Okay but how often should the actual potty get cleaned out get cleaned out?
    Like as a rough idea ever day, every week, whenever you notice it has went in there?

  13. Hi, so my hamster Jerry is peeing where he sleeps, but where he sleeps is pretty small and he is not that old! Jerry is not potty trained, does that have something to do with it, and he is kinda fat and lazy.???

  14. Is it NOT normal for hamsters to poo in the potty as well? I have a Syrian hamster (male) and ever since I purchased his potty, I never find any droppings OR pee anywhere else. Should I be concerned about him holding his bladder and should I try to encourage him not to hold it if he is?


  16. I can't find hamster or pet safe disinfectants spray thingy in the pet store near my house for some reason, is there a recipe for homemade ones that are safe?

    And also my hammy wasn't potty trained for a long time (a long time), and I am considering getting a new cage because the cage I have now is too small, is it good to potty train my hammy right on the day when she moves in the new home? I thought she might learn it fast because it's a new environment?? I am not sure

  17. I never thought it was this easy i thought it was near impossible and was harder than training a dog because of how small the rodents brains are. Thanks Vanilla!

  18. Wait so when you wipe the wheel that has pee. Do you put it in the potty to show that’s where to pee?

  19. hi, how can i find the "poopy station" on internet, i wanna buy one to my hamster, please answer me :c

  20. Everyone is complaining about their parents not getting them the pet they want – And here I am getting 'surprise' hens, roosters, birds, dogs, cats and hamsters… MY allowance is running out ??

  21. 2:00 I’m an idiot, never realised that’s what it was for. Kept on using (and struggling) it as way to carry the sand to the potty/bath

  22. my hamster keeps eating the pearls! and when i bury them under the sand she ends up dodging them back up and eating them! please help

  23. I watched this video two years ago when I first got my hamster and was able to easily potty train him to pee in the sandbox. It made cleaning the cage so much easier and I honestly think he likes it too. Thank you!

  24. It's not a child (human)It's a hamster you teach a hamster to use the bathroom right not potty training is human children not hamsters ????

  25. A hamster learns from us just like human beings they learn from our actions hamsters have feelings just like we do they feel love and also hate if shown to much that's why I stated love and respect for them it's pure and honest ?????

  26. yes! i really needed this video! thanks! my hamster ALWAYS does his business exploring my hamster-safe room ;—;

  27. My parents finally agreed to let me have a pet tomorrow after asking for 8 years now and it’s a hamster so I’m fr educating myself lol

  28. shoot. i have no chance if i have chinchilla bathing sand in there for them to use. they'll just go to the bathroom in both :/

  29. When I was trying to tame my hamster he pees on my hand •_•
    Sorry for my bad english I'm from the Netherlands //;

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