? The Sims 4 Cats and Dogs | Let's play and breed Dalmatian puppies | We have puppies! | Ep. 2

hi guys and welcome back to let's make some donation babies I am so excited lady is pregnant right now and I have no idea how long it will take her to get some cute little Dalmatian puppies but I'm really really excited for that so yeah we're just gonna play around again with to talk and wait what will happen I am so cure so gosh again some poop oh no what did you do doggie I don't know who it was so just say doggie instead okay so let's see how are you doing okay only your hygiene is not so well let's give who is this again this is Mike so let's give Mike's a nice little bath and maybe you can walk with Max or maybe with Lady I don't know how is lady doing I wish we could walk them together the two of them that will be so nice oh dear little Julia poor thing she's gonna be okay just going hog with Lady that will be so nice just have some nice little hugs she's gonna have some puppies gonna be so cute this is just so adorable it's so cute hi Pat just just make good friends with Lady it's like the most adorable thing to see look it's hot ler and a it's so cute Oh max is done with this bath Oh Lucas is taking us back to okay just walk back walk max let's see what where you go on the walk long walk go for a jog short walk just go for a short walk I wish we could play around with the dogs itself but it make sense you can't control the feelings of a dog so that makes sense what are you gonna do I say you should go for a walk just go it lady then instead go on a walk I love dogs but eyes like the only reason why I don't have a dog because I just don't feel like go for a walk all the time so yeah I would be a bad mom for the dog I guess even though I would love them but it's not fair like if you want a dog he should really go for long walks especially with like those big dogs I think they really need a lot of time to get some walks okay let's see you are hungry and you need to go to the bathroom now what are you gonna eat let's open it up what do we have we got excellent eggs and toast grab a serving oh and then you can put max in a bus okay let's see and let her out I think daddy's better let her out first then eat okay you're already on your way oh no what happened just replace it you have enough money and then give a bath to max its max right yes it's max what is she doing oh she doesn't like him anymore I think that was you wanna go in a boss I don't know I don't know is she already taking in too okay she already is I remember in Sims 3 where the dogs jump out of the bathtub while you were bathing them so I'm really curious if they do it again he likes it so much of course you do it's like nice hot and warm okay he's done good job max oopsie okay that really wasn't the intention oh well okay just eat now because you're really hungry and how are you two doing can you play okay let's see pet care got to know do you do that while you are walking and walking her okay you can what's wrong okay what is wrong what are you gonna tell me give a treat okay no what's wrong but a treat of course where are you going to where are you going to what is dad okay let's just follow them I'm curious this is probably a secret area or something I don't know I haven't played it seems for that much shell I'm just enjoying it with the patch right now okay can we just go home I don't know go home ah there you go walking walking walking walking yay yes over home awesome oh I'm so curious how the puppies will look there are gonna be so cute oh and I need some names from you guys oh but that may be I'm too late okay and not such a big plan but I'm not sure if we can change the names that will be a tough : okay you can unleash now oh yeah you just had a walk and now you're gonna pee over here Wow okay what can we do oh damn it okay we should have mopped up right away only a real neat freak with the time to mop up a pillow unnatural ground okay is that the same thing over here okay huh okay so guys I need to pick the names myself we are gonna have some the peas in a pod oh oh this is gonna be so cute okay we just need to wait and see huh I gotta get some poop did I say I'm waiting so good it's getting labor right that was what it said I'm pretty sure okay we need to follow lady wherever she is going right now I'm so excited we're getting puppies what it's gonna be so cute where is she going was I reading too fast because I'm just too excited to get some puppies or is she now getting some puppies I'm so sorry I always press escape if you want to close the window where's she going where's she going okay outside okay what I totally missed something I think are you she just walking around because she what is happening why is she walking in circles oh oh wait are we getting some puppies right now a system woman it states the moment guys I wanna know did something just freeze did I just do it again congratulations a puppy is born lady just gives birth to a puppy what would you like to call her oh okay I'm really bad at names like a Harley ginger Stella lady we already got Stella bubbles canoe I like bubbles bubbles okay and the last name was Richard let's hope I did that right I don't really want them to have a last name but I I think you have to it would be weird if you have last name in okay let's make it richer than and we get another little girl okay how are we gonna call her sprinkles I like sprinkles Richard oh we got puppies look at them they are so adorable oh I love them already oh they are so cute can you pick a puppy up please Oishi he's so dirty to little lady girls lady girl it's the same thing oh my gosh oh this is so cute I'll just look at the oh there is so in love oh wait no don't oh please pick up the sound of puppies that is so cute oh my that is just adorable and we got puppies and it went so fast like I really have the feeling like Brett seems free you have you had to wait for like several days but now we got puppies oh this is so adorable guys and they're so in love that is so cute sprinkles and bubbles that's so funny by the way sprinkles and bubbles that's so cute okay wait we need to where is the other bed I had okay just place another one and then can we put one down over there we really need to move I don't know if they're gonna use it hopefully at least dude I still have food where is everything did they move it somewhere else because I saw a dog grabbing it and putting it somewhere else but I don't see them anywhere right now that doesn't make any sense okay let's just replace them again okay that's one and two and let's have another one over here just to make sure they have enough food what is that okay okay is she also sleeping okay so little julia is awake but the rest of the house is sleeping wow what a great pairings oh okay wake up and damn max you are so dirty how is Julia doing Julia is doing great so give a bath to max because this is just not right okay and I'm really curious what happens with Julia if we where are the puppies they're just laying outside ah maybe they can't use the stairs like it seems free I guess um okay wait wait we need to pick them up can you please stop you're so cute look at him running okay pick up and then we need to wait so we can put them inside okay um oh I want to see what happens can she do anything she can pet him oh that's so cute can you do that again for me Julia Oh comforting it's just adorable don't you guys think they're so cute sprinkling bubbles is likely the most durable thing ever okay okay where are you okay paws pick up and then put sprinkles down here okay and do the same thing over here pause pick up we will get back to Julia poor Julia's is crying we need a puppies inside it's way too cold outside yes okay there you go and put bubbles down No pick up pick up pick yes boob of us down here awesome okay now they are inside and then we need some where are the food boils where are they oh there they are can we okay we can just pick them up where is the rest where is the other one yes yes I know you want food but don't don't touch the poles yes yes yes I'm making sure you got food but just put it down just ah the poor thing okay um okay I pause the game for a second because house this is going crazy but I still don't get it where the other ones are like I'm still missing one that's so weird it's super weird they're just I feel like they are gone but they are probably just somewhere that they brought it to let's just buy a new one Oh a tweet ah look there is the other one give food to max okay now this should work maybe why it was that throw away I'm just putting them down because I just they eat so much oh my gosh okay but now they have food so now I can just put them back here should be in building mode I guess to rotate them anywhere but now does it work awesome oh those puppies can't you keep them up as well that is so cute let's see how that looks cute little puppy in a bathtub now isn't that adorable cute thing sprinkles is getting a bubble bath well not a bubble bath but it sounds cute this is just awesome guys this is so cute okay so we got puppies oh so excited this is so cool hope you guys like this too and let me know if you want me just to just continue this series with Julia and make sure she grows up well and then maybe she goes when she gets older she moves out of the house which sprinkles or rubbles just let me know if you like that idea and yeah let's see if we can continue this series with you guys bye guys thank you so much for watching and I really hope see you in the next episode bye guys

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  1. I was thinking about getting the whole Sims Cats & Dogs pets pack, but………I don't know if I want to get it or not considering some of the details when these animals give birth & the kittens & puppies are freshly born,…..some of the things about those cats & dogs having kittens & puppies don't look right & just takes away all of the fun.

  2. You mated siblings lol it said relationship: siblings.. then you mated them sksksk

  3. Don't worry the dogs always walk around a while before they give birth because my dog in the sims 4 went in the kitchen and gave birth to two little puppies!

  4. So how long did it take her to umm what you Call it to them to be born? Cus my dog IN sims 4 just Got pregnant and i wanna know how long it takes

  5. My cat wont give birth! she has been in labor for a sim day now.. and she hasn't given birth yet 🙁 Do you know how i can fix this issue?

  6. I feel like you should make lady simstagram famous cause nobody does that and I would really like to know what happens if you do become famous

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