? The Sims 4 Cats and Dogs | Let's play and breed Dalmatian puppies | We are pregnant! | Ep. 1

hey guys and welcome to the first episode of let's make the Mesha babies I can't wait to see and just check out this is this awesome Sims for pets like seriously this is so cute cuteness overload like he is walking right now we got let me just show you guys we got max this is Max and we got lady Max and lady those are the two Dalmatians which I'm gonna try to make some babies with and I have no idea actually how it's gonna work but we just go and check it out I guess so we got Julia Richard which I will eventually grow up but for now I just really want to see how she is responding to to the dogs I just really wanted to see how it looks and if they have puppies and then we can maybe let her grow up and and make her a fetch and she's like addicted to dogs right now I just I just imagined that myself she's addicted to dog she loves dogs and she wants to be a vet in the future but for now we just go and check out if we can manage to let this work so my house isn't really that big so I had to improvise a bit with the beds where they can sleep on so yeah it is a little bit my stuff but that's okay we're just gonna have some fun right now iced over here they can have their food and let me just introduce you to the family I made this is a Laura Colin and she has her husband no she is not married yet if I'm right I was preparing this series but now since pets came up I'm like okay just go and play I think they are not marriage is forever so they are marriage mMmmm oh they are all right okay never mind Lukas Richard we got Lukas Richard over here and eventually what I just want to do is play with Julia when she gets older but first I just really want to check out pets Wow okay that being said let's make sure that so he had a walk with lady so maybe now he can have a walk with max this is lady and we got max okay so what do we got we got Pat hug if treat get to know pet care go on a walk just a short walk for now what are you doing oh my god you're gonna be so dirty oh thanks huggy you do that what are you doing max stop doing that you go for a walk come on stop doing that all work for Lucas starts in an hour okay so he probably doesn't have that much time to walk but I don't care just go for a walk you just check got your new dog so you just need to take them for a walk okay let's see if Julia is doing okay right now okay she's just really really tired so let's just make sure but Julia too bad because she needs to be very happy when she grows up and let's see okay you are going for a walk right now so we got this dog let's see if we can get some Petri treats and toys and whatever you have pet furniture is all for cats I guess is it I guess I don't know if offer those with cats okay and so pet toys we can just have a ball ball ball okay let's just put two balls they don't cost anything oh here and it's a bird ball I don't care just put it down a new ball and oh okay so we can train them as well that will be very nice not too tall not too short this hoop is a great compromise I don't see if this is for the small pets in your life I want is I think the same is this for dogs I guess it is this is to tallest who we have it's not that tall I guess this is for the dogs right this tunnel leads to nowhere just kidding it's pretty straightforward it's really nice but I don't have that much space for a corner one maybe we can have this one and okay that would work I have no idea what we can do with it oops too cool Ram what comes up must come down or your pet could just sit on top of this ramp all day okay this so this probably is something to train them I guess I'm not really sure but but that should be the case okay let's see if we can do command pets and he was walking mic so lady okay Larry just became friends with lady yay Laura has reached level one of the pet training skill what are you gonna do lady oh look at her ah okay was that all ok let's do it again I don't know if she gains anything oh you're hungry ok the little walk is so goofy it's so cute ok can we do it as well we're here what happens when we do that before she goes for some food oh she's scared is she really I don't lay me down lady come on little girl you can do it you can do it lady yes oh no she doesn't there I don't know why baby but we will figure it out I guess ok let's just have some food first um is there anything left I don't think so open nope okay let's see cook no I don't want a cake I always make that mistake ok brat steaks juicy some brat steaks girl she's laying down on the floor it's too bad you can't do anything oops he is late for work you need to stop walking this is looking so pretty guys look at that that is so cute I like this I like how this looks this is beautiful oh boy you need to do something oh my gosh your bark is just terrible yes you need to go to work man go home you need to go to work why is I looking so sad it's like oh I got such a pretty beautiful side he looks so sad why oh oops that was escaped can you please just go back oops okay now the dog no don't no okay that's not what I meant go to work you need to go to work dude go to work please now okay and then she needs to call them let's hope for the best okay okay okay can we follow him okay max go home quickly that was really fast I'm really happy that he knows the way back home will be so sad right okay she is tired okay so better just put her to bed the dogs have their food so they can just go too bad as well what time is it almost 6:00 p.m. you're tired okay that's a little bit early Laura okay they are going to sleep and Howard it oh you can't really see how the dogs are doing okay so we just need to hope for the best I guess and what because we how do you make babies then I'm just curious how you can do that I really would love to have some cute little Dalmatian animals donation dogs walking on this floor that will be so cute okay he is at work oh he's really tired okay so what would be smart to do then yeah we just need to wait she'll at least daraa wakes up I guess because he needs to go to bed immediately I don't know what time he's off for work or in two days oopsie what did we do you know what are you doing dude why are you laying on the floor you can't do light wake up thank you you just need to go to bed why did you went out of bed I don't get that okay she is using a putty right now good girl that's really good okay what can you do with the dogs oof Oh girl behave that's terrible what's still she's really cute I like it odd girl you did it again that's disgusting I sure hope that the docs won't do anything with the potty like seriously oh they need to go out for a walk I guess okay just wake up and you need to sleep just sleep please because you need your energy can you I'm not just curious can you just walk them together I'm afraid you can't can you leash them both let's see if we can leash and leash what happens if we do that can we walk them both okay that one is leashed and can you not leash that one as well can you please tell me you can that will be so nice no no no don't change outfits more choices pet care you can't I don't get it who is knocking on my door who are you let this laws straw it I probably don't pronounce that right okay so we come bleach them both so dad is quite annoying so let's make sure we have a babysitter done don't cry please don't cry Oh what am i doing are you doing that with the dog oh look at her live oh gosh okay problems okay we don't need to walk her anymore okay just clean this up please okay can't we just train them to go outside what is she doing where are you going can't you just go and play with something I don't have any toys in his house I see okay let's make sure we have some toys for the kids for the kid for the little kid um oh wait she has one over here I don't know if she can reach it okay let put that one over here instead and then play with the toy I don't care which one okay let's see if we can train them as soon as she got some food okay put that away is that so good it's normal okay so you can grab a serving for Julia and grab a surfing is her thing oh yeah no way what are you doing stop that mags that's your own pee that's disgusting No okay cleanest mop this oh no no no no no oh dies that terrible oh no no no no look at them they're inside of each other okay nevermind we will fix this we will manage we will manage okay is he no he didn't sleep that much she is playing with her toys so that is fine okay just used a toilet quickly so we can train the dogs because this is terrible and we need some babies and I have no idea how that is gonna work out okay feel all fat balls you are totally dirty but I really can't do anything about that yeah I can't I can't give you a bath with Judy is there any choice training my down roll over a sip speak and fetch friendly pat pat brown couch gift read get to know and courage to mate woo that one I want to try I have no idea if it's gonna work that quick but hey let's just see if that's gonna work yes I know you need to pee but I can't select you to just pee outside so I actually just have no idea how that will work okay Moya trip more choices as to go potty what is that okay ah okay so den he pees outside that's good okay friendly and courage to made what lady are you gonna do that now I think something worked out so where are they going ah-hah toises what's that like okay what's is it I have no idea if it was can we do it again friendly Oh lady has recently just made it wait a day to see if they were successful okay oh we're gonna be in big trouble when we have like all these cute little puppies walking in this small house but it's gonna be so nice I love puppies I love I love just dogs and cats in general now right yes is it just me or is this stomach just way too big or oh that looked a bit weird didn't it I don't know I don't have dogs myself I only have a CAD and I did had more cats so yeah I don't I don't actually know it does look a little bit weird to me Oh expecting puppies congratulations levy is expecting there are going to be some new little pals around the household oh that's gonna be so cute I have no idea how long this will take how long she will be pregnant oh I think they just she just told him oh I don't know about that belly stomach I don't know how to call it the chest-to-chest of the dog that looks a bit odd but maybe I did it myself just to my liver I know if you have a Dalmatian dog and it's super normal then I'm just weird I don't know okay so you gave a bath pet care gift boss okay how are you doing okay you are doing great you just need to pee and no not cook bake I don't really need okay serve a breakfast just activate toast or anything like that and please clean this up this is just terrible mess guys this is just disgusting okay queue is full my cute little fellas this is so nice oh he's just doing it out of itself oh it she it's lady so you can recognize them because I gave her like a black error on the left and a lighter ear on the right and heaters has dots all over him so that's how you can recognize them and I can recognize them so guys okay so there are pop what is this what you look at those flies yeah guys disgust T what did you do oh no she has to clean it up throw away don't pick it up well pick it up and throw it away right away and then in the household oh no dad is going to smell bad like really really bad I can't wait to have some puppies eyes gonna be so excited and now we can grow her up and make sure she has one puppy and then she goes out and she's gonna be a fat that's gonna be so awesome what is that white what is that is that like I I don't know what it is I looks weird but again something day have to clean up you got to be kidding me dogs okay we need to train the dogs for sure oh there's some meal we need to get I guess okay guys so stay tuned for the next episode where we gonna have some dalmatian puppies so now I'm so excited it's gonna be so awesome so thank you guys so much for watching and yeah I just really hope to see you in the next one and I hope you guys are excited as well for the puppies gonna be so nice I love this house by the way I have no idea if some what made is or this wasn't game I'm so sorry if it is someone please let me know and I can put your link in the description I have no idea in the description but I love this house it's so adorable thank you guys so much for watching you gonna hope to see you in the next one bye guys

22 thoughts on “? The Sims 4 Cats and Dogs | Let's play and breed Dalmatian puppies | We are pregnant! | Ep. 1

  1. At 14:13 that is a vampire that would show up at your house every night, be careful because he turned one of my sims into a vampire.

  2. OMG NVM! I FIGURED IT OUT! For you who want puppies but it doesn't work and you have to keep doing it just make sure one of your plots traits is puppy breeding! And you'll get a way higher chance of having puppies! :3

  3. How do you make them pregnat so fast! i keep doing "Encourge to mate…" a bunch of times with a boy and girl dog and it doesn't work! XD

    edit: Maybe its for the best i dont have puppies, i litterally just had triplets, im a single mom, and have two dogs….maybe puppies arn't the best option right now :')

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