So today we are going to review the Abdtech Smart Pet Feeder. So we are going to look what’s inside and this is going to
be used with two cats these two cats and it uses an app so we gotta see how that
works alright so we took the side of the box it comes with the tray of food that
is down here and the power cord and an instruction manual so we are going to okay I’m just reading from the
information it says the food outlet is 20% bigger than the others and a longer
20% more powerful of course we haven’t used any other automatic feeders but
that’s good you know all right so because this device
requires you to have an app you’re going to download the app and the app is
called pet fun okay so you can open a store or using a house they have a QR
code but I’m going to see if I can locate it in the App Store first so I
have the app and now I’m signing in and making the account when you sign in it
says to make sure that the green light on your device is blinking which it is so then we’ll ask you for your Wi-Fi
password in which I’m going to put that in so now I have to connect to the
device’s Wi-Fi so I’m going to go into my settings and find that alright so the
connection is complete and I am able to access the app now you can set actual
schedules to feed your animal and you can do it automatically or you can do by
manual there are buttons to push on the app for that there’s also the camera
which is on right now and you can view what is going on all right can you see
pieces are pretty ringing yes oh let me grab the cat she’s a little freaked out
she doesn’t know what’s going on alright so you can see the cat is on the camera
on my phone and she cameras right there and she’s in it and you’re able to
access that camera whenever you want on this app that is such a cool feature so
you can be oh wait you you can use the microphone as well you can talk to them
that’s fantastic Wow so you can be the office or can you
be on a trip or wherever and talk to your animal yes and you can record the
footage that is on the camera that very moment wow this is really high-tech what is a high-tech stuff you can also
take pictures oh sweet you want to try try some food yes we’re
going to place some food in it and see what happens so we are going to now open
the pet proof watch right here to put the food in so now I’m just going to
manually press it so that food comes out so we’re going to see what happens on the app you can push Auto and you can
push manual I just push the manual to feed the cat because I do not have a
schedule for it to automatically go on yet you have your home screen down at
the bottom where you can see your schedules how many times the cat’s been
fed and view current video you can look at the camera
to see what’s going on even talk that’s where you push the microphone record
take a picture listen to what’s going on here your face settings or you can
change your password you can see what recording settings there are and you can
look at an event list which is where you’re gonna place your feedings and you
can even exit the app if you want to very very handy not how bells and
whistles there I thought she’d be scared away by something there but she likes it
oh yeah I’m going to show you the inside you can put a lot of food in here as you
can tell a lot more than I just did and there’s a rotating thing at the bottom
that will give you the cat or dogs portion of food that you want and then
you just close it and go about the app and figure out what when and what you
want to feed your animal alright so this product has a lot more in it than I
thought there would be this allows you to view your cat or dog what it’s eating
allows you to manual set schedules so that you don’t have to
worry about having to put the bowl down and worry about missing a meal just feed
them and they’re happy it’s a very unique deceptive device and it is
wonderful and I am glad we haven’t thanks for watching


  1. Hey, I will need to leave town for couple days. How do you like this product so far and does the food get stuck? I bought many automatic feeders but a lot of them do not dispense food properly. Would appreciate your response

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  3. Hi, does the app still work (i.e. camera, manual feeding, 2 way audio and etc) if you are not connected to the home WiFi (same network as the machine)? Thanks in advance 🙂

  4. I’m interested in buying this however, the link you provided is not right. The product it takes me to might be an older model bc the design looks the same but it doesn’t have a camera and it has control buttons instead of the app. I already tried looking for it on amazon but i couldn’t find it :/ Maybe they discontinued??

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