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hi welcome to Yogi's home where I post new videos every Tuesday and Thursday today my dog is taking over my channel so it's actually shall we try that shall we try that intro again Minnie shall we say hi welcome to Vinny's home I post new videos just this one no but seriously guys this is my dog Vinny and if you would like to see a video where I show you how I how I give him a bath and blow-dry his fur and groom him then why don't you come on in kick off your shoes and stay a while we're really glad you're here and if you were here you'd be getting all these kisses too yes you would yes I wanted to give you just a little bit of introduction for what you're gonna see in the next clips because neither Vinny nor I look like this in them I filmed I recorded those clips a few days ago and since then we've all gone to the to the trim salon Vinny and me and my kids and my husband so we all look a little bit different but I still wanted to show those clips I really wanted to show you guys how I bathe him when as far as long but because we go to the he has a haircut every three months or so then it gets it's very very short now but with summer coming and stuff it's okay Wow okay you guys so while walking he goes and has a little bit of a nap or a little rest I wanted to just tell you I just wanted to tell you that Vinny is a cotone to truly air dog that is the breed and his breed is called coton de Tulear they are originally from madagascar they are like little clowns boo Vinny loves to sit on his – little like on his two hind legs up with his front feet like this and he is constantly like trying to dance and jump around he is quite a little clown um your back yeah so he's been with us since he was four months old he came from the Netherlands he was the first Dutch member of our family he is our guard dog so he definitely lets us know as a sheep you guys have heard another videos lumbini is protecting us from the mean postman or anybody neighbors anybody that you know walks in front of our windows many is like but I've been giving him baths like this since plus since his puppyhood because Minnie was our first child he got some special privileges like sleeping in our bed and you know basically like being able to film the sofa or anywhere that he really wants to he can pretty much do whatever he likes and for that reason I knew that I would want to keep him like really really clean meaning that every two or so weeks I will I would give any a bath especially when his fur is long because yeah you don't want some of that gross stuff like it's trapped in this burrow I don't want that in my bed or in my kids beds or whatever like where he goes so so it's important for me to keep him clean and he doesn't mind as you'll see in the clip I mean he did he doesn't love it but he doesn't hate it he's not afraid and he did he tolerates it well and yeah otherwise I just I like to give him a bath with baby shampoo like I'll wash his fur twice with the baby shampoo and then hungry blow dry blow dry blow him dry blow dry his fur blow dryer his fur because he's cold otherwise so it's not that I'm doing it so much for the look although it's fun to make him look like real fluffy you know cuz if you want to know what a coton de Tulear dog feels like you can just go to your bathroom and get a little um fluff of cotton balls and that's exactly what his fur feels like so he is very very much soft and cottony but he doesn't shed he doesn't lose his hair and he doesn't have like so much of that dog smell that that a lot of dogs have that's because his fur is very different than four on a lot of other dogs this breed is related to the Maltese breed and also to the Cotto nokotta he has a coat on to the Bichon Frise fun fact Vinnie was name his name is Minnie because if you know I have a lot of legal background so does my husband and our one of our favorite movies to watch is called my cousin Vinnie who knows that can you please let me know in the comments if you know that movie and we wanted to name our dog Vincent look wor dia Gambini so that's why I use called Vinnie and yeah we just love him a lot and he's a really good boy he's a really good dog yeah he's just a part of our family and just like anyone else in our family we keep him clean so he and I even used the same hairbrush excuse like please like we use the same hairbrush so that it doesn't hurt him like it's not one of those regular dog brushes because this fur doesn't get too tangly and I'm not trying to make him like shed you know so he can just use a human hair brush and definitely in the wintertime I blow him like blow dries or in the summertime when it's really hot I don't bother and I just let it be the last thing that I want to mention is where we get our where he goes for his actual grooming we live in kind of like the area of the hague and we Vinnie has been going for at least seven out of the last ten years if not possibly than eight – it's called trim salon wool verse it is one of the oldest trim salons and the Netherlands or at least in the hague and yeah they they do a good job Vinny likes I mean he does not like going to the groomer but it's not the end of the world they're very nice to us there they're very kind and last time like when I brought many I had just given him a bath in the that you're gonna see and that was the day before his grooming because I wanted to keep us for very long for that video they were very kind they said okay well instead is giving him another bath like within a day which is not good for them at all they did some other grooming services so we love it there at trim salon Wolfers hello if you're watching and I will link that below so if you're in The Hague area and looking for a good reliable dog groomer try to check them out so you can see that in the description box below that's it I think that's all now you can enjoy the rest of this video is not going to be me talking but it's all Vinny because he's taken over and 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  1. He kind of looks like my former dog but I didnt let him trim so I am not sure because he had really long hair But the one time I had him trimmed he looked like Vinny. Just My dog really DIDN'T LIKE A BATH !!!! Not even talking about a blow dry !!!! It is amazing how cooperative Vinny is !!

  2. Vinny is so cute and a fluffball after his bath.
    I saw him trillen, when my dogs do that I call them trilbil.

    I have 4 chihuahua's myself, 3 loghaired and 1 shorthaired.
    They are called Nala, Simba, Abu and Turbo.

    How can I best send you pm, wanted to ask you something.
    But not within the comments here.

  3. Vinny is beautiful AND adorable. Thanks for sharing his amazing bathtime. He is so very cooperative. My 4 lb. PomChi really appreciate her drying towels warmed in the dryer.

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