???The ROBLOX Adopt Pet Shop is NOW OPEN – Get your LEGENDARY EGG???

hey guys it's let's do this gaming back with another roblox adopt me video and the petshop update is out yeah it's live guys woohoo yay finally everyone gets to have a bit of a look inside the pet shop so let's go inside yes oh wow here we go it's just exactly as I saw so the test server was actually up-to-date so that's pretty cool alright so let's go have a quick check to Tom and it's just going to tell us what we already knew that we've got to go back into time to make sure that the pet buildings get built now we know there's going to be a couple of a pet buildings definitely a nursery there might be something else too but not really sure what's going on so let's go back through the time machine we need to click on the e and pay a hundred bucks so let's go back into time so effectively this a legendary egg is going to cost you about a hundred bucks but you should have that already now you've already seen the rest of it just that quick look in one of these old Wow we're not much in Nizar whole buildings I think they're empty cash out all right so let's go over to assert Wolfington and we've seen the doll gain you've seen mr. Buffington but we'll just see if anything's changed well it doesn't appear to be so we'll go ahead and get this Beal from sirwoofington yeah good I'll add so you want me to add a pet department by doing this you change in the future for better or for worse are you sure you want me to do this well I think this time we'll say yes so let's see what he says all right all right I'll do it oh dude don't them pushing you that much may the developers all have mercy on us all and make sure to let Tom know so he can prepare alright well we've sort of seen around here already if you haven't checked my other video be sure to check it out cuz I'm a little bit more look around so let's go back through the time machine and grab this pink egg yay okay let's just click on Tom and see what he has to say thank you for speaking with sirwoofington now we wait hopefully pets will enter the world of adopt me soon in the meantime it's a very special egg show my appreciation oh god it's busy here today and one day were hatching to a beautiful pet now Oh somebody's got a white egg so I've got a pink egg here which we know is a legendary egg so that's pretty cool and there's obviously some things we're gonna be able to buy here like at the bone and it looks like we can have a ball you should be able to buy a house and a home come home oaken so that's annoying and you should be able to buy a doggy Bowl and things like that so let's make a balloon army well what's interesting so this is the pets uptake wow it's a busy time and everyone's getting their free egg so you want to hop onto the server as quick as you can and as you can see the pets update is now in seven days time so it won't be long before we can start to play with our pets alright guys so that's been the pet shop update but if you watch my videos you already knew please like and subscribe and until next time it's bye for now

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